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GOLDSWORTHY: When you stand inside, you'll see a small fragment inside the museum, and you know there's a much bigger story outside - that's the lesson. MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: And now the story of a wall, a specific wall in Kansas City, a wall that has been built, torn down and rebuilt five times just this year. Between the neon clouds and larger-than-life birds, this wall has a lot going on— but in the best way possible. For NPR News, I'm Frank Morris in Kansas City. Need a backdrop for your next photoshoot? In Kansas City, Mo., a stone wall has been "walking" into the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art. MORRIS: Like moving - one rock at a time. ANDY GOLDSWORTHY: It is in all sorts of ways an anti-wall. MIAUEN Canvas Prints Wall Art Kansas City Chiefs Pictures 5 Piece Posters Paintings for Living Roo… MORRIS: And she's not alone. FRANK MORRIS, BYLINE: I think of this as a long, twisting stone wall full of mischief. No worries: it's been relocated to the Imagine That! While you're there: if you're not into maps, maybe you're into local distilleries? The most Insta-worthy? While you're there: it shouldn't go unnoticed that this is the facade for Studios.Gallery. It does everything walls normally don't do. The most Insta-worthy? It's a win-win situation. While you're there: as central as this wall is in the Crossroads, you'd be silly to not enjoy your time leisurely exploring the neighborhood, and perhaps finding walls we haven't seen yet! And hey: you can always visit the Made in KC team just a few blocks over on 18th Street! While you're there: We recommend that you schedule this stop around a dinner reservation at one of these favorites. I mean, with these colors, how could you not? A new season calls for a new set of Instagram-worthy doors. MORRIS: Everything in the museum is just the tip of some long, maybe tortured, maybe sweet path it took to get there. Thanks for following along on the third installation of Kansas City's Most Insta-worthy walls! You can tell that this wall has some history to it— and that makes us love it that much more. Sign up for the MIKCExplore newsletter to get our best intel first. It's one of our contributor's favorite places to post up with a new book. The authoritative record of NPR’s programming is the audio record. If you haven't seen our Made in KC mural on Instagram or in this story, you're in luck. It's a 100-ton art project that's been moving towards a glass building, where it stops today. And lots of Kansas City residents have built this wall into their lives, people like Rick Krupco, who says this project draws him in every day. LAUREL HUGHES: I like to come up every morning. About • Contact • ContributorsInstagram • Facebook • Email, profile, crossroads, maker profile, fashion, style, shopping, Adam Pfeifer, East + West, Profiles, guides, food, drink, ice cream, tourism, Alyssa Broadus, favorite places to post up with a new book, Kansas City's Most Insta-Worthy Walls | Part 3, Kansas City's Most Insta-Worthy Walls | Part 2, 10 of Kansas City's Most Insta-Worthy Walls, Part 1. Check a ride on the street car off of your Kansas City bucket list. We have a myriad of styles of Wall Art, and if you want to narrow your options to something more specific than your current filter of "", such as finding All Wall Art by brands like Great Big Canvas or Winston Porter just use the filter options. I love the energy. A reason to go escape your house this winter and explore your city? Made in KC concepted and created the mural in order to showcase a few of Kansas City's best makers and businesses and the wonderful artists the company works with! Immerse yourself in local art, and perhaps stop afterward at Torn Label Brewing Co. right next to it afterward. Whether it's for a photoshoot or a backdrop, Kansas City has the best murals, painted walls, and interesting facades. Many interesting walls can be found in the East Crossroads, and this is definitely one of them. While you're there: if you're not the tattoo type, you're in luck because you're only a short drive away from 39th Street, where good food and fun times rule.

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