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A creepy and fascinating look at a previously unknown part of Prague’s history. animationSpeed:600, Things to do: The Terezin camp area also has ghettos where most of the camp prisoners went torture during interrogations during the 18th century. }; It is one of the best places to visit near Prague. This part of the city has been mostly untouched since the 10th century and the architecture is dreamy enough to draw locals and tourists in droves. What to do there: It’s absolutely free to visit the square, though no doubt you’ll find a lot to do there that will cost you some cash. }); Tips: Germany winter temperature can dip to about -50 deg F, and a number of attractions shut down after Christmas. Tips: Vienna is plastic-free, so make sure you bring your own bag when you’re going out to shop. On a Vienna city tour travelers find out eventually that there’s more to Vienna or Wien than classical music and legacy of monarchs. It was championed by Vaclav Havel, who later become the president of Czechoslovakia and wanted to build a cultural center by the river. Things To Do: Hiking is the best thing to do in the park. window.setTimeout(timer_metaslider_50011, 100) : !jQuery.isReady ? But these days, it’s the stunning gardens outside of the residence that draws attention. Looking for accommodation in Prague? When you’re deciding where to stay in Prague when you’re on a budget, you need to be close to everything that you want to see. Distance from Prague: 149 km (1 hour 53 minutes). The city’s best public space for celebrations and demonstrations. These days, it’s one of the most important points of interest in Prague. The highest peak in the mountain ranges is called Sněžka, which happens to be Czech Republic’s highest point as well. You’ll see the hide of a black bear, sporting portraits and books, but when you twist the small statue in the library, an underground world will open up. 13. 60 Best Honeymoon Destinations In India In 2020! The museum is a little gimmicky and you can only see it with a tour guide, but it’s still a fascinating look at a darker part of Prague’s history. If you wish to buy antiques and artwork from the city, make sure your paperwork is in order since export of objects of cultural value is prohibited, Tourist attractions: Mill Colonnade, Diana Observation Tower, Museum of Glass MOSER, Places to stay: Dvorak spa & Wellness hotel, Savoy westend hotel, Grand hotel Ambassador, Places to eat: Sklipek, Staroslovanska kuchyne, Le Marche, How to reach: Nearest airport is Karlovy vary airport, Suggested Read: Prague Honeymoon Guide: 10 Sizzling Recipes To Spice Up Your Trip To The Land Of 100 Spires. After WWII the bridge was made pedestrian only, and now is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. Prague Winter: A Personal Story of Remembrance and War, 1937-1948: Designed for Democracy (History & Guide) is our top recommendation for an awesome and inspiring read on this magical city. animation:'slide', Otherwise too, Kutna Hora has a pretty hill-view and a lot of space to walk to visit every corner of the town in pleasure. Distance from Prague: 262 km (2 hours 45 minutes). The South Moravian Museum has some fantastic displays of archaeological artifacts like weapons and historical coins of the Far East. A meeting place for art of all descriptions. It has an incredible history, beautiful and historic architecture, a vibrant and exciting community, and delicious foods. Why it’s so awesome: Franz Kafka was born in Prague 1883 and remains one of the most popular novelists to come out of the city. It blurs the lines between fact and fiction to illustrate Kafka’s life in Prague and how it influenced his writing as well as how Prague was changed by his work. If you want to experience the author’s ideas as well as see personal artefacts, this is where to do it. It’s located outside of the Photo Centre Gallery and stands as mute testimony to the nature of modern life, surveillance and privacy. There are a lot of scenic lakes in Czech Republic located here, thanks to the transformation of the region since the 14th century. Learn more about Prague’s history in a beautiful, scenic space. Make sure you take lots of photos in this area so you can show them to everyone back home. Completed in the 15th century, the building has been changed numerous times over the years as it changed hands, but the Gothic appearance and Baroque altar paintings on the inside have thankfully remained intact. Why it’s so awesome: Visiting Prague can be expensive and sometimes you just want to go somewhere that will be fun and free at the same time. And once you’re done with that, just wander around and take everything in. She spends most of her "down-time" out in the wilderness, climbing, hiking, and beyond, and is feverishly passionate about travel and health. dreamstime/© Sergey Kokotchikov. So, are you wondering now about what to see around Prague? So, check out what’s on while you’re in the city or just show up to the bar and café and see what’s going on. There is a stunning Baroque theater inside, giving a glimpse of entertainment during those years. What to do there: Take pictures of and explore the church and then go down into the basement to really have your mind blown. This has become one of the most popular displays in Prague and was even featured on the cover of Science magazine in 2011. Here you’ll find discussions on freedom, democracy, humanitarian and development aid along with coffee that doesn’t exploit growers. Newly renovated, this huge museum must be on. With independent bookstores and bistro culture, Vienna attracts a surprising number of younger tourists to Austria. It’s always a good idea to go beyond boundaries, see the places that are often left unseen. We’ve put together a roundup of the best travel insurance for backpackers, or if you’re low on time, get a quote from World Nomads now, our favourite travel insurance provider. The tour runs for 2 hours and will take you through the communist spots in Old Town, ending in the bunker. It would be a truly breath-taking experience for you. What to do there: You can easily get to this fort because the red line has a stop named after it. There are a lot of things you can buy from Prague as a souvenir such as glassware, crystal jewelry, decor, liquors, Garnet & Moldavite jewelry, traditional ceramics, antiques, and wooden toys. Old Town could be straight out of a fairy tale or your best dreams of what Europe should be, so enjoy it. There’s a small show as the hour changes that draws crowds all throughout the day, and it’s a Prague must do that you shouldn’t miss. You can also admire the Renaissance architecture in some of the buildings at Znojmo. easing:"linear", What to do there: This is a forty-foot statue that looks like vintage cameras with staring, bulging eyes that move independently to watch passers-by. Absinthe was once one of the most popular drinks in Europe and you can try it at this shop. So, when you’re visiting Prague, make sure you stop by to explore the city’s take on archaeology, zoology, anthropology, art, music, entomology, or mineralogy. During the 16th century, King Rudolf II had a keen interest in the occult arts and turned Prague into their unofficial capital. What to do there: If you enjoy libraries then you’ll love this one. slideshowSpeed:3000, Of all the places around Prague, Karlovy Vary is a grand destination and very picturesque naturally. What to do there: This is one of the best landmarks in Prague and it’s well worth traveling to the site to have a look at the stunning artwork. You will be redirected to your dashboard shortly. It takes you through the complete journey of coin mining, through the caves. Just wander around this beautiful town, Tourist attractions: Třeboňsko Protected Landscape Area, Rožmberk Pond, State Chateau Trebon, Svět, Zlatá stoka, Places to stay: Rodinný hotel Myslivna s.r.o., Apartments Radka, Garnihotel Trebon, Places to eat: Šupina a Šupinka, Krčma U Kellyho, Restaurace Beseda, How to reach: The closest airport is the Linz Airport, Suggested Read: The Czech Republic In January 2020: A Mini Guide To Explore This Country’s Magnificent Views. So, when you visit the castle, you’re likely to spend all day there exploring everything it has to offer. That can make your job a little harder when you’re trying to decide what to do in Prague. Start exploring in the heart of Prague while still on your budget. The best part about the town is that it is not crowded which makes it perfect to spend some good time with family or friends. Vysehrad is the perfect place to do that. The Garden Below Prague Castle 8. Tourist attractions: Imperial castle of Nuremberg, Places to stay: Le Meredien, Novotel, Pak Plaza, Places to eat: Gregor Samsa, Cocoon Nuremberg, Wurzhaus, How to reach: Nearest airport is Nuremberg airport, Suggested Read: New Year In Prague: Welcome 2020 At The Land Of World’s Finest Brews. Pilsner Urquell started his brewery back in 842 and since then has treated all the beer lovers. So, now you know where else to visit in Czech, other than Prague.

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