Aosta Valley

Fenis Castle

Fenis castle (Italian: Castello di Fenis) is a medieval castle located in the town of Fenis in the Aosta Valley region (it: Valle d’Aosta).

fenis castle
Fenis Castle, Aosta Valley (Italy)

Fenis castle, with its double crenellated walls, is one of the main tourist attractions of the Aosta Valley.

In excellent condition, it is thought that it was built as a prestigious residence of the Challant family: its position is in fact in a point devoid of natural defenses, unlike the other medieval castles that usually were built in easily defensible places.

fenis castle
The medieval castle of Fenis, Aosta Valley

Fenis castle was built in the Middle Ages and (since 13th-century) expanded in several stages over the centuries up to be the castle that we can admire today. The castle has a pentagonal housing layout with several towers and surrounded by a marvelous boundary crenellated walls. Inside the courtyard you can admire the characteristic semicircular stone staircase on whose top stands the fresco of Saint George killing the dragon; the courtyard is surrounded on the upper floors and on different sides by a wooden balcony whose walls are decorated with frescoes.

fenis castle
The courtyard of Fenis Castle

Fenis castle has been owned for several centuries (until 1716) by the different members of the Challant family who handed it down by inheritance.

Today it is owned by the Aosta Valley Region (it: Regione Valle d’Aosta) which has turned it into a museum.

Fenis castle was declared an Italian national monument in 1896.


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