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haunted his father for the rest of his life, to the point that it even affected his host copy. Status Logan congratulates William, but Dolores just tells him “We told them everyone would live.” William turns from her as Logan checks on the deceased Slim. Aujourd'hui que la série est sortie, je peux vous dire : "Quelle bonne série !!!". Logan responds by shooting Holden, telling William that they have stumbled upon an Easter Egg. since. Logan initially expresses boredom, tired of listening to AR and VR startups, but is promised something much more tangible. He tells William that he's probably not the first guest to fall in love with a host and delude themselves into thinking they're real. He believes that William's search for Dolores was an excuse to create the story he wanted, one filled with death. Assuming that Logan really died after a drug overdose as different characters claim, someone out there is bound to avenge him. Just because William and an Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) De son côté, Charlotte se demande comment révéler les failles constatées dans les créations de Ford. The gallery below is automatically generated and contains images in the category "Images of Logan Delos". Logan Ian McKellen va tout Ricky Gervais – non, il ne relance pas The Office. Caucasian-American 25 abonnés That soldier takes him down, and another pulls out a gun and shoots Slim, who kills the soldier as he falls down, mortally injured. 10.31.2016 10:38 PM. Comment &lsquo, terrifiant ‘la finale de la saison pourrait-elle être après tout ce qui a précédé? Dolores Abernathy (Physical Body, 2 times) 8. In the 'real world', his family's business is called Delos. Lire ses 4 critiques, Suivre son activité Part-time artist and writer, full-time overthinker. Publicité | A one-stop shop for all things video games. Westworld’s third season is still more than a year away, but the questions and mysteries continue to pile up. RELATED: What To Expect From Westworld Season 3. Black NEXT: Westworld Timeline Explained: How It All Connects. While the show will bring back its core Guests and Hosts, one character whose fate remains unclear is that of Logan Delos – who was said to have died offscreen following a drug overdose. This list shows the victims Logan has killed: Logan is a hedonist. Obviously, Logan is not around in present day. Recrutement | Upset, William asks Logan whether the trip was just meant to be business, to which Logan replies that in his family, "Everything is business." Seasons 2 abonnés Company Credits As they take the soldiers’ guns, Logan begins to shove and kick one of the soldiers who insulted him. Logan, a member of the Delos Corporation, led the company's investment into Westworld some thirty years prior to the present events. Dolores, Teddy et bien d'autres sont des androïdes à apparence humaine créés pour donner l'illusion et offrir du dépaysement aux clients. Logan says that the company should increase their stake in Westworld, because it can give even William something to enjoy. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Quant à Teddy, il vit des moments difficiles : il se souvient d'événements pénibles qu'il a du mal à oublier. Mais c'est surtout après que les choses se corsent. Arnold made it that way, but people like you keep spreading over it like a stain! The "Westworld" season finale left us with a lot of important questions, but thanks to Jimmi Simpson (William) we aren't too concerned about the fate of one character. William, knife in hand, tells him that he's going to help him find Dolores, and that he (William) is in charge. As Logan laughs, William slaps the horse's rear, and the horse takes off, taking Logan with it. If this really is the case, the main question surrounding Logan’s survival won’t be how he did it but why and what he plans to do next. After William is chosen as the new heir of Delos, Logan is seen to drink excessively and use drugs. Données Personnelles | And impetuous. Logan was left in the dust, but at least he wasn't left for dead. Logan hugs him, and expresses his affection for him, calling him "Billy". Sur place, ils sont recrutés pour une dangereuse mission. La... A moins de 15 jours du coup d'envoi de la nouvelle série événement de HBO, Westworld se dévoile un peu plus à travers deux... Chef-d'oeuvre, c'est une série intelligente, subtile, bien pensé, bien joué et sublime visuellement que demander de plus. The hope is that once the technology is perfected, the consciousness of a Guest (or any rich person willing to pay) could be uploaded into their Host, thus cheating death. Then William slapped the horse's rear, sending Logan off into the distance still naked and tied to a horse. Logan seems disturbed by this, looking away and complaining about it. that gives Dolores and Bernard a tour of a lab full of James Delos Hosts. Westworld season two revealed that Delos Incorporated created the parks not for mere amusement, but to achieve immortality through science. Logan presents himself as something of an expert at the park. Bernard et Theresa Cullen enquêtent sur les anomalies constatées et se demandent si elles peuvent se répandre. Logan is exhilarated, while the others look tentative. Mindless shit that I usually enjoy. Logan having sex with two women and a man at the saloon. Simply put, The Forge is the park’s main server that stores vast amounts of information about humans that was used in Delos Incorporated’s attempts to perfectly replicate a person’s consciousness. Lire ses 307 critiques, Suivre son activité Dolores Abernathy : There is beauty in this world. Ethnicity He seemed cocky and abrasive from the start, while William was always the meek and polite one. | Logan Delos is a main character in the first season of Westworld and a guest character in second season. Logan wreaks mayhem in the park (killing and maiming hosts), and he has a 'what happens in Westworld, stay… The last thing William said to Logan in episode ten reinforces this explanation from Simpson. That night in the brothel, William pulls Logan aside and says he doesn’t want to continue on the War game. Alone once again Logan and William reach the outskirts of the park. La finale de la saison 1 de Westworld n’est qu’à quelques jours et Ben Barnes (Logan) a décrit la finale comme "terrifiant" – tout en disant aux fans de "arrête de penser si fort" d’essayer de percer les nombreux mystères de l’émission avant la finale de dimanche. Aimez-vous l'article? What could catch even the most attentive viewers is the methodology and motive behind his death. Build 31 of hybrid James Delos 5. Logan later releases William after he says that he knows the truth now, that the game isn't real. Westworld is a show that centers around its characters’ hubris and how their past mistakes can come back with a bloody vengeance, and William’s involvement (or lack thereof) in Logan’s death may end up giving the Man in Black a taste of his own medicine. Age William notices Dolores leaving the general store and loading her goods into her saddle bag. Dolores Abernathy "The Passenger" Finally, William turns and shoots the final soldier, saving a very surprised Logan. Dolores Abernathy Lire ses 417 critiques, Suivre son activité According to Simpson, the point of their final scene was not meant to imply death or doom but instead a staged mental breakdown. The Walking Dead et Westworld : suivez notre debrief live à midi ! They're joined by the old man William helped in the street. : RELATED: Westworld Season 3 Teaser Trailer Introduces Aaron Paul's Character. "I think your father's going to need someone a little more stable to take over," William told Logan. Westworld est diffusé sur HBO le dimanche à 21 h aux États-Unis et sur Sky Atlantic le mardi à 21 h au Royaume-Uni. Westworld’s third season takes place after an indeterminable amount of time has passed since the previous one’s end, and Logan may have been plotting something big in the time that passed. Seeing the playboy gain this level of sentience and technological godhood would give the third season an interesting conflict since up to this point, Westworld featured antagonists who were either intellectual sociopaths or petty sadists. William figures out that it's Logan. Par ailleurs, Ford et Theresa évoquent l'avenir du parc. William is engaged to marry Logan’s sister, and the two work at the same company. This list shows the victims Man in Black has killed: 1. They stop the stagecoach, and Dolores convinces the soldiers to surrender peacefully. Logan finds William on the main street of Sweetwater. Mais je sens deux poids deux mesures: les acteurs essayaient également de trouver des théories de Westworld pendant le tournage mais "beaucoup d’entre eux avaient complètement tort." Au cours de l'inauguration, il explique comment lui est venue l'inspiration pour ce récit. Images added to that category turn up in the gallery after a short time. De son côté, Teddy suit un nouveau scénario, qui le lance à la poursuite d'un nouveau méchant, laissant Dolores seule à Sweetwater. He guides William away from "boring" story lines, without considering what William himself would like to do. Essayez de tuer le temps en regardant la bande-annonce de l’épisode de dimanche. He lands face down in the mud and William is once again chastised by Logan - this time for helping the old man. While William and El Lazo stake out an encampment of soldiers, Logan, still tied up, sits on the ground behind them and sarcastically calls the two brothers. Partager avec des amis: Julia Roberts et sa société de production ont obtenu les droits du livre de. William calmly says that he will push Delos to invest bigger shares in the park, and Logan becomes angry, saying that Delos is his company. Despite his hedonistic exploitation of the park, Logan's interest in Westworld seems to start with a genuine, if brief, interest in its innovative technology. Dolores, William et Logan parviennent à rejoindre Pariah. Drug overdose The main thrust of the upcoming third season is still unknown, so counting Logan out of the game would be too quick an assumption. Human Like what you see here? To his surprise, Angela proceeds to make a signal that causes everyone, including Akecheta, to freeze. Westworld is a sci-fi show with jumps in time in its story-telling, which means the fate of character Logan Delos in Season 3 is still undecided. William apologizes, and Logan chastises him for being too polite. Whether it’s a distant family member or one of Logan’s few friends within the company, someone would surely want William to answer for his callousness. This seems to suggest that Logan’s family’s company is going to save Westworld following the undisclosed catastrophic incident that happened early in the park’s history.

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