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Nokia says it will build a 4G communications system for the moon, as part of NASA’s plan to establish a long-term human presence there. The death toll has climbed to 9,534. Singing is banned in all schools, while no more than six people are allowed at tables in bars and restaurants, which can remain open until 10 p.m. Indoor events are limited to 10 people and outdoor events to 20 people, while operas, musicals and other singing performances are banned for two weeks. We rely on advertising to help fund our award-winning journalism. Last week, a bombshell survey indicated that nearly 60 percent of Scots would vote to quit the United Kingdom. please read our, Marine Le Pen seeks political opening after teacher’s beheading in France, Call to arms Sweden embarks on its largest military build-up for decades, Brexit: Boris Johnson turns down EU offer to restart trade talks, Europe / Russian cyber-attack spree shows what unrestrained internet warfare looks like, Brexit trade talks back on after Barnier holds out olive branch, Brexit: EU and UK urge compromise to save talks, Gove says Barnier agreed to work on legal texts for Brexit deal, Europe Shouldn’t Try to Eat London’s Lunch, EU does no contact tracing after ministers test positive for coronavirus, Brexit brinkmanship: UK says no to more EU trade talks, EMGS forms partnership with Ocean Floor Geophysics, Ireland announces emergency six-week lockdown with some of Europe's toughest restrictions, MONGOLIA – Weekly press review 20 October 2020, Michalopoulos appointed CEO of Performance Shipping, Britain's economic recovery faltering, Bank of England to step up spending: Reuters poll, Azerbaijani, Armenian foreign ministers to ‘meet Pompeo in Washington’, Coronavirus Confusion: Prime Minister Boris Johnson Can't Keep Riding Two Horses at Once, Euronext plagued by two glitches Monday, latest exchange to go down. Gov’t says it is offering scheme to allow children of summarily executed men to claim 5,000 euros ($5,890) compensation. Brexit trade talks: How badly do Europe's exporters need a deal? Inga Thordar, Sharon Braithwaite, Frederik Pleitgen, Stephanie Halasz ,Tomas Etzler, Pierre Bairin, Jonny Hallam and Livia Borghese contributed reporting. Will France's largest glacier still be here by the end of the century? Outrage in France after beheading of school teacher, Copenhagen’s mayor resigns after admitting to sexual harassment, How changes in Icelandic waters are making Europe's winters harsher, Tracking the development of COVID-19 vaccines, Record drop of 46% in resident permits granted to migrants, says OECD, Global Business: Instagram inquiry, China rebound, ECB 'will do more', Belgian sibling meeting photo sets social media record, France's new COVID-19 cases slow but deaths sharply up, Deporting Muslim Immigrants Won’t Make Poland Safer, ICU beds crisis: Manchester just weeks from meltdown, PM Zaev meets Construction Chamber leadership, Government’s support welcomed, VMRO-DPMNE to stage protests in several cities on Tuesday, Spain: Almost 38,000 more virus cases seen over weekend, Italy further tightens restrictions to combat rising Covid-19 infections, EU agrees to intensify talks on post-Brexit deal, French terror attack highlights social media policing gaps, Worried you’ll lose your job? Armenia, Azerbaijan Reach New Cease-Fire for Nagorno-Karabakh. Retail, pubs and restaurants will be shut while people will be banned from travelling more than 3 miles from their homes, If his wife tests positive, French President Emmanuel Macron may have to isolate as well, Corinna zu Sayn-Wittgenstein: 'When people cannot control a powerful man, they destroy the object of his affection', From an ocean-going steamer to a private love boat for two, City grieves for teacher killed after showing students picture of Mohammed, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster tells MPs: 'There's been a constructive move on the part of the EU and I welcome that', Names such as Paul Smith and The White Company said the move would make the UK 'the least attractive shopping destination in Europe', EU diplomatic sources raised hopes of a deal saying PM had created “political space” for Brexit trade agreement to be struck, Ministers hope to accelerate talks with New Zealand now that the Japan trade deal has been completed, Expert warns health checks on goods from Jan 1 could undermine the Withdrawal Agreement, Sources said the French president was prioritising concerns about his political future over agreeing a free trade agreement with the UK, UK-EU talks end in deadlock, leaving Alok Sharma seeking cash to help businesses navigate no-deal, 'We will prosper mightily as an independent free-trading nation controlling our own borders, our fisheries and setting our own laws', It was the Miracle of the Vistula that spared millions from the horrors of Marxism-Leninism, Europe, and Germany in particular, is marching to a different beat and could provide some useful diversification, The EU Recovery Fund was not designed for immediate liquidity problems, If northern states push their own financial model onto their southern neighbours, they will repeat mistakes and risk the EU's future, For its own sake, the continent needs to move on from the embattled European Union, French prosecutors are treating the attack, which took place at around 5pm local time, as terrorism, Concert attended by 600 fans in rural Swiss canton is instrumental in doubling new infections. Primary and secondary schools will remain open as usual, but colleges and universities will not permit more than 25 people in the same space. Another wave of the coronavirus could clobber crude demand and depress prices once again. List of State Sponsors of Terrorism, Trump says to remove Sudan from State Sponsors Terrorism List, Leftists claim victory over US-backed government in Bolivia, Coup regime in Bolivia concedes electoral victory to MAS, Exiled ex-president's party defeats US-backed government in Bolivia's presidential election, Small tsunami generated by magnitude 7.5 earthquake that prompted evacuation orders, Large earthquake off Alaska prompts tsunami fears, fleeing, 7.5 magnitude quake off Alaska prompts tsunami warning, Michel Barnier has agreed to work on legal texts for a Brexit trade deal, Michael Gove has said, Collapsed airline Flybe is set to restart operations next year after finding a new owner, Bottle-fed babies swallow millions of microplastics a day, a study has found, Cold water could protect against dementia, according to Cambridge University research, The whole of Wales will begin a 17-day lockdown on Friday, Nokia and NASA are set to build a 4G network on the Moon, Forgot your password? All the latest European top stories and headlines about EU, UK, Brexit from France 24 Ireland announces emergency six-week lockdown with some of Europe's toughest restrictions, France's Brigitte Macron self-isolates after contact with Covid-19 case, Weekend wonders: 16 amazing hotels less than an hour from London, French police raid homes of dozens of suspected Islamists to send message to 'enemies of the republic', Chestnut tree in Ypres that survived two world wars wins Belgium's Tree of the Year, The best hotels for spa breaks in the UK, for some much-needed pampering, French rally in tribute to beheaded teacher, Spanish royal scandal: 'Like Wallis and Meghan, I was blamed for a man's downfall', The best small cruise ships to explore the wilds of Scotland, Pupils saw body of their decapitated Paris teacher online, Sweden considers 'local  lockdowns' in shift in coronavirus strategy, Italy 'to close high schools' as second coronavirus wave sweeps Europe, Canal boat holidays: The best UK routes, from the Avon Ring to Welsh waterways, Social media bosses summoned by French government after terrorist beheads teacher, UK 'firmness' with Brussels over Brexit is paying off, claims Michael Gove, Michel Barnier blinks first and agrees to 'intensive' post-Brexit trade talks on key sticking point, What no-deal Brexit means, how it might happen, and how it might affect daily life in the UK, Abolishing tax-free shopping would deal 'hammer blow' to fashion industry, brands warn, Michael Gove says the door remains 'ajar' for post-Brexit trade deal with EU, Trade deal with New Zealand in reach after Jacinda Ardern's landslide victory, Liz Truss says, Scottish border checks on Northern Ireland goods ‘playing with fire’, Macron 'using Brexit talks to boost standing in France', Whitehall tries to ramp up business support as Brexit cliff-edge nears, Boris Johnson: we need a 'fundamental change' in the EU's approach to trade talks, The ‘Miracle of the Vistula’ saved millions from tyranny.

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