naja nigricollis

[2], Two subspecies are currently recognized under Naja nigricincta. H., Trape J. F., David P., Ohler A., Dubois A. Nomenclature 72 (1):65-78, Robertson, I. Below, salmon pink to purple yellowish, with black bars across the neck and ventrals speckled or edged with brown or black; young specimens sometimes have pink or yellow bars on the throat. Notes on some reptiles collected in the Rukwa Valley, S. W. Tanganyika. Diagnosis (Afronaja): Intracranial (dorsal) anterior Vidian canal position, 2–3 solid maxillary teeth, six supralabials (except some N. nubiae and N. pallida) with penultimate (fifth or sixth) shield low, combination of two preoculars and two or three anterior temporals, rostral as broad as deep; internasals as long as prefrontals, dorsal scales matte or moderately shiny, and fangs adapted for spitting. Les serpents des environs de Bandafassi (Sénégal oriental). Lista dos reptis das possessões portuguezas d'Africa occidental que existem no Museu Lisboa. Zootaxa 1532: 51–68 -, Wüster, Wolfgang; Steven Crookes, Ivan Ineich, Youssouph Mané, Catharine E. Pook, Jean-Francois Trape, Donald G. Broadley 2007. Soc. Ein kleiner Reiseführer zu den Reptilien und Amphibien Namibias. Mag. 1936. The races of Naja nigricollis occurring in Rhodesia. Rasmussen, J.B. & B. Hughes 1996. Proc. Bonner zoologische Beiträge 55 (1/2): 27-35 -, Hoser, R. 2009. Bull. Amphibians and reptiles of the Somali Democratic Republic: check list and biogeography. 84% Upvoted. On snakes collected in the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan by J.S. 1958. Stud. However, exceptions occur — the venom of the black-necked spitting cobra (Naja nigricollis), an elapid, consists mainly of cytotoxins, while that of the Mojave rattlesnake (Crotalus scutulatus), a viperid, is primarily neurotoxic. Afhandl. fasciata Bocage 1895 Naja mossambica nigricincta Broadley 1968 Naja mossambica woodi Broadley 1968 Naj… I. Snakes, including an arrangement of the African Colubridae", The Harvard University Herpetology Course - OEB 167 - Encyclopedia of life,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. The reptiles of southeast Katanga, an overlooked 'hot spot'. Kobras. The venom can be propelled 2–3 metres (6½-10 feet), with great accuracy. ; Doria, C.T. 1995. Mertensiella 21. vi + 256 pp. ; Kelly, C.M.R. African Journal of Herpetology 55(1):23-59. Its bite causes severe local tissue destruction (similar to that of the puff adder). [reviews in HR 34: 396 and Afr. 3) 29: 1-14, Broadley, D.G. View entire discussion ( 0 comments) Selsk. Contributions to the herpetology of the Belgian Congo based on the collection of the American Museum Congo Expedition, 1909-1915. Winchell, S. 2011. Diagnoses preliminaires des quelques Serpents venimeux. [5], This cobra's diet mainly consists of amphibians, other snakes, birds, eggs, small mammals, and occasionally even insects. Amphibian and reptilian records from south-central Mali and western Burkina Faso. A new species of the spitting Cobra Naja nigricollis Reinhardt from the Cape Province. (151): 1-135 -, Marques, Mariana P.; Luis M. P. Ceríaco , David C. Blackburn , and Aaron M. Bauer 2018. Daza, C.A. Map indicating the distribution of the Black-necked Spitting Cobra in Southern Africa. Spawls, S., Branch, B. Snakes of Bénin, West Africa. -, Sternfeld, R. 1910. Zool. Spawls, S.; Howell, K.; Drewes, R.C. The herpetofauna of the Dindefelo Natural Community Reserve, Senegal. 2004. Savane et désert. There have been only a few fatalities resulting from bites of this species but survivors are mostly disfigured. Some reptiles and amphibians of Nyasaland. 49 (1): 1-146, Segniagbeto GLazcano. Snakes of Zaire and their bites. 13, 5(55): 421‑432 -, Rödel,M.O. Salamandra 35 (3): 165-180 -, Schmidt, K. P. 1923. [2][3], The average length of adults is between 90 cm - 105 cm (3-3½ feet), but largest specimen actually measured was a male 154 cm (5 feet) long. Mus. Bocage,J.V. A review of the African cobras of the genus Naja (Serpentes: Elapinae). Amphibian & Reptile Conservation 13(2) [Special Section]: 96–130 (e203) -, Barnett, Linda K. 2001. Herp. Zool. When confronted at close quarters, it can rear up as much as two-thirds of its length and spread its long narrow hood, and will readily "spit" in defense, usually from a reared-up position. Mag. & Wüster, W. 2013. Natal Mus. The phylogeny of cobras inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences: Evolution of venom spitting and the phylogeography of the African spitting cobras (Serpentes: Elapidae: Naja nigricollis complex). [3], This species is the most common cobra of the savanna regions of the tropical and subtropical Africa. A. D., B. M. Chapman and N. F. Chapman 1963. German naturalist Wilhelm Peters described this species in 1854. Tanganyika Notes and Records 43: 1-19, Loveridge, Arthur 1929. Babies are grey bodied with a solid black head. (Kyoto) 10(3): 137-157. The venom of this species contains postsynaptic neurotoxin and cytotoxin. & Ashe, J. 1990. Cal. & Böhme, Wolfgang 2007. Journal of African Zoology 109 (1): 31-50, TRAPE, JEAN-FRANÇOIS & CELLOU BALDÉ 2014. (6) 16:165-169 -, Boycott, R. C., and W. D. Haacke 1979. Mus. Biogeographia, 14: 407-465 [1988]. Assoc. I. [3] This cobra has been reported to scavenge and eat carcasses in an advanced stage of decomposition. du B. 36: 37-56 [1955], Loveridge, A. France 109: 5-34 -, Trape, J.-F. & Mané, Y. Best Practices: In the 21st Century, Taxonomic Decisions in Herpetology are Acceptable Only When Supported by a Body of Evidence and Published via Peer-Review. A. Naja nigricincta is an oviparous venomous spitting cobra with dark brown to black body and zebra-like vertical whitish or light yellow stripes along the dorsal side. Cimbebasia (A) 2: 155-162, Broadley, D. G. & HOWELL, K. M. 1991. 1991. J. Herp. Diversity and Distribution of the Amphibians and Terrestrial Reptiles of Angola -- Atlas of Historical and Bibliographic Records (1840–2017). Danske Vidensk. ; Branch,W.R. 57 (1): 31-54 -, Wallach, V.; Wüster, W. & Broadley, D.G. Zool. /*

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