in search of the unknown octopath

158. He swears he has paid all his debts but he is still being hounded by moneylenders. Below is a walkthrough for Scourge of the Seas, a Side Quest in Octopath Traveler. There are multiple ways to solve this quest, so you can use either Therion The boss will switch each time you break down his defenses. The boss will confuse your team so be sure to bring something to heal or prevent that. Eight characters. Thanks to Michael Majdak for the comment. After a brief cutscene, Revello will disappear. Near the end of the cave there is a stone table you can interact with, do that with the quest giver and you will complete the quest. Part 159: Side Story: In Search of the Unknown Music: Oasis in the Sparkling Sands There's a few more side stories involving Marsalim. Noelle Seeker Of Knowledge 2 – Noelle is back and is looking for more ruins around Stonegard. Tressa and Cyrus have Chapter 2 story missions takes place here. Down the road a bit more is a traveling merchant who has the info you are looking for, use Cyrus or Alfyn. This is around level 60 and I am not quite there yet but you can try it if you want. Fertile Fields – Near the tavern in Cobblestone there is a farmer. In that town there is a man up some stairs and if you use Inquire on him he will give you the info on the City of Gold. Let's Play Octopath Traveller by Mega64 - Part 159: Side Story: In Search of the Unknown . Don’t underestimate the power of his sleep, keep your allies awake at all times. An Exotic Aroma – A woman near the church in Grandport is feeling homesick and wants you to bring her back some flowers from there. Le Mann Explorer Extrodinare – Le Mann on the docks of Rippletide is looking for help getting started on his adventures. Return to Ashlan to complete the quest. I only had a 35% chance to allure him but it worked on my first try. Give him a healing grape and you will be rewarded with 1500. Face the guard next to her with either Obleric or H’annit. He tells you about the Direwolf in the woods nearby and you have to kill it. Return to the quest giver to complete the quest. However, Leviathanimation’s Tyrania – A Kinetic Visual Novel attempts to twist this time-tested narrative through the…, After being announced back in June of 2019, Genshin Impact finally arrives. Talk to him and then use Cyrus of Alfyn on the woman to the left of him and get the info from her. Alfyn’s Chapter 2 story mission takes place here. This is a very hard fight so be sure to bring your best team. There is a man in Cobblestone named Courageous Cowheard and with Tressa you can buy cow droppings from him. The Weaver’s Predicament – A man here needs to figure out what he can use his Textiles for. In Wispermill there is an old man near the Windmill who speaks of the butler in Ravus. The person you are looking for is the exotic grandma, she can read different languages. Ria Born To Roam 3 – The last Ria quest can be found in Marasalim. Buy them and return to the farmer to complete the quest. I’d say he has around 1500 hp total, I hit him with some basic attacks and two specials worth about 650 each. Left Behind – There is a sailor in Goldshore who is looking for his missing captain. Use Guide or Allure on her and bring her back to Bolderfall. He will ask you to teach his bouncer a lesson. Outside of the Tavern, on the left side, there is an old man looking out in the distance. Down in the south Sunlands is the town of Marsalim. I bought it because the steal option was a low percent. Tony down the street is the man she is talking about. Step into the roles of eight travelers as they travel and battle their way across the expansive world of Orsterra.

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