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With Cousins now in jail - and apparently still using drugs - Tinecheff is solely supporting her four children. Mr Malley said “all of us are vulnerable to traffic (matters) whether magistrate, police officer or a member of the community”. Of course they get stuff in there! “Don’t do it for yourself, don’t do it for your children and for other people on the road,” she said. And it appears their relationship – which endured some of the football player’s most troubled years – was more fraught than ever imagined. (Image via Sunday Night.) The BMW Maylea Tinecheff was driving parked on the side of the road after being stopped at a booze bus in Canning Vale. Mr Malley said the legislation did not require him to impose a licence disqualification. The nation has witnessed former AFL star Ben Cousins’ meteoric rise to pro athlete level fame, and subsequent downfall to the life of a criminal drug addict. Maylea Tinecheff. I feel very sad for Ben bad choice and now his life destroyed....yes...he made that choice but I doubt he and many others never anticipated the destruction that would follow them. THE former partner of troubled former West Coast Eagles footballer Ben Cousins returned a positive drug test at a booze bus while driving with the couple’s children in the car, police say. Worst of all, she believes her former partner will never be able to truly give up his addiction. “We have significantly increased our drug testing and police are better equipped than ever before to test people for drugs.”, © West Australian Newspapers Limited 2020. "I wanted to know what was going on. You have no idea what it was like. At one stage, both Cousins and Tinecheff, 45, were using ice. Exposing him and their life together on national television could only have a detrimental effect on more important to drugs more important to him. The booze bus incident happened two days after Cousins was arrested at Ms Tinecheff’s Canning Vale home and charged with breaching a violence restraining order, making threats to injure and possessing 13g of methamphetamine. "The children and I had to go and stay in a refuge to be away from him, so he couldn't find us. Ms Tinecheff was stopped by police two days after Cousins was arrested at her house for allegedly stalking her, repeatedly breaching a violence restraining order and making threats. Drivers found with illicit drugs in their oral fluid face a maximum $500 fine and three demerit points for a first offence. If you're not already a Mamamia member, sign up (it's easy, we promise). The woman allegedly tested positive to a random roadside test - and her children were in the car. FREE Carnival Rides, Live Entertainment, Food Trucks and MORE at Optus Stadium! Hard to understand why she would expose Ben like this....if she says she still loves the root of all evil...I guess. He fined Tinecheff $450 for the drug-driving offence, and ordered her to pay $205.30 in costs and $185 in analysis fees. The court was told Tinecheff tested positive in the roadside test to having meth in her oral fluid, and was driving a manual car when she only had authority to drive an automatic vehicle. At the peak of his emotional violence, he sent Tinecheff 2000 text messages in two months, and rang her 103 times in a single day. When the duo had children of their own, Tinecheff believed her partner would get clean. "I did a bit of detective work myself and I got her off his phone records and I actually met with her. You need to want that change. Ben Cousins’ former partner Maylea Tinecheff says she fears he will die unless he pulls himself out of his drug spiral. Credit: Seven News. While the 38-year-old serves a one-year prison sentence on 11 charges including drugs, violence and stalking, and breaching a violence restraining order, his former partner and mother of his children Maylea Tinecheff has spoken to Channel Seven’s Sunday Night. The ex-partner of Ben Cousins, Maylea Tinecheff, will face court on drug driving charges. Ice is the devil of all drugs...once it takes grips on tight and takes control and tricks your mind into thinking you can't function and live without it. I'd be saying if you can get clean, I'd like you to be in the kids lives but as for you and I, we are merely co-parents. "Who knows what he'd do? On top of the unforgivable violence, Cousins was unfaithful to Tinecheff. While Tinecheff may wish she had a clean break from Cousins there and then, their on-and-off relationship plummeted to even more worrying depths - he began turning up at his door in the middle of the night. I found out and yeah, that was it. I wouldn't be encouraging more or sounding even like it was a remote possibility after all he's done. At one stage, both Cousins and Tinecheff, 45, were using ice. Cousins is in Hakea Prison on remand and is due in court later this month. Hoping to reach Cousins' prison cell, Tinecheff pleaded, "Hang your boots up for goodness sake.". I couldn't deal with him anymore. Maylea Tinecheff said she feared for her former partner. “It is something we will give consideration to as part of our overall penalty review that we will be doing this year,” she said. That's how bad things got," she said. The user has no idea...recollection of their bizarre actions and behaviour. And I wanted that change for a long time. If he and others are using in prison...then our prison system is failing badly...if you go to jail for drug related offences n can get drugs in prison then something is very wrong. The situation became so bad, Tinecheff placed Cousins involuntarily in a mental hospital for five weeks and took out a violence restraining order. Maylea Tinecheff tested positive for meth when police pulled her over on Ranford Road in Canning Vale about 4pm on August 24. A preliminary roadside test was positive for illicit drugs. "It’s got to a point now, where if this continues on, Ben will die, and his children need him," she says. While she saw the birth of their son Bobby and daughter Angelique was "motivation" to give the drug away, Ben had other plans. The results are expected to be known within a week. And while the beauty technician said she will "always love" the father of her children, she also shared he became domestically violent - alluding that Cousins struck her multiple times, on multiple occasions - under the influence. Credit: Sunday Night Magistrate Nick Lemmon said he would give Ms Tinecheff "one further chance" and said he would expect a … "A few times [he has scared me]. Sellers and manufactures of this drug should be jailed for life....they are killing people.....destroying lives. I can understand she wants the best for her kids but I don't think I'd be encouraging him to come home to them given she believes he will never get better- it's clear he doesn't want to. And, um...he doesn't want to change," Tinecheff said. Police and Safety Minister Michelle Roberts said the government would review cases in which drivers found with drugs in their system were able to keep their licences. Maylea Tinecheff has lifted the lid on her life with former AFL star Ben Cousins. He can be quite aggressive when he gets cross.". But Magistrate Steven Malley said the offences were driving matters, not criminal matters, and that the only way an employer would find out about the offences was if they requested her traffic record. "He was violent," she said. For driving without the correct licence, Tinecheff was fined $150. The State Government is ‘disappointed’ Ben Cousins’ former partner has kept her licence, despite admitting to drug-driving with her kids in the car.

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