can non resident canadian citizens vote

Thinks older Canadians should be replaced. Changing the voting laws when an election is coming up so soon is not doing it because it is the right thing to do, it is to give you more votes. In its 5-2 decision, the Supreme Court of Canada agreed with Frank and Duong. PM Trudeau, in his infinite “wisdom,” has kicked open the doors for any ex-pat to vote in the October, 2019 federal election– even if they have not lived in Canada for 50 years. Indeed, Trudeau’s aspirations are singular: to become a de facto dictator within a ruling government who preach freedom and democracy while their behaviour belies the fundamentals of democratic governance. But Mr. Dress-up has also removed the need for I.D. As for legalizing marijuana, he did it only because he is trying to get more votes and he is trying to catch up with deficit that is destroying this country, which primarily is through allowing illegal immigration to take place and spending billions of dollars trying not to deport the same, meaning recycling the money through various channels, that end up being reinvested into their pockets. I really take issue with your position. I am Canadian – but now not as much as I used to be, If someone does not return to Canada for 5 years or more, how likely is it that they are familiar with the issues? The general public have NO mechanism to do so. That’s the short list.” Thanks Phil. (I mention this because such dual citizens seem to be the focus of some conservative defences of the law.) What are the benefits of being on the International Register of Electors? For a single person to vote in two countries strikes me as inegalitarian (such a person enjoys the political power of two citizens). The only remaining of this group of citizens is their citizenship card and shouldn’t have the right to vote. I’m happy to know about this new change which will mean I can vote. Ask questions about money spent on illegal immigrants and he calls them intolerant racists. 1/ according to sec 83:01-83:09 of the criminal code of Canada; any political leader in Canada who incites, endorses, supports or forces ANY IDEOLOGY upon the citizens of Canada is guilty of domestic terror. Who holds the actual numbers of potential voters that be allowed to vote? I pay taxes in Canada and have not been able to vote for a decade. Blain, do you file taxes as a resident or deemed resident of Canada? How does one identify which constituency they vote in if they have not lived in Canada for “x” years? For that I thank CBC Radio One, which I listen to on Sirius XM. We get a very great feel for how the country is doing from boots on the ground. Just asking? OK. In fact, he has based his entire political career on it. But if you know people not voting couldn’t you vote “on their behalf”. Some places are being overrun and we will be in big trouble if a sane government does not get a handle on this and stop it. Not immigrants…. Impeachment cannot come from the public. We will honor You God by praying for your intervention in the election this fall because wickedness is at work through this thing in the PMO. The reason is that – despite living in Canada on a regular, albeit sporadic, basis (2-3 months every year, depending upon my teaching schedule) – my primary residence was abroad (Ireland until 2008, the United States from 2008 to 2014). If Justin thinks that, I think that he may have another think coming. There are hundreds of other issues that people should be angry about: Allowing a CANADIAN born here! According to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, “Every citizen of Canada has the right to vote in an election of the members of the House of Commons.” If impact were the criterion for determining who should be able to vote in elections, then non-Canadians who reside in Canada should have that right. So why can’t I still have a say what happens? — a poor rouse to deny Canadian citizens the right to vote as they choose. He only wants what is worst for us. Is Justin Trudeau The "Canadian Agent" For A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT? It says non-resident citizens. That’s not even close to what he was saying, and you don’t have to be a liberal to notice propaganda when you see it. That’s globalist myth. Citizens with non-residents status are those who don’t have any financial ties to Canada, no properties in Canada and not paying tax to Canadian government. Or more precisely in this case, it is a justification for denying certain citizens an effective right to vote (namely, that their lives are not pervasively affected by the decisions of Parliament). And the only PM convicted of 4 ethics violations. Brings in 10s of thousands of unemployable “refugees”. makes no difference they are not living in canada they should not get a vote only canadian citizens who reside in canada should get the vote. This goes without saying & is based on how the PM & Liberals have trashed the system & country to date!

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