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Microsoft Teams Teams is here to help you gather insights from anyone in the world. Check out our new Resource Center with tips and tricks on how to master the shift to remote working for employees, managers and IT teams. 0000038652 00000 n To learn more about the meetings experience for your users, see Meetings and calls.. New in April 2020: Meeting organizers can end a meeting for all meeting participants in Teams by clicking End meeting in the meeting controls within the meeting.. New in November 2019: You can now use Advisor for Teams (preview) to help you roll out Microsoft Teams. Unless you live alone, your house is probably pretty noisy these days. Before the call Schedule calls with just a couple clicks Send an invite to any email, even if it’s outside your organization. 0000075156 00000 n If you've enabled the new meeting experience, meeting notes will open in the main Teams window (rather than the meeting window). 0000053960 00000 n The second group includes the additional settingsyou may want to configure, based on your orga… Teams provides a great out-of-the-box experience for your organization, and most organizations find that the default settings work for them. Call in via phone only as a last resort. h�b```f``������}�A��bl,3�{/�f`Д����#��d��1W�J�8�4s�(y��-�3���i���ճ-I�f7U�l�]x}>Ą�`@�tt4@��P~khX���*Ӫ* � �&`Ւ|� 0000063394 00000 n 0000006668 00000 n Microsoft Teams est la nouvelle technologie qui permet d’exprimer sa personnalité, d’apporter ses contributions et d’introduire de réelles innovations." �)��@��y If a headset isn’t available, use your device’s built-in audio/mic. Click a team’s Join Team button. This document covers: 1. 0000001898 00000 n 0000061575 00000 n Microsoft Teams •Students use Teams to join meetings that are led by their teacher •Recording and/or posting any content from Team meetings is NOT allowed Participating in a Teams Meeting •Know when to join your Teams meeting •Wait for you teacher before joining your … New to remote work and virtual meetings? 205 45 Channels in Teams are like folders in SharePoint or a shared drive. The best part of actually getting ready while working remotely is that you’ll put yourself in the right headspace to be productive. Following these guidelines should ensure you and your colleagues have a better Teams experience by keeping things clean, organized, and productive (yet still fun and enjoyable). Plus, you get some added features from the app. To add a new note, select Add a new section here. A few things to keep in mind: Only people in the same org as the meeting organizer will be able to start or access meeting notes. 0000006695 00000 n This guide covers the how-to, tips and tricks, and everyday etiquette for using Microsoft Teams for good online meetings. How to access Microsoft Teams 2. For all those people who are new (or not so new) to Teams and could use a bit of hand-holding to follow simple, best-practice 'rules'. They’re an easy, cost-effective way to align multiple offices, keep remote employees engaged and work with clients and vendors. 0000019260 00000 n @ 2018 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved. Meeting notes are a great place to capture and share notes before, during, and after a Teams meeting. 0000061996 00000 n This article helps you decide whether to change any of the default settings, based on your organization's profile and business requirements, then it walks you through each change. Whether you’re diligently taking notes like a model employee or sneakily chatting with your work bestie, the sound of your typing is distracting. 0000005131 00000 n Meeting notes are a great place to capture and share notes before, during, and after a Teams meeting. Submit your email address to get updates right to your inbox! , select the meeting, and then Chat with participants. Download the full PDF version here. Only people who are invited to a meeting before notes are created will have access to them initially. We are committed to supporting you the best way we know how. H�\��N�@��y�Y���A�*��.. 0000047910 00000 n The 7 Rules of Virtual Meeting Etiquette Every Professional Should Know, Remote Work Doesn’t Mean Stationary Work: How to Account for Mobile Meetings. Edit and format the tab just like you would any other Wiki tab. Note: Pre-meeting notes are currently only available for meetings that don't take place in a channel. Downloading the Teams app 5. Others can request access, and the owner of the notes will be notified via email. Save everyone from the ear-splitting madness by joining the meeting while on mute! 0000003120 00000 n 0000005385 00000 n Now Live: GoToMeeting on Portal for Facebook! The meeting notes open in a Wiki tab that you can read or add to. 205 0 obj <> endobj xref As the Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to spread, few industries remain unscathed – and virtual meetings have become an essential part of how modern businesses maintain productivity and continuity. We’re here to help! 0000000016 00000 n These guidelines are meant to be a starting point and won’t be perfectly applicable to every organization, but they should get you going with setting ground rules for you and your peers. You might miss out on key information or an opportunity to give input. ��ٮ�N=��y�t��!1�ų�2'2?�r�a}P,ap��2�B��Y4��>1l=�`��#Z�p{�s�)L#�&J8:��$�M�n(@xڀ��d�fb`�� 5a`��H3�6� �Z% endstream endobj 248 0 obj <>/Filter/FlateDecode/Index[53 152]/Length 27/Size 205/Type/XRef/W[1 1 1]>>stream @ 2018 LogMeIn, Inc. All rights reserved. Add the agenda or other important discussion points. To help you keep your meetings productive and professional, follow these seven simple etiquette rules and tips! 0000051133 00000 n Understanding the Teams Meeting function 4. Check out our new. When you hop on the meeting, introduce yourself and say hi – just make sure not to interrupt someone mid-sentence. If you want to access notes from a channel meeting, go to the channel where the meeting occurred and find the meeting. Lastly, if you are a LogMeIn customer looking to help protect your employees and rapidly expand your remote work policies, please contact us. Microsoft Teams Meetings: Best Practices and Etiquette - Business Edition SETTING UP YOUR AUDIO, VIDEO AND ENVIRONMENT . And make sure your background is professional and work appropriate! Adjust your work setup so that you face a window or are exposed to plenty of light. When you first add a note, a message will be posted on your behalf in the meeting chat. 0000004439 00000 n This means: While kids and pets are adorable (and a much needed distraction when you’re feeling overwhelmed), your coworkers won’t love having to talk over a screaming child or barking dog. 0000014252 00000 n Privacy Policy 0000069524 00000 n Your team will appreciate being able to hear you without having to strain their ears or turn their volume all the way up. No one wants to see you stuff your face with chips while discussing important business matters. 0000047570 00000 n You also want to avoid looking like you work from the inside of a cave because of bad lighting. 0000015972 00000 n 0000005849 00000 n This provides the optimal audio experience for both you and other meeting attendees. Take a few minutes to throw on a clean shirt and brush your hair. with educational materials from both LogMeIn staff and. Atot AePont Matt Wade’s Definitive Guide To Everyday Etiquette in Microsoft Teams 3 CHAPTER 1 General Below are some tips that will help enhance your overall Teams experience. 0000010447 00000 n 0000001562 00000 n 0000003977 00000 n It’s not only distracting everyone else in the meeting (because your laptop’s internal microphone is inches away from your keyboard), it’s also preventing you from devoting your full attention to the meeting. Use the controls at the top of the panel to format the text. We’re here to help! 0000061309 00000 n Terms of Service 17 Meetings & Calls 19 Resources. 0000004665 00000 n Muting your microphone when you’re not speaking gives other participants the ability to chime in and share their thoughts without distraction or frustration. 0000021126 00000 n 0000008578 00000 n Channels. This definitive guide covers some everyday etiquette for using Microsoft Teams. Attendees with an Office 365 subscription may connect through their own Teams app. We’ve teamed up with Matt to cover as many best practices as possible to ensure you and your colleagues have an optimal Teams experience.

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