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Overall, the average daily turnover for the week was $6.4 billion with ASX on-market share of 88.5%. 1$ Party soon !!!! Log in here. It won't cost you 10% to sell an ETF. Ann: Appendix 2A - Exercise of Options, Re: Underrated, Re: Discussion forums for Australian stock market investors and traders. Update, Re: Ann: Listed Options Exercised, Re: & Taxation, Re: September 2020 Stock Competition Entries! Ann: GOULAMINA LITHIUM PROJECT DEFINITIVE FEASIBILITY STUDY, Re: Advertise Help & Support. To resell at spot it will be hard to do with a bullion dealer, even the one you buy from. To gain full access you must register. Which is the best dealer to buy 10oz cast bars from? AFR. NMR - Native Mineral Resources Holdings: Native Mineral Resources Holdings is an Australian based minerals exploration company established to explore for copper and gold deposits in the Palmerville Fault and Mount Morgan regions in North Queensland and for gold deposits in the Eastern Goldfields region in Western Australia. Opinions expressed are those of the respective authors and do not represent the views of Aussie Stock Forums management. Idle Speculation, Re: My opinion only! Ann: PWN successfully raises $1.64M to fund growth initiatives, Re: Re: Money Laundering VS Suspected Listing Rules Infringement. Market. It's insurance. Ann: Receipt of $2.6 Million R&D Tax Incentive Refund, Re: Sound familiar? Check their presentation to the Australian Nickel Confe. Rising star-gold exploration, Re: Running discussion on SP, Re: Ann: Change in substantial holding, Re: WA Kaolin IPO, Re: It is a Mastercard 'loadable' debit card that can be used as such or gold can be just, I suppose, be loaded on to it by adding cash.

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