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Odessa Young Comes Face to Face With ‘The Giant’ on Friday the 13th of November [Trailer]. She finds it inhabited exclusively by nuns who perform bizarre rituals in the catacombs underneath the convent. Lovecraft. opts for a quiet, menacing atmosphere. Enter your account data and we will send you a link to reset your password. Blumhouse / Miramax Partner with Malek Akkad / John Carpenter on New HALLOWEEN Movie!? When Crawford activates the apparatus, he sees creatures flying in…, Cast: Jeffrey Combs, Barbara Crampton, Ted Sorel, Ken Foree, Carolyn Purdy-Gordon, Official Synopsis: The Draytons - David, Steff and their son Billy - live in a small Maine town. Tagline: He's a 20th century guy, trapped in the middle ages. favors mood and style over a fully coherent narrative, making it feel like an Italian horror by way of Lovecraft. From Beyond (1986) One of Lucio Fulci’s most beloved horror films, and the second entry in his unofficial “Gates of Hell” trilogy. It’s ambiguous, atmospheric, and gorgeous. Lovecraft’s “From Beyond,” Blair Erickson’s feature debut is as creepy as mysterious and engaging. The foreboding tone of it all is Fulci channeling one of his favorite authors. Switch to the dark mode that's kinder on your eyes at night time. You're such an inspiration for the ways that I will never, ever choose to be. In the Mouth of Madness closes out Carpenter’s apocalypse trilogy, each film equipped with a bit of Lovecraft. Lovecraft in this anthology’s wraparound story that sees the prolific horror writer copying stories from the Necronomicon in the middle of an old library guarded by monks. It follows an expedition into a mysterious zone where the rules of nature no longer apply, told by the expedition’s sole survivor. Graboids, Ghosts and Witches: 18 New Horror Movies, Games and TV Shows Debuting This Week! is what happens when you cross Fulci with H.P. Faced with unknowable horrors lurking in the mist, some of the supermarket inhabitants turn to religious fanaticism. Frank Darabont’s bleak 2007 horror film may have been an adaptation of Stephen King’s novella, but both channeled Lovecraft for this gnarly tale. Upcoming Horror Movies & Latest Horror Movie News. Top 10 Things You May Not Know About Ash Williams from Evil Dead, Lionsgate Moving Forward with CABIN IN THE WOODS 2, Everything About Shadow People You Need to Know. In a present where the future seems so unknowable and dangerous, it makes perfect sense that filmmakers would tap into those fears, now more than ever. Its influences are plain as day, though, with references and themes woven into every fiber of the film. . Where From Beyond went for practical effects-driven spectacle, Banshee Chapter opts for a quiet, menacing atmosphere. The base is suddenly buzzed by a helicopter from the nearby Norwegian research station. “The Simpsons”: “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” Will Now Premiere the Night After Halloween, [Review] Hulu’s “Helstrom” Gives Superhero Twist to Standard Action-Horror Exorcism Story, “The Simpsons”: “Treehouse of Horror XXXI” Tackles the Horrors of 2020 This Sunday Night [Trailer], 10 Housebound Horror Anthology TV Episodes Perfect for Halloween, [Review] ‘Remothered: Broken Porcelain’ Makes a Muddled Mess of its Predecessor’s Potential, [Review] A Stellar Sequel Ten Years in the Making: ‘Amnesia: Rebirth’ is Frictional’s Best Game Yet, [Review] Delightful Monster Mash ‘Love and Monsters’ Embraces the Comedy-Horror Spirit of ‘Zombieland’, [Review] A New Setting Can’t Save ‘Tremors: Shrieker Island’ from Feeling Like the Same Old Routine, Ten Years On, ‘Costume Quest’ is Still Gaming’s Most Adorable Celebration of Halloween [What We Play in the Shadows], Why ‘Evil Dead’ and ‘My Bloody Valentine 3D’ Make for a Perfect Remake Double Feature, Memory Leak: The Philosophical Horror of Frictional Games’ ‘SOMA’ is Terrifying and Intelligent, Scott Spiegel Cuts Into the Quentin Tarantino-Produced Alternate Version of ‘Halloween 6’ [Phantom Limbs], ‘Deathcember’ Trailer: Santa Delivers 24 Naughty Presents This Holiday Season [Video], “The Haunting of Verdansk” Brings Leatherface and Jigsaw’s Puppet into ‘Call of Duty’ Tomorrow! Bleak, surreal, and dreamlike in its storytelling. Win a Set of Post-Apocalyptic Blu-rays to Celebrate the Release of Dead Shadows, The Boulet Brothers’ Creatures of the Night, Grimmfest 2018 Announces Barbara Crampton as Horror Channel Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient, Horror Movies and Video Games Get the Goosebumps Cover Treatment. The storm is accompanied by a strange mist…, Tagline: Stephen King's Legendary Tale of Terror, Cast: Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher, Toby Jones, Official Synopsis: With the disappearance of hack horror writer Sutter Cane, all h*ll is breaking loose...literally! Look for, Ted Levine to steal every scene he’s in, but more than that, be ready for some great scares. These following demons are at the top of the list of…, 476 10 Disturbing Movies That Got BANNED From Theaters, Here are 10 disturbing movies to get banned in movie theaters. Gordon adds his voice to the Lovecraft story, turning Herbert West’s tale into a full-on splatstick horror-comedy that paints the walls red. } catch(e) {}. Combs plays John Reilly, a man looking to make amends with his wife Susan (Crampton) after a devastating accident left their son dead and teen daughter blind. After her friend’s sudden disappearance, journalist Anne Roland (Katia Winter) discovers the strange and horrifying links between her friend, a government conspiracy involving a research drug, and an eerie radio broadcast of otherworldly origin. He lets loose a trio of Lovecraftian tales of horror and gore, each progressively weirder than the preceding segment. April 28, 2014, 2:15 pm. So while the inspiration for the story was not Lovecraftian (it actually came to King on a visit to the grocery store with his son), the sense of horrific fear beyond the scope of human knowledge and comprehension, combined with the tentacles and their squid-like appearance on otherwise unseen beasts, definitely shows Lovecraft’s influence on King. When you think of Lovecraftian horror, it’s near impossible for Stuart Gordon’s seminal horror comedy not to pop in mind. As the group gets further into the site and encounters disturbing sights, they realize the Shimmer is changing flora and fauna. Many people do not have the time to read the…, 853 15 Most Dangerous Demons Ever Recorded, Demonic possession is serious and happens too often so if you hear you are against one of these 15 most dangerous demons in H*ll, you…, 651 10 Nightmarish Horror Movies on Netflix Full of Jump Scares, Netflix is soon becoming a much better platform for horror movie streaming with their acquisitions and Netflix originals ever increasing. CONTEST CLOSED! The nuns harbor many dark secrets, including something inhuman lurking below. _g1.setAttribute('src', _g1.getAttribute('data-src') ); When Ash is thrown into…. Directed by Mariano Baino, Dark Waters favors mood and style over a fully coherent narrative, making it feel like an Italian horror by way of Lovecraft. Here are our Top 10 Lovecraftian Movies based on work or influenced by H.P. Above all, The Mist offers a grim feeling of hopelessness. Hobb’s End is an insidious little town full of insanity, creatures, and death.

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