how to catch a baseball with two hands

All you need to do is move your gloved hand towards the incoming ball and closing the hand once the ball is tucked in safely. You’ll need to practice and develop hand-eye coordination and learn how to track and catch the ball. When the ball is near and it’s going fast, you’ll need to make some quick decisions, whether to raise your hands because the ball is coming right at you, or to squat down to catch a low-flyer. Need assistance placing an order, or have general questions about our product feel free to contact us. comments have to be approved before showing up. You need to have a glove that is just the right fit for your hand. Simple, but effective. They will be unsuccessful every time. At the start of the season, emphasize the basics by conducting catching drills using no equipment. Correct Two Hand Catch Technique. Positioning your hands may take some practice to get used to, but try to catch balls by positioning your gloved hand directly on top of your free hand when catching fly balls, and positioning your free hand on top of your catching glove for ground balls. The rule explains that any ball that is thrown below the waist should be caught in an underhanded manner, with the glove pointed down and the non-gloved hand next to it, in preparation to cover the ball in the glove on its arrival. All rights reserved, Teach Youth to Catch a Baseball… with Two Hands. Build up their natural deficiencies before advancing them onto more difficult tasks. Always emphasize catching the ball with two hands, to the point it is practiced so many times that it become instinctual and natural. For instance, if the incoming ball is too close to the ground, you will not be able to catch it if you are standing straight. When you first start catching, you’ll need to focus on positioning your body to catch the ball. On the website Outdoor, they introduce a “rule” for teaching athletes the proper form of catching a baseball. When you’re starting out, though, it’s not that simple. Using the same soft tennis balls discussed above, replace the hard balls and have your players throw and catch from close distances, emphasizing their hand moving to the ball location skills. T-Ball tees help improve batting and hitting. Catching a ball is not hard. Catching with two hands. It is natural response to feel fear of such a situation, and without the prior knowledge and skills, it is likely that the fear of being hit with the ball will override anything you can tell them or show them. Older players will use something between 11 and 13 inch glove. This ensures that you can more quickly in the direction the ball is coming. Stand facing them and keep your knees bent and your feet shoulder-width apart. Matt is a self-proclaimed baseball fanatic and someone who has played competitively and for fun since early childhood. Home | Contact | About | Disclaimer | Privacy Policy. If you want to be a great baseball player, you’ll need to know exactly how to catch the ball with perfect technique. This not only ensures that you actually catch the ball, but also ensures that the ball does not slip away. When they can place their hands directly where the ball is traveling to, catching the ball with a glove will seem simple. One important thing is to always have the palm of your glove pointing to the ball. You need to balance your body on the balls of your feet so that you can quickly go forward or backward fast. When you’re catching with both hands, it’s much easier to transition from catching to throwing very quickly, because the ball will already be right next to your throwing hand. Positioning your body on the field in order to catch the ball may require some running and adjusting your position, you’ll need to make sure your body is loose and limber and ready to move. In this article, you’ll learn about various tips and techniques to help you to do the same. As you prepare to teach youth to catch a baseball, there is something that must be taken into consideration. You may need to crouch down or jump depending on where the ball goes. One of the most important things you need to ensure is that the gloves are broken in sufficiently. In every sport, there are some fundamental techniques and stages. This also builds confidence and muscle memory. Why Use the Two-Handed Catch? Since the glove is but an extension of your hand, it makes no sense to wear an overprotective but heavy glove. The more successful they are at catching, the more they are going to have a positive experience and enjoy America’s Pastime. Your glove should ideally be made of good leather and should be able to flex easily. According to, science has shown that youth between the ages below 7 or 8 do not have the “capability to coordinate both eyes.” How this effects baseball play is in a child’s ability to perceive distance and speed due to the lack of depth perception. Now, the player’s age player plays an important role. His expert knowledge and passion for the sport are evident on Batters Report and he hopes to deliver other baseball fans with informative and up to date content on this popular pastime. If you’re just learning to play baseball, catching the ball will be tricky. Your glove becomes an extension of your hand when catching a baseball. The bare hand sits directly under the glove when catching a line drive or fly ball, and directly on top of the glove when fielding a ground ball. When our athletes’ baseball careers begin in the tee ball years, it is vital that we build a foundation of basic skills that will lead to future success and an increased love of the game. Another advantage is that you can immediately throw the ball back. In fact, even if are not skilled, concentrating on the incoming ball is a surefire way to make a successful catch. If you’re just learning to play baseball, catching the ball will be tricky. In order to break your glove in, try to flex them in order to stretch the leather and make it more pliable. Once you’ve caught the ball, you can easily drop it from your gloved hand into your throwing hand, making for speedy throws. This drastically reduces your chances of fumbling the ball, and you can quickly transition into a throw. It needs to be comfortable, especially if the game is to continue for hours. Exchanging the baseball gear for a football, play catch with your athlete with a football and dare them to use one hand. You cannot catch, even if you are a pro if you’re not watching the incoming ball. offers a couple drills that can be utilized to ingrain the second hand working in unison with the gloved hand to make a catch. From this position, you may need to adjust how to make the catch. This is training your hand-eye coordination. In order to predict a ball’s flight properly, you’ll need to keep track of the ball when it’s hit or thrown to you. Your hands should be in front of you. While most pro baseball players catch with one hand, you’ll have to learn the basics before you’re able to safely catch with one hand. A better option is to use an already broken glove. This is the “pinkies” aspect of the rule, as the two hands anticipating the flight of the ball results in the pinkies lining up next to each other. The more you practice this skill, the better you shall become. So you’re likely going to have to start with a two-handed catch. However, this piece of advice is incredibly useful for catching as well. People usually say “eyes on the ball” as advice to batters for when they’re supposed to hit the ball. If it is coming towards your knees, you need to squat down and catch it. In the sports named baseball, which is incredibly popular in the USA and Canada, there are certain fundamentals which one needs to know about. Here are some considerations you can put into play as you begin a new season with first-time players and those needing improvement on the basic skills. Unless you have positioned your body, you may not be able to grab the ball. This is to reduce the chance of fumbling. There shall be times when, during the course of the match, you will have to catch with one hand. No matter how many tips you read, the best way to actually improve your catch rate is to go out there and practice. This, of course, depends on the size of your hands. This is easier said than done when a baseball is going straight into your gloved hand at 40 miles an hour. For players aged within 12 years, look for gloves under 11 inches. The most important part of being able to catch balls—whether two-handed or with a single hand—is muscle memory. This is important. On that note.. So, we, as coaches, need to begin the training of our players to develop these skills before expecting proficiency in catching. Watch the ball. The first drill is simply focused on building muscle memory, in which a ball is thrown to an athlete and they are required to pause and confirm their second hand is securing the ball in the glove before proceeding to throw the ball back. Catching without a glove also forces the following consideration, “Two Hands,” to be practiced and the importance to be emphasized. An Inch is measured from the glove’s fingertip to the heel. Focus on the batter or the person throwing the ball to you. Best Softball and Fast Pitch Pants for Women, The 8 Best Big Barrel Bats for Little League, Easton Ghost Fast Pitch Double Barrel Bat Review, The Required Umpire Uniform for Little League, 7 Easy Arm Exercises To Improve Your Baseball Game. One thing you need to know while buying the product is that mitt needs to be of a perfect size, depending on the size of your hands. Remember to cup your hands. When you’re on the field, try to visualize a few seconds into the future. Copyright © 2020 Since the basic fundamentals we teach now will be those that our players revert to in the stress of game play, we owe them the opportunity to learn correctly from the start. The one you buy needs to be suitable for you. Your gloves need to be held out, with the palm pointing towards the ball. Consequently, a ball thrown above the waist will be met with a “thumbs” approach. It must fit your hand properly to work efficiently. The gloves are always measured by the unit Inch. When you catch the ball in your glove (check the best softball gloves here), you’ll need to keep the glove closed so that you don’t fumble the ball. Now, without any further ado, here are the tips and techniques for catching like a pro. You posture, for catching, needs to be loose and athletic. Your hand position when catching depends entirely on where you think the ball is going to be. While the baseball glove is a vital piece of equipment during game play, skill development can be more beneficial with the bare hand. It does not matter if it is slightly older. New gloves are usually not very flexible out of the box, so it will be harder to catch balls with them. Work with this fear, not against it. Yes, it is important too, but there is something still more essential. This “rule” is called “Pinkies and Thumbs.” It provides an easy-to-remember “rule” for teaching beginners to successfully catch the baseball when it is coming straight at them.

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