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Forever in darkness. Ellison then told him that one of the paper's editors was retiring to spend time with his grandchildren; Ellison asked if Urich would be interested in replacing him, as it would offer Urich a higher salary to support his wife. Jameson wanted a fluff piece since the Bugle endorsed Bullit’s anti-Spider-Man campaign, but Urich swiftly noted a connection between Bullit and the Kingpin, and tricked Bullit into admitting his mob connections. | When Urich asked why Page thought they might know about their investigation, she told him it was just a feeling; he tried to convince her to put it online herself but she believed no one would believe her. Just as he began typing however, he was interrupted by Fisk himself who was sitting watching him from Urich's sofa. Matt Murdock | Season 7. Urich berated Page over her foolishness at bringing another person into their team as it would endanger in, however Page insisted that Nelson was a highly skill attorney and had recently saved her life. Just as Urich came close to bringing the truth to the people, he was murdered by Wilson Fisk in his own home, leaving Nelson and Murdock to complete his work. He later went to visit Doris in Metro-General Hospital. Release Dates He argued that he had filled out all the necessary paperwork but she insisted that he still had a thousand more steps to take and told him to speak to her in his office. Urich returned to his office and was visited by Karen Page, when she said she was there because she had read his newspaper articles he initially assumed she meant one of the articles about the subway line which he had written recently, but she explained that it was his article on Union Allied Construction as well as his previous organized crime articles she was referring to. He previously played in the NBA for the San Antonio Spurs, Sacramento Kings, Milwaukee Bucks, Orlando Magic, New York Knicks, Memphis Grizzlies, Miami Heat and Detroit Pistons. She insisted that she would not be put on the streets but Urich claimed that she needed time to recover so she could come home. As they discussed Christian Blake's shooting, Urich recommended that Page stayed away from the Masked Man. Official Sites Returning to his office, Urich began writing the story, exposing Fisk's name to the public and accusing him of hiding in the shadows and slowly destroying their city. His many confidential sources include a General who tipped him off about the Hulk’s first New York rampage before it happened. Why are you telling me this? Complete your Marvel Studios’ Avengers collection On Digital now! Benjamin "Ben" Urich was an investigative journalist at the New York Bulletin who specialized in writing exposes on the criminal empires within Hell's Kitchen, leading to the arrests of many high-ranking gangsters. Bid bid on over 500 props and costumes from Marvel's longest running live action television series! When he arrived at his home having finished work, Urich found Karen Page waiting for him who demanded to know why he had not yet published the story about Fisk murdering his father. Get rewarded for doing what you already do as a fan.​, Earn points for what you already do as a Marvel fan and redeem for cool rewards as a, (Points/Rewards program available to U.S. residents only. ". Urich told Page about a fundraiser Fisk attended in which many guests were poisoned, including Fisk's lover Vanessa Marianna, which likely meant someone was trying to assassinate Fisk, noting that those who got to the top of the crime rings would make a lot of enemies looking to tear them down. Ben Urich : They say the Kingpin doesn't just … Ben Urich He is out here in the Marvel universe writing the articles that exposed Wilson Fisk as King Pin and outed Norman Osborn as The Goblin. However the man insisted they just needed to let the city know who he was so the people could furiously tear him down. I think that Natchios was set up by the real Kingpin. To his surprise, Fisk said he wished to apologize for showing Urich so little respect before revealing he did indeed have someone under his pay at the Bulletin. Although Urich protested, Page went into Marlene Vistain's room and spoke to her, although Vistain was clearly confused by their presence she was also happy to be receiving the company. : Urich revealed a woman was the head of the Chinese drug trade and they were using blind workers to deliver the heroin.[10]. They discussed the story Ben was working on and Doris offered him support and they talked what Ben was like as a young, fearless journalist and she assured him his best work was yet to come. A longtime foe of organized crime, Urich learned the identity of the city’s Kingpin, Wilson Fisk, researching stories such as the “Murdock Case” to seek proof tying Fisk to his crimes. Daredevil Page attempted to comfort Urich by saying that there was nothing worse than having choices made for you and that everyone had to deal with shit, to which Urich joked that he had to deal with shits like her. : Page became excited that she was right about Union Allied Construction, so Urich told her the story of how some of his first contacts were murdered for feeding him information. Urich returned home with his possessions from his office at the New York Bulletin. Pouring himself a drink he opened up his computer to begin writing the blog exposing Wilson Fisk, looking at a picture of him and Doris. Urich skirted the issue by claiming it was personal. Ben’s greatest strength lies in being able to connect the pieces of the puzzle; investigating a particularly brutal murder, Urich soon deduced that the supposedly deceased scientist Otto Octavius was the killer and that Octavius had somehow become a dangerous superhuman. She asked him if he was still angry at her because of her lies and thanked him for caring despite not writing the story. [6], With Wilson Fisk's plan going into action, Urich continued to dig for more information on him, but could only find facts that would portray Fisk in a sympathetic light. He explained that Marvel "really wanted to show that toward the end of the season because we knew we’d get some sympathy for Fisk, to have him do something truly terrible that would propel Matt into that final endgame in the confrontation with Fisk. During a rain storm, Urich was sent by Mitchell Ellison to speak to a man who turned out to be a crazy man in a tin foil hat. Mitchell Ellison debriefed the journalists on the story and told them it was likely to be caused by gas explosions. As they drove together, Urich told Page about his wife's treatment and the struggles he had been having with keeping her in care, noting how she could have good days and bad days. Ellison suggested that he stop writing stories about gang violence and consider writing about social events, such as whether or not Hell's Kitchen would get a new subway line. Ben Urich Ben Urich Hell's Kitchen is my neighborhood. Matt Murdock then arrived and was introduced to Urich. Urich explained to them that everything had changed as Fisk reputation was at an all time high. | Reader Frank P. wrote in to ask about a piece of trivia that he had read about Ben… Urich told her that he was still considering it. Beno Udrih (born July 5, 1982) is a Slovenian former professional basketball player who last played for Žalgiris Kaunas of the Lithuanian Basketball League (LKL). Urich met with his contact in the Mafia, Silvio, to discuss the recent criminal activities in Hell's Kitchen. Urich worked for the New York Bulletin, his most notable stories were about the Hulk's Duel of Harlem and the Battle of New York. At the Nelson and Murdock Law Office, Urich met with Karen Page and Foggy Nelson. Having been cleared by Benson, Urich went silently walked into his wife's hospital room where he found her sleeping in her bed. Urich suggested that Page should forget about the case as it was too dangerous; when she argued that Urich had spent his entire career at the New York Bulletin taking on other cases similar to this, he told her that he was now too old and too smart to continue digging into such stories and turned down the offer. Urich advised her to bid on something so to not draw unwanted attention to herself, when she asked how he knew she would be there, Urich told her it was because it's exactly what he would have done as a young reporter. Urich met Page at a diner where she told him that she had bought some office equipment for Nelson and Murdock. Page apologized and continued to try to convince him to print the story but Urich remained reluctant as the story was not very convincing enough go stand to print. Fisk asked Urich if he was involved in James Wesley's murder, which he explained he was not, and if he had been alone when he questioned Fisk's mother, Marlene Vistain. Page insisted that it needed to be out there because she believed Wilson Fisk might know about their talk with Marlene Vistain.

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