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After more than 6 phone calls between Delta AND Westjet, they kept passing the buck and saying it was the other's fault (what is this - recess at the schoolyard ?). Copyright © 2020 Consumers Unified LLC. This all started when a DELTA representative broke my wheelchair right in front of me while I was telling them not to do what they were doing and to stop touching my chair. The first customer service agent told me I had to pay 65 dollars for each ticket. I used to fly AA (with medallion status) and I hated it every time. Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. Read traveller reviews and opinions for Airlines and Airports worldwide, airline lounges and airline Seats. So we ended up renting a car and driving down to D.C. from Toronto (it was a LONG drive, but it still shaved off well over half a day). my return only shows amsterdam to edinburgh, the modify flight option doesnt work and due to covid this wont be happening anyway. He made my transition from Allegiant to Delta so smooth and was so sweet. I wish I had the name of the young lady I spoke to about this, but I don't. I called KLM again, and they confirmed that I should receive a full refund as my flight was cancelled. I walked into the Gainesville Airport at 5:30am for the first time ever. *Please confirm baggage fees on airline website. Now, here I am again in October 2020 facing a similar issue. Really quality staff! Furthermore, because of my medical condition, he went ahead and reserved me a safer seat on the airplane for my travels. I have reported them to DOT. I have called Cheapo since March 2020 to obtain a refund as my flight was cancelled. For more information about reviews on please visit our Delta, like most US airlines, also requires passengers to wear masks while onboard. » Add a Review. For a new booking the fare was the same as for the original booking. Internationally competent. I looked at her as if to say am I supposed to sit on that or clean it myself she just looked and walked back down to the back of the plane. You can drill down into Delta’s fare types and … Reasonable prices compared to their partner Virgin, good service and welcoming staff at airports and on flights. By entering your email, you agree to sign up for consumer news, tips and giveaways from ConsumerAffairs. I about crapped my pants. Seattle, Washington. We called Delta and Westjet right away to cancel our connecting flights to D.C. and were told by 2 Delta agents that we could reasonably expect a refund due to it being the Airline's error. I have been working at Delta Air Lines part-time for more than 5 years. Claim your company profile to access Trustpilot’s free business tools and start getting closer to your customers today! If they could figure a way to charge you for the air you breathed on their crummy, dirty planes. Take a train. She was lovely, pleasant, friendly and humorous at the same time. I will never fly Delta again! In the air i was a nervous wreck but it's not like I could get off. He tried his best and eventually managed to get us re routed from our direct flight from Atlanta to Manchester and took us to Orlando and then Orlando to Manchester, not ideal but acceptable.Salvatore also gave us a 30% hotel reduction as we had to spend overnight in Atlanta.We eventually found a hotel ourselves as no staff would help us with that, we had to find our own way there, again with no help.The 30% coupon was worth the paper it was printed on as when we checked the prices online that we paid they were the eact same.We later found out from other families that were in the same predicament that got seen to after us not only got FREE hotel rooms but also got free food aswell. As i boarded the plane it was pretty much smooth even though I did not know what to expect. So, I called the customer service line to ensure that my medical bag wouldn't count as my checked bag. I have traveled with Delta, a KLM partner, for years so I did not expect this disregard for their customers. I searched for possible websites and then I found Delta Air Lines. Please, please help me obtain the remaining $300 of the refund that is owed to me due to the flight being cancelled. The original  damage fees was $43.69 to get the wheelchair fixed, I also have been   feed $12 due to the stop payment they put on my check, so they owe me $55.69. You get what it says on the box domestically. I'm a satisfied Delta customer once again. Cette version de notre site internet s'adresse aux personnes parlant français en France. Pretty helpful flight attendants, tasty and efficient meals. I booked a series of flights in November 2019 edinburgh to las vegas via amsterdam and return las vegas to msp then amsterdam and back to edinburgh. If you're going to allow someone else exhibit theirs, be fair and allow all or exclude all!What the hell is wrong with your company. each journey was about 12 hours each way. It was very hard for me to find an airlines with comfortable seating with enough leg room for my height of 6' 3". See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. We value your privacy. I called Cheapo about two weeks ago and their reply was that KLM did not update my ticket’s flight status to cancelled, therefore I did not receive a full refund of $960.51 and was penalized $300. So I call them back. Beware Delta airlines!I booked a flight earlier this year directly with Delta, I entered all my details, credit card stuff etc then hit 'buy'.Immediately a box opened up saying that there was high demand for these seats and I either pay approx £100 extra per passenger or lose the seats, as we wanted the holiday we had no option other than to pay the extra.When we got home I contacted trading standards, they told me to contact ATOL, which I did but they said it's nothing to do with them, best try IATA, which I did, they told me it's nothing to do with them either but I should try ATOL....So I tried free legal advice who told me it's a bit of a grey area, if my money has been taken from the card then Delta can't change the price, but I have no way of proving whether the money has been taken or not. Nope. From the front desk of a busy FBO to the captain's seat of a commercial airliner, Erika Armstrong has experienced everything aviation has to offer. My flight was canceled by them less than 10 hrs before I was to take off. We’ll start sending you the news you need delivered straight to you. » We investigate how well airlines and airports are keeping customers safe during COVID-19, » Rome Fiumicino Airport is the first airport in the world to be Certified with the COVID-19 5-Star Airport Rating. It ended up that the soonest flight to connect us to D.C. would mean spending the night sleeping in airports and we would lose almost 24 hours in total from our trip- which was NOT a feasible option. In addition to offering business-class seating, Delta also has a Corporate Travel Management division designed for the business customer. THANK YOU Delta!! Again, not Delta's fault or ours. I had a free voucher with American Airlines however, after reading many reviews on cleanest airlines, I chose to pay the extra dollars to have total peace of mind while traveling! Things are even worse. If so then i won't be using you again. We did not have to ask for money back, we did not expect it, but Delta advised us that they felt that they had let us down. However, Delta has taken to side only with BLM (black lies matter) READ THE TENETS of this communist, anti-American, anti-constitution, white hating, terrorist organization. They did indeed waive the change fee but when rebooking the business class fare was 2.5 times more expensive for the same flight. Myself and my wife travelled from anew York to Boston on NYE. The original damage fees was $43.69 to get the wheelchair fixed, I also have been feed $12 due to the stop payment they put on my check, so they owe me $55.69. I was on hold for about 2 minutes and a very pleasant reservation agent answered. I am now stuck in the airport for the next 7 hours. Just flew back from Minneapolis/St. I had a pleasant, short interaction with her and she was able to cancel and issue a refund to my clients. Now they are wilfully refusing to refund the damages as can be seen in the repeated mailing to  the incomplete address, the issuing of stop payments to the checks they  send to the incomplete address, and the repeated demands that I start  again and again with a new claim. I will think twice before making ANY booking through Delta or Westjet since they clearly do not care whatsoever about customer service, they were not even willing to liaise with one another to handle/resolve the issue. » Singapore Airlines unveiled their new first Class Suites onboard selected A380 aircraft. I was flying with a big group of people, and checking bags wasn't an option. The one thing that changed our view even more was a refund sent to our credit card because they changed our seat to a row behind. Never again. Headquarters: 1030 Delta Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30354, In-flight entertainment (WiFi, TV, movies). I booked an economy fare and felt like I had first class service. I wanted to repack my hand luggage and check it in, but she told be that I need to go back in line. I would like someone to get in touch to rectify the issues I've experienced. Relative comfort, a cup of water or coffee and a safe arrival is a good out come. Complained to FA about the lack of air and she answered " yeah, this is a known crummy plane "...... but they keep flying it!MD88 ATL to BWI had no water in the restrooms for handwashing while on the ground...a serious sanitation issue.Same plane had frayed seatbelts and also a loose plastic cabin panel in the passenger compartment.Also had to sit next to an enormous fat woman whose bulk spilled over the armrest onto me. I had a great time with their website since everything I was looking for - from vacation deals, hotel reservations and car rental - were already there. One of the oldest and largest airlines, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines (IATA: DL; ICAO: DAL) operates non-stop flights to more than 330 destinations in 64 countries and six continents. One of the oldest and largest airlines, Atlanta-based Delta Air Lines (IATA: DL; ICAO: DAL) operates non-stop flights to more than 330 destinations in 64 countries and six continents. I have filed a complaint with the DOT. Pilot took off regardless and crew sat in their seat knowing this. Trying to get rid of customers obviously. It's a true blessing to be able to see how much Delta Airlines have customers priority 1st in their lives! In February 2020, I flew Delta knowing I had a medical bag I had to bring with me while I couldn't check my other regular bag. Just returned from a trip where a portion was on Delta. My client's flight had changed drastically, and I was seeking a full refund. I highly recommend it. Delta offers flights to more than 325 destinations in 60 countries across six continents. I understand there are certain policies but the flight delay isn't our fault.Your app told us there was a delay, yet your pilot wouldn't be able to find that out? The turbulence omg omg omg it was consistent even freaked me out more. Ce site utilise des cookies pour améliorer votre expérience, renforcer la sécurité du site et vous proposer des publicités personnalisées. Basically, airline travel nowadays leaves much to be desired. But it’s how extremely RUDE staff at Seoul ICN airport that shocked me.

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