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Economic growth has lifted many people out of poverty, but there is still vulnerability to economic downturns with few safety nets. Recent examples include: Corruption Eradication Commission in SIPS (Islands of Integrity); Ministries of Forestry and Fisheries in RCL (Restoring Coastal Livelihoods); Ministries of Education and Health in BASICS (Better Approaches to Service Provision); Ministry of Religious Affairs in SILE/LLD (Supporting Islamic Leadership/Local Leadership for Development); Ministry of Home Affairs in PEACH (Public Expenditure); Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and National Development Planning Agency in B3WP (Building Better Budgets for Women and the Poor); Ministry of Finance and National Development Planning Agency with Multi Donor Trust Funds. We offer a seamless single-source service that takes care of all your logistics needs, on time and on budget. Decentralization has resulted in local governments taking a leading role in establishing the regulatory environment for the private sector, which has often led to increases in the number of regulations to raise revenues or impose controls on business. CIDA helped to overcome the historical issue of little public input to government in Indonesia and fill the space created by decentralization for civil society and non-governmental organizations to play a larger role in democratic governance reform efforts. Finding #7: Satisfactory - The Program used a mix of delivery modalities but was mainly responsive. The map at the front of this evaluation notes which projects operated in each of these three provinces. Therefore, this report refers to “CIDA” throughout. Projects aimed at improving the business environment produced sustainable results in terms of regulatory reform improvement, however the capacity of local governments to enact reforms and of business associations to advocate for them remains weak. The Government of Indonesia (GOI) has taken on more responsibility for the development process in the country, particularly since 2008 when they first participated in the Third High Level Forum on Aid Effectiveness and took part in the Survey of Paris Declaration Indicators in 2008. Indonesia is one of 25 countries of focus that receive Canadian development assistance from the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and DevelopmentFootnote 2. The investment of only one part-time Jakarta-based Indonesian advisor in gender support for all projects in the field has proven to be insufficient, especially since decentralization in Indonesia is a risk factor for gender equality, given that gender capacity is generally weaker at the sub-national levels than at the national level and there is evidence that decentralization is having a negative impact on women’s rights in several districts. However substantial evidence points to the achievement of project-level outcomes, as well as successful examples of policy dialogue. In 2011, CIDA partnered with Indonesia’s Ministry of Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection, and two other donors, to lead research and develop a series of policy documents on gender equality. When you submit an enquiry to us, we ask you for your name, company name, country of residence, email address and contact number. The remaining third will encompass SEG Investing in People and Advancing Democracy programming. We have a proven track record for fast and efficient turnaround for jet setting artistes and sporting stars and their equipment on tour. The evaluation examined whether the Program and the sampled projects employed appropriate results-based management, risk management, and monitoring and evaluation. The election of President Joko Widodo in July 2014 (a non-military leader who is not linked to the old order) is a positive indication that anti-corruption, transparency, and accountability will be pursued with renewed vigour. Indonesia’s National PNPM Program is managed by the World Bank and funded by several donor countries. This requires a high level of policy dialogue and government buy-in. Based on multiple references to the KPK, including their website:, and others including, Findings, conclusions, and recommendations are based on this evidence. The CDPF of 2009-2014 was suspended in 2012, when a new Country Development Strategy was developed, de-emphasising private sector development and moving instead to addressing skills for employment. Flexibility and resourcefulness to cope with any changes are a must. We would like to thank the independent team which undertook data gathering, analysis, and technical reporting for this evaluation exercise. James MelansonHead of Development Evaluation. The private sector development (PSD) portfolio addressed poverty reduction as the overarching theme and aimed to promote the economic well-being of the poor, directly and indirectly. Keep your vessels moving with GAC Marine Logistics (GML). We offer vessel owners and operators a scalable protective service to complement our range of ship agency, husbandry, ship spares delivery and other support options. The SUSCLAM (Tomini Bay Sustainable Coastal Livelihoods and Management) and World Wildlife Fund (Outreach, Education and Natural Resource Management) projects were weak in their use of baseline data and risk management assessments. CIDA - Background Profile, Indonesia Program Evaluation, Annex 7 – Disbursements to Indonesia by Investment Type and Fiscal Year for 2005-2006–2012-2013, April 2013. SILE/LLD (Supporting Islamic Leadership in Indonesia/Local Leadership for Development) is a model that demonstrates that culture and traditional values that discriminate against women and girls can be challenged effectively over time. (a) At the project level, make more systematic use of baselines, project monitoring and evaluation over the next CDPF period, setting targets for frequency, and allocating sufficient resources to achieve them. They have enhanced the agroforestry, forestry and coastal livelihoods of coastal and rural poor populations; supported the protection of watershed systems; improved the awareness and knowledge of sustainable management practices of natural resources and the environment; and supported global efforts to mitigate the effects of environmental disasters, malpractices and climate change. Today, the program is continuing to support initiatives in Sulawesi, but new projects are being encouraged to situate in poorer areas in Eastern Indonesia, beyond Sulawesi. By the early 1990s, Indonesia was considered an “East Asian Miracle”, and “Asian Tiger”. Salt processors were assisted to iodize an additional 284,000 metric ton of salt. Fast, dependable and efficient, our door-to-deck service uses the transport mode that best matches your time and cost concerns. The need to adjust operational projects, or those in the pipeline, to meet changing corporate requirements caused delays, for example with the EGSL project (Environmental Governance and Sustainable Livelihoods) which was approved after multiple adjustments. The evaluation used mostly secondary source data for closed projects and, where possible, primary data collected from stakeholders during the site visits was added for ongoing projects. Approval is being sought for new initiatives to add to the Sustainable Economic Growth, building economic foundations transparency portfolio: WB – Natural Resource Management, WB – Public Private Partnerships, The Asia Foundation – STAGE). In the case of the SME Banking initiative (PENSA-2), the banks involved preferred to improve their own model for providing services to SMEs rather than adopt the proposed SME banking approach. The CDPF 2004-2009 included a Strategic Results Framework and a Results-based Management and Accountability Framework, which was a CIDA instrument of performance measurement at the time but was subsequently abandoned. It is not subject to the Government of Canada Web Standards and has not been altered or updated since it was archived. In part, this can be explained by the fact Indonesia returned to its place as a middle-income country in 2007 after a long recovery from the 1997 economic crisis.

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