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An important theme in the film is the interconnection and larger patterns that shape life. She is an actress. The film suggests that her solo and her emergence from the car encourages others, as though her creative burst is infectious and so others, and soon the whole freeway, are drawn to it, keen to express themselves too. Journal of Epidemiology & Community Health 56, 401-401. You alone do not have the power to create your own professional success, but working to further the interests of the culture industry can empower you. John Legend, Rosemarie DeWitt, Finn Wittrock, and J. K. Simmons also star. After all, if Mia gets the film she’ll be in Paris for months…. The Conversation. (Eds)., Job Insecurity and Work Intensification. This is not what he wanted for his life, and Mia confronts him about it. "La La Land Summary". And refusing to conform has lost him his job. My great friend was right, la la land really is about how wemen are thots. After the director tells Sebastian that she saw Mia’s play and wants Mia to audition for her movie, Sebastian drives to Mia’s parents’ house to tell her the news. Sebastian and Mia meet again, and he plays their love theme ("Epilogue"). it's a tautology. Perhaps it's both: certainly, in a sense they share this moment, even while they each withdraw into themselves. Center for the Study of Women in Television and Film. And then we have the first of the section titles: Winter. Moved, she enters the restaurant, but Sebastian is fired for his disobedience. (Blumenthal, 2017) Also at the University of Southern California, scholars from the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism found that found that 69% of male characters in the analyzed films, compared to just 55% of female characters, were seen actually on the job in their workplaces (Smith, Choueiti, Prescott, & Pieper, n.d.) Along such lines, it is also noteworthy that Mia’s identity as a wife and mother is conveyed to the audience at the film’s end, while the audience is left completely uninformed about Sebastian's relationship status and home life. Mia’s more understated relationship to her artistic and professional passions is congruent with larger patterns of gender depiction in film. Retrieved from, Wood, P. & Charles, H. (2003) Art in theory. Subscribe today to become a member of the MHM Secret Circle. We hear the honking of a horn and the film replays this whole section, only this time from Sebastian’s perspective. Mia storms out, not to see Sebastian again until the night of her play. As it turns out, she’s about to take a significant detour, to a jazz club where Sebastian is the pianist. Walters, Zara. (1994). It also announces that the film is a musical. Such attitudes have adverse impacts on girls’ education, and may explain why teachers at all educational levels give disproportionately large amounts of attention to male students. I got you. It’s also as though what’s happening could have been missed if we hadn’t been there to see it; or that as soon as we are there to see it these people spring into joyous action—all it takes is an audience, and L.A. will be ready to perform. She has a daughter and a happy home. She reminds him that he was supposed to be saving up to own his own club, not committing to the band indefinitely. Given the film’s plot line, these messages are largely analyzed within the context of their relations to professional ambition, the arts, and the entertainment industry. After a bad day at work, her subsequent audition goes poorly when the casting director takes a call in the middle of an emotional scene. Retrieved from. SAG and PGA reveal the biggest threat to ‘’La La Land’: Donald Trump. (2005, November 14). no because any playgrounds have their own dangers...... La La Land study guide contains a biography of director Damian Chazelle, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. At this point, she’s still waiting to be found. She’s interrupted at a very emotional moment in the piece by a PA with a phone message, and at that point they stop the audition. Mia becomes famous, marries another man, and has a little girl. The truth that they are just business is made into an ideology in order to justify the rubbish they deliberately produce. In Dialectic of Enlightenment. It won in every category it was nominated for at the Golden Globe’s and broke a record with 7 Golden Globe awards. While Gosling’s performance can sometimes rub me the wrong way, it’s still a very well done movie. BEST NIGHT! What do Mia and Sebastian want from their lives in LA? Mia finishes writing her one-woman show and tells her mother all about it, and about Sebastian who is "nobody yet" but dreams of owning his own club. We then move to Mia, who’s pretending to be on the phone, acting out her lines for an audition. And the choreography, although uniform at times, incorporates individual moments of creative expression and spontaneous duets as well—we see an older woman dancing in red with a fan, a jazz band playing, a man breakdancing. Although the highway is filled with more Hollywood hopefuls than there are spots to go around in the sphere of Hollywood stardom, the highway is conspicuously void of any hint of competition or rivalry. Just like the earlier shot, when she’s out of the shower before she’s been persuaded by her flatmates to go out, she’s looking at herself in the mirror. Mia gets the part, and moves to Paris. Last year, the University of Southern California’s Viterbi School of Engineering reviewed 53,000 film dialogues and discovered that women had just over 15,000 dialogues, while men had over 37,000. GradeSaver, 29 January 2017 Web. Sebastian’s character is also painted as more passionate and knowledgeable about the arts than Mia’s character. As he awakens from his reverie at the end of the piece, natural lighting is restored, and we realize nothing has changed and no one, except Mia, has noticed. There’s a montage of many happy scenes of them together ("Summer Montage"). In the jazz club, Sebastian is approached by Keith—an old friend and fellow musician—who offers him a job playing in his band. As others join her, the break with reality is conclusive. However, Mia’s bittersweet smile in the final moment implies that despite this, MIa is fulfilled by her professional achievements. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. But as success mounts, they are faced with decisions that fray the fragile fabric of their love affair, and the dreams they worked so hard to maintain in each other threaten to rip them apart. On a night out with her husband, the pair get stuck in traffic on the freeway, so they detour—to a jazz club, called Seb’s. - k.m. The film never shies away from placing its characters and its story in a world surrounded by the larger world—stars and weather and seasons and noise. More details at And then you change your dreams and you grow up" I can relate to this words more than anything else because it's all about it isnt It? This scene familiarizes its audience with an alternative version of L.A., which manages to conveniently gloss over the 16.3% of the Los Angeles population living in poverty, (U.S. Census Bureau, 2016) and which will serve as the backdrop for Mia and Sebastian’s story. you cannot be proud of your *white* heritage b/c there is no such thing. And any compromise each may make in getting ahead may change the person with whom each has fallen in love. Jammed in a wide stretch of highway in sun-kissed Los Angeles, the morning commuters--Sebastian, a suavely charming jazz pianist whom life's got him on the ropes, and Mia, a brilliant playwright waiting for her big break--are off to a bad start. La La Land study guide contains a biography of director Damian Chazelle, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. They soon go back to their cars and to the beeping and everything continues as normal. La La Land is now competing with the classics at the upcoming Academy Award’s ceremony. Housing instability and food insecurity as barriers to health care among low‐income Americans. The film opens with “Another Day in the Sun”, an upbeat musical number taking place during a highway traffic jam. Wallach Trevor Lissauer Olivia Hamilton Anna Chazelle Marius De Vries Finn Wittrock Josh Pence Nicole Coulon Damon Gupton Christopher Michael Stevens Keith Harris Kaveh Rastegar Briana Lee David Douglas Miles Anderson Parents Guide. La La Land is probably the most critically acclaimed film of this year. He has trouble emotionally playing music he doesn't like just to get a paying gig. Bad news for those same people: I still think the opening is so beautiful and celebratory and exuberant in a way I want more movies to be, I still think Emma Stone is so fucking fantastic and deserved the Best Actress Oscar, and Damien Chazelle deserved his Best Director Oscar! This narrative relies on the unquestioned premise that success as an actor is equivalent to Hollywood fame, invalidating the goals of actors who dream of starring in experimental, avant garde, or independent projects.

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