cincinnati reds caps history

The "C" changes from wishbone to rounded. Wishbone "C" logo - without the "Reds" - on left side of both jerseys. Home cap changes to red with white pinstripes in 1902. Road jersey is grey without a logo, then a "C" is added to the sleeve during the season. Pinstripes removed from road jersey. Pinstripes also added to home cap. The Reds wear satin jerseys (and caps!) This style was an attempt to offer players a lighter weight and more breathable alternative during the hot Cincinnati summers and also incorporated red pants for the only time in club history and a unique script representation of "Reds" on the jersey front. Placket piping removed from home shirt and logo altered a bit. This one's had the number and name very nicely and accurately restored. Road is grey with red piping and the same style logo. Navy undershirts and stockings give way to red. White home cap, navy road. Road jersey pinstripe spacing widened to match home and red trim added at base of the sleeve cuff. The Reds wore this uniform style during home games in the inaugural year of the ballpark that was christened the "Palace of the Fans.". @import url("CSSSculptor/prosports_content_css/screen.css"); White trim is dropped from the front and back numbers and the NOB on road jerseys, remaining only on front lettering. The navy armband now adorns both shoulders. Back to Reds. MLB officially identified the game's year of origin as being 1869, so in 1969 the league celebrated the centennial with virtually every MLB club sporting an MLB patch on its uniforms. To show support for the military and Operation Desert Shield during the 1990 World Series, uniforms of both the Reds and A's were affixed with American flag patches in addition to the World Series logo patch. Goldsmith jerseys are made for the 1939 World Series. Pinstripes added to both jerseys. Navy is dropped, the logo returns to the famous wishbone, and the cap is based on the 1956 style. Logo replaced by "CINCINNATI" on road jersey. This one-year style uniform was the last Reds uniform to incorporate pinstripes until 1993 and was also the last locally-manufactured Reds uniform. > Navy dropped as an accent color. This minimalist style was chosen as the home uniform design for the 1912 season, the debut season of Redland Field which was the ballpark built on the same site as the Palace of the Fans. Numbers on backs added. Ted Kluszewski #18 always cut the sleeves off his jerseys. The cap in the jersey photo is not an on-field cap. both home and road for some games in 1947-48. This 1963 tagged jersey was reused in 1964, the year Rose wore it. Navy armbands on the left shoulder worn during 1961 for Powell Crosley (has been removed here). Road font changed to wide Tuscan, "REDS" dropped from sleeve. The 1939 sleeve patches removed probably for reuse in 1940. Home jersey has a "C" on the left chest. Back to Reds. The Reds have worn many unique uniforms through the years. Pinstripes dropped on home jerseys. "CReds" returns to left chest, road jersey is navy again. Both 1919 sets are used in the 1920 regular season. White trim is removed from front lettering and is now gone completely, returning the road jersey to the 1967 look. Cap logo changed to wishbone "C". This 1941 jersey had the "HEALTH" patch added when reused in 1942. White trim is added to the home jersey logo. 1971 jerseys were used in the 1970 World Series. Wishbone "Creds" put on left chest of both jerseys. I haven't been able to find this sleeve cuff striping in photos to accurately date this jersey. --> Looks like Ted wore this over his "good" clothes to paint his house. All rights reserved.