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Based on the 1988 Tim Burton movie, the musical features a book by Anthony King and Scott Brown, music and lyrics by Eddie Perfect, choreography by Connor Gallagher and music direction by Kris Kukul. Required fields are marked *. Eventually, Charles decides that it is time to get Lydia back. First is opening number: “The Whole Being Dead Thing”. “THE WHOLE WORLD LOVES BEETLEJUICE” (New York Post).Based on Tim Burton’s dearly beloved film, this hilarious new musical tells the story of Lydia Deetz, a strange and unusual teenager whose whole life changes when she meets a recently deceased couple … since you clicked on this post. A decision won’t be made until there is more information about the reopening of Broadway. He and Delia (his now fiance) recruit her guru and all around strange fellow, Otho, to help cleanse the home of its supernatural residents. Adam Dannheiser (Charles) and Kelvin Moon Loh (Otho) round out the fantastic cast. The 'Beetlejuice' Musical Dethroned Lydia As My Femme Icon. Barbara and Adam are still around, lying low in the attic and pulling off some impressive songs. Joining Brightman in the closing cast was Presley Ryan as Lydia, former vlogger Leslie Rodriguez Kritzer as Delia, Adam Dannheisser as Charles, Kerry Butler as Barbara, David Josefsberg as Adam, Jill Abramovitz as Maxine Dean/Juno, Kelvin Moon Loh as Otho, Danny Rutigliano as Maxie Dean and Dana Steingold as the Girl Scout. If you’re like me, you love a good musical (like Beetlejuice)! The ghost-with-the-most is coming to life on stage in this original musical based on Tim Burton’s wonderfully demented film. Tony Award winner Alex Brightman plays the titular Beetlejuice. Theme by Lucid Themes. What To Do (Without Broadway! Her desire to succeed as a modern artist drives her to be a social climber, though it is clear by the reactions of others that she is not taken seriously. Lydia and her father escape and make up while singing another great tune before heading back to earth, where they have a plan to get rid of Beetlejuice once and for all. You’re probably a fan of the 1988 Beetlejuice movie (but really, who isn’t?) Herron in Mean Girls. The 'Beetlejuice' Musical Dethroned Lydia As My Femme Icon. She has made friends with Barbara and Adam, hoping they can pull off frightening her father and his friends instead of the new ghoul. It’s official! Brightman is no stranger to movie-to-stage adaptations, as his most recent gig was playing Dewey in School of Rock – The Musical. Beetlejuice then tells the audience how as a demon, he is invisible to all living beings unless he gets a living person to say his name three times… Tickets start at $64. It’s kind of off-putting at points, but really moves the show along. The Tony-nominated smash Beetlejuice played its final performance on March 11 at the Winter Garden Theatre. Keep up with me to follow my experiences and maybe even get inspired. Brightman, was named's 2019 Star of the Year. While Beetlejuice the movie and Beetlejuice: The Musical have the same characters and basic plot points, they are pretty different from each other. PS: Like this post? Delia Deetz, is the wife of Charles Deetz and step-mother of Lydia Deetz. The show reaches its climax with a surprise wedding, memorable tunes, a crazy plot twist, fantastic puppets, and lots of vulgar jokes. I was in Washington, DC the week before Halloween on a family trip when I saw an ad on the subway for Beetlejuice: The Musical. I mean, it’s Beetlejuice, a movie I’ve been obsessed with since my middle school “goth” phase. A national tour of Beetlejuice is still scheduled to launch in the fall of 2021. ... Delia (played by Catherine O'Hara), a sculptor who is constantly trying to stifle Lydia's creative expression. Part of what made Beetlejuice so great was the talent-packed cast! The producers are still considering if there is an opportunity for Beetlejuice to return to Broadway in another theater, something that the show's star Alex Brightman spoke about in his recent appearance on #LiveatFive: Home Edition. I have heard it all of one time and can still sing the chorus because it is so dang catchy.

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