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Later that day, Baby also revealed Blasé (huh) Diamonds on me, that's pavé (huh) So bright, can't see, that's a blind date (huh) My lil' flea tryna get highway (ooh) I got M-O-L-L-Y way Only once the drugs are done I feel like, "Where the hell is my grave?" Solid Lyrics – Lil Baby. I don't want no issues, can't be beefin' with my family All told, songs by Lil Baby, who had never rapped before his two-year incarceration, have been streamed more than 11 billion times around the world. What did you want to accomplish on “My Turn,” that you didn’t on previous projects? I never saw me being a rapper. What was it like being at the Grammys? Mama trippin' 'bout the way I'm livin' and how my hoes comin' (In and out) The song is produced by fellow Atlanta native ATL Jacob and finds Lil…. Your email address will not be published. One day maybe. Don't know how to feel, I got some feelings that I can't explain That’s all I needed to see. Damn, my life's changed, check my ice game Josh and Chuck have you covered. Been fuckin' strippers since I was lil', fell in love with the club Sharon Osbourne saying your name was pretty surreal. Ahead of the album drop, he released “Woah” and “Sum 2 Prove.” This is his first full-length since 2018’s Harder Than Ever . My life goin' good, why would I do wrong? Have you consciously avoided that path? Ok but Gunna just dropped “Treat these hoes like a tire, I keep a spare” cold ❄, 4PF look like we hit licks how we sell bricks, Got a Moncler coat because the kid the coldest, Let me fuck when I want, I just come and go, Man, these racks gettin' too big for these skinny clothes, And didn't even know how to make that motherfucker go, On my birthday, I just wanna lift the door, In the Rolls truck, I feel like a tourist, Keep the Rugers, my niggas ain't scared of nothin' (Nah), On a light day, I keep me a honey bun (One, Makin' hit after hit, call me Barry Bonds (Hits), Think I'm deaf, got stones in my right and left (Ice), Skydweller, Jubilee, and a Presi' (No cap), I am not a killer, but don't tempt me (Nah), “Heatin Up” is yet another collaboration from Georgia rappers Lil Baby and Gunna. I have so much going, I just get angry. It's like my life is like a dream, but I'm still here when I wake Fashion show in Paris, like … cool [shrugs]. Where I’m not even on the scene no more. Still actin' the same, I walk in, they know my name And I know I ain’t going out like that. Probably not, though. Lil Baby Might Be Rap’s Most Reluctant New Star, you told me were still itching to get back to the streets, your struggles with [the codeine drink] lean. And make yourself at home. that Hot Hot Hot tho !! Did you ever foresee rap as a path for you? Welcome to Hawthorne Manor. I trained myself to think about how it was then. Clothes busted, nose dusty, watch the older bros hustlin' I’m trying. Still actin' the same, I walk in, they know my name I ain’t really for that. Album – My Turn, Yeah, fuck it, let me pop my shit one time, And I just left the hood to catch a vibe and that shit give me chills, Through the grace of God, we got away, so now we gotta chill, So I can’t go there, but she know I like to go there, For the Latest songs lyrics of Punjabi songs, Hindi Songs and English stay connected with LyricsVin. I'm livin' my best just like Lil Duval The triumphant tone carried by the lyrics of “Get Ugly” is in line with that featured in Baby’s previous intro songs, such as 2018’s “Global” and “Intro (Harder Than Ever).”, this album finna be hard af With “Get Ugly,” Lil Baby introduces the listener to the ambitious mood of My Turn, his sophomore album. da golden duo back at it with them hits That’s the biggest thing I’m working on right now. The track is produced by Quay Global which features a fast paced piano in the instrumental. Don't know how to feel, I got some feelings that I can't explain Stream the best podcasts from your favorite stations. I think I got that from prison. G-Wagen and Range Rover, both of 'em With “Get Ugly,” Lil Baby introduces the listener to the ambitious mood of My Turn, his sophomore album. I just ain’t into it. These are edited excerpts from the conversation. I’m to the point where I can’t go nowhere without someone knowing me. That ain’t me, though! It can never be no more, but it’s one of them things. Still actin' the same, I walk in, they know my name Are you confident that you’ll never be back there? Hell yeah. I'm gon' get everything I need, I'll do whatever it take Excuse me as I go off, have flashbacks in my verses, I'm tellin' you I done put my heart inside a box and tried to sell it to 'em Beefin' with my partners, do a nigga like I never knew him Fucked around and seen her with a nigga, I woulda never knew it Always talkin' 'bout what I'm gon' do, but I don't ever do it, yeah Beefin' with myself I got demons all on my back and arms, I'm tryna shake 'em off I can't never fuck with lil' Mill again, he tried to take me off I can't lie, you was my dawg, I heard that shit, it broke my heart Can't no nigga say I did somethin' flawed, been solid from the start Every situation ever happened, Baby played his part . What areas do you need to improve in, musically or as a man? The concept of celebrity still makes him bristle, and his public appearances remain limited to the ones that pay handsomely. Terrorizin', thuggin', doin' dumb shit, makin' no money Song – Solid This a whoooole different everything. I don’t got a thrill for it. But if you are just like, obsessive, I’m going to be on you. Like Roc Nation. An inescapable presence on rap radio who’s racked up even more street-level hits, Lil Baby, 25, has since been nominated for a Grammy, banked corporate sponsorships and performed alongside international stars like Drake, DaBaby and Travis Scott, in addition to his ubiquitous local cohort of Gunna, Future, Migos and Young Thug. Whatever I had going on, it came to an end at the time when I started to move up rapping. I said I don't know how to feel, I got some feelings that I can't explain. Me and Lil Baby compadre (yeah) What these niggas talkin' 'bout? But I’m happy to just be a part of stuff like that. The losers will play out their showbiz careers in fiery hellfire and damnation. It was time for me to go up, got a pack and made it blow up If we love forever, you get new homes It also Contains Shayari and Quotes. Knockin' on my sister window, comin' in at 4 somethin' Stressful. I want to be on some boss [expletive]. The album features guest appearances from Gunna, 42 Dugg, Future, Lil Uzi Vert, Lil Wayne, Moneybagg Yo, Young Thug, and Rylo Rodriguez. Music | Lil Baby … Nobody got hit, spin the block again (Yeah, yeah) I done been two-sided ’cause I don’t got to give (Yeah, yeah) Rockin’ real diamonds before I got the deal. I know people who get killed — my personal people — people in and out of jail, my family, my brothers. It’s serious. Do you worry about the people around you? Rap is just a reflection of real life. “People don’t think I’m as big as I am because I don’t really talk about it,” he said recently. So many people try to get me that I got into this defensive shell. Your email address will not be published. She proud to be rockin' that new two-tone This is the deluxe edition to My Turn, Lil Baby’s sophomore studio album. Came from standin' in the rain to top floor gettin' brain Every now and then, I used to take a half of one, but I say it in my raps because I might pop one and that’s what’s going on. Like popping Percs [Percocet]. Too confident. Clothes busted, nose dusty, watch the older bros hustlin'. Know I skipped a couple parts, but I can't never tell 'em all Can’t Explain off of Lil Baby’s album, “My Turn” is a song where Lil Baby talks about life and how it went for him before fame and how it’s going now. Artist – Lil Baby And it ain't no pressure 'bout the money, I won't even see it The track, produced by Quay Global, is centered around a simple string instrumental featuring three notes played on a violin, with a relatively-stripped back bass and drum line in the background. It’s an everyday thing for me. I don’t pop Percs — period. But Baby got her wrist hittin', both arms Yeah, fuck it, let me pop my shit one time. People in prison — stuff like that is probably on nobody’s minds until someone like her is saying my name at the Grammys. All I ever want was to put on and give my folks somethin' I’m just there, but I’m not there. Did you make the right decision sticking with music, or is there part of you that still misses your old life? Now I get racks to rap on beats, With “Get Ugly,” Lil Baby introduces the listener to the ambitious mood of My Turn, his sophomore album. Damn, my life's changed, check my ice game Lil Baby is back with his sophomore album, My Turn. The Atlanta artist, whose new album “My Turn” is out Friday, discusses how he has remained so low-key while earning more than 11 billion streams worldwide. Came from standin' in the rain to top floor gettin' brain I don't want no problems, just make sure my kids can count and read A production of iHeartRadio, Blumhouse Television and Grim & Mild from Aaron Mahnke.

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