mount of the holy cross loop

We did forgo the summit at holy cross because we were out of water and exhausted, we saw the trail going down and scrambled over to it rather than up to the summit and back down. Via the North Ridge, descent by the Halo Ridge Holy Cross Ridge (13,831 feet) THE CLIMB Ascent: -Halo Ridge class 2 Descent: -North Ridge class 2 Hike: RT 14.5 (includes Notch Mountain and Holy Cross Ridge); 1.25 from Holy Cross Ridge. A bonus? By the time we summited a little after noon, dark clouds were rolling in. We decided to make our final decision after we got a better look at the Holy Cross Ridge up climb. Mount of the Holy Cross (14,005 feet) There were something like 6-8 lightening rods, and each of these had a huge steel cable running down the building, and into the ground. route. The Notch-Halo Ridge Loop offers some of the most stunning scenery around. This trail is a commitment. The first bit went pretty good. The up climb at this point is a little bit tougher than the climb up to the Halfmoon Pass. Scramble to a remote refuge on this peak's secret side. Like other reviewers, would recommend doing this loop clockwise (starting at Fall Creek TH and exiting at Half Moon TH -- both connecting to the same parking lot). We made the top of Holy Cross Ridge about 45 minutes from leaving Holy Cross. But better keep your eyes on the trail—it plunges 3,800 feet down fast singletrack, through pine and aspen forest, to end in the small town of Poncha Springs. You simply stick it in the lock and lift the latch up. Cross elk-filled woods and bighorn- busy flats on this park's quiet side. You will on this 12-mile loop that tops out on 14,005-foot Holy Cross. A few notes: the shelter is not locked. All Rights Reserved. Definitely want some technical skills before attempting. This Sawtooths trek has it all. At this point, the boulder climb get just a little more difficult. Yes, I did check the forecast and it called for no rain on Holy Cross. Took me way too long to figure that one out. Mount of the Holy Cross (14,005 feet) Holy Cross Ridge (13,831 feet) Via the North Ridge, descent by the Halo Ridge July 20, 2003 Sam and I knew that this hike would be a long one. All Rocky Mountain Trips | Central Rockies: Green River Lakes, WY | Central Rockies: Mount of the Holy Cross Loop, CO | Central Rockies: Highline Trail, UT | Central Rockies: Longs Peak, Rocky Mountain National Park. I made the top in about 4 hours 25 minutes. It took me about 35 minutes to get to the bottom. For example, theAconcagua mountain page has the 'Aconcagua Group' and the 'Seven Summits' asparents and is a parent itself to many routes, photos, and Trip Reports. Hike Utah's unknown long trail Our field editors pick 24 epics for your Rockies life list. Lots and lots of scrambling, but nothing harder than class 2. Spent around 40mins stopped, so between 8 1/2 - 9 hrs moving time. Although, I was losing precious elevation, the view was outstanding. At about 12,000 ft, the climb turns into a mild boulder climb. I am genuinely afraid of heights so the scramble was really difficult for me and I knew this would be really challenging however I was not expecting this to be as treacherous as it was at times. I hike a fair amount of mountains and would guess the route is more like 15mi. I would consider myself to be an experienced hiker, but this trail was very difficult for me, mostly along Halo Ridge. My biggest advice is to be aware that if you take Halo Ridge route back, be prepared to add a couple miles to your hike. Went back down to the saddle and cross over to the first 13’er on Halo Ridge. The summit of Mount of the Holy Cross is the highest point in Eagle County and the northern Sawatch Range. About a mile into the trip, Sam told me to go ahead. Having another person (and dog) to push you really helps. We stayed in the campsite at the bottom of the valley forcing us to carry our large packs in the long scramble. Start early! I am 100% satisfied with our decision not to summit holy cross, I think it would have been a bad situation for us. Felt a few raindrops and didn't spend much time there. They gave us some tips about our upcoming terrain. The Halo Ridge section was essentially all rock and lots of descending then re-ascending before making it to the Notch Mountain Cabin after a couple of miles. Coming up was very tough and felt extremely vertical/steep after crossing the creek. The second one, we went around the right side. If you choose the loop over the standard route, be prepared to spend a long time moving through boulder fields through the Halo Ridge 13ers area. But, this is without a doubt the best way to get a full view of this wonderful mountain. Holy cow this is a lot of switchbacks. We got up at 5:45am, and by the time we got breakfast and pulled all our stuff together, we got to the trailhead around 7:00am. We took about 30 minutes of break along the way; mostly as we got closer to the Shelter and realized that Mother Nature was not going to be chasing off the mountain today. Could be my watch isn't super accurate or I meandered through the boulder fields, though I didn't seem to deviate much. Ryan and I both agreed that this might be a pretty exciting place to be in the middle of a thunderstorm. Love this trail! I agree with other reviewers that this loop is longer than 13mi. At the base of Holy Cross Ridge, we met some ladies going the opposite direction. Overall the hike clocked in at 16.8 miles in 11 hours and 10 minutes (including breaks). This might be the single best one-day mountain bike ride in the country (emphasis on mountain). "That rug really tied the room together." Made it up to the "saddle" area and the rest seemed to be the hardest part (spoiler alert, it was all mental). So, we decided to go for it. You'll spend a substantial amount of time above treeline, so take any possible weather into account -- wouldn't be my first choice of place to get stuck in a storm. The miles of boulder hopping is tough on the legs and the long hike down from the shelter is, well, long. Very quickly though, I began to appreciate this down hike. Started at 430am and back at 345 pm. Distance, according to Roach is 15 miles. We stayed at the Halfmoon Campground the night before. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from May until September. A note on weather- I checked multiple times, multiple sites. July 20, 2003 The main reason for this was that at the suggestion of hiker at the summit, my hiking partner and I (and her dog!) I'm no trail runner, but am on the quicker side. We just spent 5 minutes on top, and started our travels around the Halo Ridge. Though going down the way I came up would've been less exposed to the weather and provide tree coverage sooner, I decided to continue forth. of the Holy Cross, Holy Cross, Holy Cross Ridge (PT 13,831), & PT 13,248 - Solo Halo Ridge, Mount of the Holy Cross: January 2006 attempt, Confusion & Suffering on the Mount of the Holy Cross, Mt of the Holy Cross- a mornings hike on this beautiful peak. Trail ended up clocking in at 14.8 miles, with 5,364’ of elevation gain. And, the vote from Lex (the dog) was very obvious. Completed 7/4/20. A mountain goat followed us from PT 13831 to the false summit of Holy Cross. Reached the summit right around noon. Then, I started the painful hike down. Sam and I knew that this hike would be a long one. Want to explore one of the most sublime spots in all of the Rockies? So, we started out with the intention of doing the North Ridge Route from the Halfmoon Trailhead. He ended up meeting up with some cool guys from New York, and they all hiked back out together. While on top, I was trying to recruit a climbing partner to do the whole loop with me. Counter clockwise 9/2/2020. Map USGS quad Mount of the Holy Cross ($8,, Contact (970) 827-5715;, Mix it Up 
 Ride the Monarch Crest Trail, CO. --The Dude, A Solo Tour Of Colorado: Seven 14ers In Eight Days, Colorado 2012: A Double Dose of More Difficult, Perseverance, fortitude and emergency on Mt. Next time I would get an earlier start -- maybe 4:30 or so. Beautiful. Well, Sam made 12,300 ft. The 36-mile route starts at an elevation near 11,500 feet and stays there for 12 miles, with expansive views of the central Rockies all the while. I think we went over the first one because it wasn’t much of a climb. This is at about 10,700 ft. After that, it is time to go UP! This trip down from the shelter took us an additional 2 hours. Halo Ridge would have been impossible at worst, and terrible on his paws at best. Disappear into Yellowstone's forgotten peaks. Basically, we decided that we wanted to try and circumnavigate the 3-4 peaks that were on the ridge instead of going over them. I had to stop every couple of minutes to breath, then I would kick it back in for another 30 feet or so. Bring extra water! So, we started out with the intention of doing the North Ridge Route from the Halfmoon Trailhead. Seemed a little aggressive at times, other times curious. Figured I'd be safe taking Halo Ridge. You end up summiting 3 separate 13’ers before you get to the Notch Mountain shelter. Connect two remote lakes on this challenging off-trail alpine adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park. I would rate it right along side Longs, via the Keyhole for overall difficulty. Parents refers to a larger category under which an object falls. The other side had some extreme exposure, and was definitely class 5 plus terrain. This was an awesome, but very demanding hike. Clockwise 7/29. Mount of the Holy Cross Loop is a 21.2 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Minturn, Colorado that features beautiful wild flowers and is only recommended for very experienced adventurers. But, we knew that we where only climbing up to the Halfmoon Pass, and that the vertical we were gaining now would only be lost on the other side of the pass. Very fun yet very hard fourteener hike. After that point, there is no turning back. So, I went ahead, hoping that Sam would kick it into a high gear towards the top of the pass. This was only class 2, but it was pretty tiring on the legs. MAPS AND GUIDES: Trails Illustrated's Holy Cross map (#126) encompasses most of the … It was great for rest after scrambling for 6 hours. Luckily no thunder until a few minutes before I reached the parking lot. Overall, the full loop took me right at 10 hours. I spent a bit of time admiring the view; about 10 minutes. Ascended the first 13er on the route and the rain clouds seemed to be moving southeast. Challenging but a more forgiving and doable 14,000er, Turn off your ad blocker to see a map of this trail, Meadow Mountain, Line Shack, and Grouse Creek Loop, Mount of the Holy Cross via Halo Ridge Route. The last 700 ft of the climb was the toughest for me. We were happy not to be on the ridge in the pm. Miraculously, it rained entirely around Holy Cross, but never got to the mountain itself. Follow my journey on becoming the first African American to climb all 58 14ers in Colorado. I spent about 20 minutes on top. Well, eventually, I convinced Ryan that it would be easier to hit the Halo Ridge on the way out, so we wouldn’t have to regain that 1000 ft up the Halfmoon Pass.

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