a quick one while he's away tab

(function() { Islands song "In the Rushes" on their 2008 album Arm's Way includes the final section of the song. A Quick One While He's Away (live) | guitar tab By The Who >Originally from A Quick One/Happy Jack, 1966/1967 (Live version source: The Kids Are Alright sdtrk/Live At Leeds remaster) Written by Pete Townshend, ©1966 TRO-Essex Music, Inc. #-----PLEASE NOTE-----# #This file is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the # #song. Who - A Quick One While He's Away Bass Tab, Easy Made Simple, Beginner However, because of problems with the cameras, part of the performance is lost, and was replaced by stylised footage. | E |B D |E |, My name is Ivor, I'm an engine driver, |--------------------|-----------------------|------------------|, |--------------------|--4---4---7--------7---|------------------|, |--2---2---2-------2-|----4------------7-----|---2---2----2---2-|, |----2--------2------|2------/5--------------|-----2--------2---|, |0-------0-----------|-----------------------|0--------0--------|, |E |B D |E, I know him well, I know why you feel blue, |-----------------------|--------------------|--------------, |-----------------------|--4---4---7------7--|---9--------9-, |--2------2---2------2--|----4-------7-------|--------9-----, |----2----------2-------|2------/5-----------|7-------------, |0----------0-----------|--------------------|--------------, E |B D |E, Just 'cause he's late don't mean he'll never get through, ------------------|--------------------------|------0-----------0-0-, --9-----------9---|--4---4---7----------7----|------1-----------2-1-, -------9----------|----4-----------7---------|------2-----------2-2-, 7-----------------|2------/5-----------------|------2-----------2-2-, ------------------|--------------------------|0---------------------, He told me he loves you, he ain't no liar, I ain't either, |B |D E E Esus4 |E |E, So let's have a smile for an old engine driver, Come take a walk with me (take a walk with me), Back at my place (back at my place, maybe), It'll come right, you ain't no fool, I ain't either. View interactive tab. Made Simple, Beginner A Quick One While Hes Away Guitar Tab by Who learn how to play chords diagrams. Related for A Quick One While Hes Away tab, A Quick One While He's Away (studio version). [citation needed]. Blues, Play Bass Lines, Funk Little girl (guide), why don't you stop your crying? Live versions of the song, such as that heard on the Live at Leeds album, contain some noticeable structural differences from the original. Your Fretboard, Tone In the performance on their Live at Leeds album Townshend calls the nine-minute "epic" track a "mini-opera" and introduces it as "Tommy's parents". Chords Diagrams. fresh tabs top tabs lessons submit videos . Author BobTheBuilder07 [a] 586. Download Pdf. song: "A quick one while he's away", bass chords, Scales Daltrey also sings "We Have a Remedy" in his more usual voice. ||------------------||------------------||, ||.--0-2-0---0-2-0-.||.--0-2-0---0-2-0-.||, ||.----------------.||.0-------0-------.||, ||-3-------3--------||------------------||, |Dm7 | |C | :||, We'll soon, we'll soon, soon, soon be home We'll, We'll soon, we'll soon, soon, soon be home, |D |A |C |Gadd9/B|F |Fsus4/C|Esus4|A, Dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, dang, ||:D |Asus4 A :||4, Cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, cello, |D DDD|Asus4 A |D DDD|Asus4. 3.5 / 5 (2 x) Rate this tab: Add to favs. Graham Coxon performed the song in late 2004 at the Queens of Noize Christmas Party. The brief harmonised a cappella intro is titled "Her Man's Been Gone". Like Flea, Finger

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