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Fairway woods tend to have a larger sweet spot than irons and travel farther than the longest irons. They are grouped into drivers, woods, hybrids, irons, wedges, and putters. To take a deeper dive into the world of golf club shafts and learn more about picking the right golf shaft for you, read our Golf Shaft Buying Guide. For an in-depth guide on buying clubs, check out our Best Golf Clubs For Beginners Buying Guide. Today only! When grouping courses by size, here are how those groups are labeled: The third way of grouping golf courses by type is to group them according to their geographical setting and/or the architectural elements of their design (those are often the same things since courses are often designed to fit into their natural surroundings). Some links here may be affiliate links, which means that when you buy a product using these links, we receive a small commission, at no additional cost to you. Remember, just because it says sand wedge, does not mean that you can only use it in the sand. Now, 8-club sets generally come with a gap wedge instead of a 3-iron. This is because of the size of the clubhead compared to an iron. For this reason, I would recommend spending a decent amount of time practicing with these clubs. It’s the set I would recommend for anyone that wants to learn the game but isn’t ready for more expensive clubs. It is the longest in terms of distance the ball is supposed to travel and also in terms of the length of the shaft of the club itself. Golf clubs are named according to their uses and general shape. You’ll also get exclusive tips and offers delivered to your inbox. 7 simple steps to ensure that you make the most of your time at the range. More loft means a higher angle and results in a shot going higher and shorter. Unlike full swings where the loft of the club will change the distance you hit the ball, a putter has to cover a wide range of distances on the green based on how hard you hit the ball. Hybrids are a relatively new type of club in the world of golf compared to the traditional irons and woods. Some are private clubs, some restrict access in other ways or give preferential treatment to certain golfers over others. Hybrids are typically numbered with irons so a 3 hybrid would have a similar loft to a 3 iron. Second, once you are comfortable with these clubs, you can start enjoying the game on shorter courses. If you are new to the game of golf, then there is a lot of terminology that can be confusing if you are not familiar with it. When struck correctly with a putter, the golf ball should roll toward the hole without bouncing. You’ll get frustrated, develop bad habits, and maybe crash into a tree or two. Golf courses are generally grouped in three ways: By access (who can play them), by size (number and type of holes), or by setting and design. If you’re satisfied with your swing speed but would like more control over the club head, the heavier steel shaft will provide the balance you want. The "semi-private" model might be most common around the world: members join for an annual fee, but non-members can play if a tee time is available and if they are willing to pay the green fee.). These courses are sometimes referred to as par 3 courses or “pitch and putt” courses. Here are five key aspects to consider about your next set of clubs: The two main styles of irons are cavity-back and muscle-back blades. has a unique club-fitting tool that allows you to either enter your specifications or follow a step-by-step club-fitting process to create a set of irons tailored to your level of play and body measurements. Thank you Lipika for visiting the website. As a beginner, you may think that this is the club to start with. Fairway woods are clubs that are used for longer distance shots like the driver but designed with a smaller head and more loft so that you can hit them off the ground as well as off of the tee. The driver is typically the largest and longest club you will have in your bag. Drivers are for tee shots, woods for longer shots, the irons get progressively shorter with wedges being the shortest, and a putter is used on the green. Golf Course Types by Access . Of course this can vary depending on the course, but on average, mid irons will get a lot of use. You need to practice or play enough so that you know how far you hit each clubs. Hybrids require less swing speed to get the same distance and spin. TGW offers all types of golf iron sets from TaylorMade and Titleist irons to Callaway, Cobra, PING, and more. To figure out which golf club to use for a particular shot, you need to know the average distance you hit a ball with each golf club in your set. This item has been successfully added to your list. At this speed, you are best served with a driver between 10-12 degrees. A hybrid is essentially a cross between an iron and a fairway wood. Long irons (a 3, 4, or 5 iron) require a certain swing speed to hit the ball high enough and with enough spin to maximize distance. Typical iron sets include seven or eight clubs: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 irons, as well as a pitching wedge and sometimes a gap wedge. The type of shaft and flex you choose affects the feel of the club, the distance it produces and your swing speed. These clubs are designed for accuracy and control. Some golfers choose to purchase other clubs separately, like lob and gap wedges, or a specialty club like a 2-iron. Your article helped me a lot to take my doubts, thank you very much. Short irons usually refers to the 8 and 9 irons (the “pitching wedge” is sometimes referred to as a short iron and sometimes as a wedge). First, they have shorter shafts which makes them easier to learn with. Meanwhile, muscle-backs are more difficult to use because they offer increased performance and shot-shaping ability. Mid irons usually refers to the 5, 6, and 7 irons. Hours: A fairway wood shaft will usually be longer than an iron and shorter than a driver. Check out our breakdown of the best fairway woods for high handicappers. They are called fairway woods because they are often used for longer shots off the fairway. 7 Simple steps to make the most of your range time and start improving today…. It is made to get the ball rolling smoothly and give the golfer good “feel” on the greens. You can use them out of the rough too, but this can be a difficult shot depending on the severity of the rough and your skill level. That makes them a little harder to learn and less useful for a beginner to get started with. keep sharing. Not all golf courses are available to be played by all golfers. You might notice I haven’t listed any specific distances here. It is common to see irons broken down into three smaller categories, long irons, mid irons, and short irons. This guide was just amazing! But, you can choose any 14 clubs you want to put in your golf bag. A set of irons is one of the biggest investments any beginner or advanced golfer makes to better their game. He started Under Par Goals to help other golfers all around the world improve their games and learn more about the game. A common set composition is a driver, 3 wood, hybrid, 3-9 irons, pitching wedge, sand wedge, lob wedge, and putter. Plenty of factors will go. The larger clubhead helps get the ball up into the air faster which can be difficult for beginners to do with long irons. In fact, most beginners and high handicap players would benefit significantly by skipping the driver altogether and hitting a 3 wood off the tee. 1. This additional mass causes the ball to travel farther and can compensate for miss-hits more so than an iron. Muscle backs are primarily used by the pros and advanced players, and the hollowed-out rear club head offers novices perimeter weighting for increased forgiveness on off-center hits. However, we weren't paid to give positive reviews so all our reviews are based solely on the quality of the product. The term long irons usually refers to 2, 3, and 4 irons. Not all golf courses are available to be played by all golfers. Hybrid clubs, also known as rescue clubs, are designed with a larger profile and sweet spot that makes it easier to quickly elevate the ball to achieve a straighter shot with its more forgiving club face. As you’re searching for the perfect iron set to match your golf game, use our golf irons buying guide to help you find the right clubs. After all, you practice at a “driving range” right?

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