seahawks vs texans 2013

But with a 20-6 fourth quarter lead, Houston gave up two touchdowns, including a pick-six by Richard Sherman to tie the game at 20. Defense is playing well. The pickoff was a crazy play: the throw was first bobbled and deflected by Daniels, then bounced off two Seahawks before Earl Thomas grabbed it just inches from the ground. On pace for 4 throws.ExpandJack ‏@W448hRunning Turbin on 2nd and 3 was the problem there. Tweets are in order of new to old so start from the bottom. (now we here)Jack ‏@W445hStart deleting tweets 12th man. The Seattle Seahawks face one of the toughest road games of the season, but are favored to win by oddsmakers. Slipping, great catches in great coverage on 3rd downs. Fixable mistakes.ExpandJack ‏@W448hOur offensive line is playing about as good or better than I expected, just need the play calling to help them out.ExpandJack ‏@W448hThe annoying thing about this game, is that the play calling hasn't accounted for Houston's defense like making the WR routes too long.ExpandJack ‏@W448hNeed more man to man defense and some better blitz plays. (now we here) Jack ‏@W445h Start deleting tweets 12th man. But the Seahawks defense answered late with a pick-6, and Seattle clinched their first ever 4-0 start in overtime. September 29, 2013 Brian Cushing out with possible concussion Stephen A. Smith has a viral dance party with himself to celebrate the Cowboys' 38-10 loss to the Cardinals. Steven Hauschka kicked a 45-yard field goal in overtime to give the Seattle Seahawks a 23-20 win over the Houston Texans on Sunday and the first 4-0 start in franchise history. Matt Schaub played pretty well so LET'S BURN HIS JERSEY. I hate running to set up 3rd downs because the success rate is awful, but it should help later in the game.ExpandJack ‏@W448hGood start for the Seahawks. One score game. Two of the NFL's best defenses will be on the field when the Texans and Seahawks face off in Week 4. The Seahawks scored 20 unanswered points in an epic comeback, defeating the Houston Texans, 23-20, in overtime. The NFL experts are having a tough time agreeing on who will win the Week 4 matchup between the Texans and the Seahawks. Steven Hauschka kicked a 45-yard field goal in overtime to give the Seattle Seahawks a 23-20 win over the Houston Texans on Sunday and the first 4-0 start in franchise history. Play calling has finally gotten good.ExpandJack ‏@W446hTwo possession game. Not too worried. No touchdown please.ExpandJack ‏@W445hBrand new game. Never count these guys … Watch Queue Queue. He only has one pass. Texans having no success running the ball up the gut, just need to pressure the QBExpandJack ‏@W448hBevell needs to let Russell Wilson throw the ball. Let's see if we've really changed.ExpandJack ‏@W446hGutsiest drive as there will ever be. Defense needs to step up. Let's go.ExpandJack ‏@W446hAnd if the Texans score here, the prevent defense needs to die.ExpandJack ‏@W446hMy faith in the Seahawks holding on to this lead is nonexistent, but I love the way they battled so I'm happy.ExpandJack ‏@W446hSmells like Atlanta. Mike McCarthy acknowledges that he replaced Ezekiel Elliott after two fumbles but says he knows that Elliott is still the team's top running back going forward. Rollercoaster ride. In the top early game of Week 4, the Houston Texans offense piled up some impressive stats en route to a first-half three-score lead. Can't get greedy in play calling.ExpandJack ‏@W448hBeastmode.ExpandJack ‏@W448hPower of the Seahawks defense. Let's see how the O-Line looks. After falling behind 3-0 at the end of the first quarter, the Texans scored 20 unanswered to build up a 20-3 halftime lead. Rollercoaster ride. Steven Hauschka 48 Yard Field Goal is Good, Garrett Graham 31 Yard Pass From Matt Schaub, Arian Foster 5 Yard Pass From Matt Schaub, Steven Hauschka 39 Yard Field Goal is Good, Richard Sherman 58 Yard Interception Return, Steven Hauschka 45 Yard Field Goal is Good. The Seattle defense has struggled on Sunday but now thoughts turn to the health of Bennett after he fell awkwardly into Matt Schaub and was down for several minutes before being carted off. This is insanity. Let's see if they can hold them to a field goal.ExpandJack ‏@W448hThis feels reminiscent of the Redskins playoff game right now to me.ExpandJack ‏@W448hMaybe being down will let the Seahawks open it up instead of playing prevent on offense and defense.ExpandJack ‏@W448hPlay calling will improve and they will start catching some breaks. They've come back from this before.ExpandJack ‏@W448hBreaks will start happening in the 2nd half I guess haha. Watch Queue Queue Alex Smith joins Scott Van Pelt to talk about playing in an NFL game for the first time since his devastating leg injury in 2018. The Texans receiver will play on Sunday after being limited all week with a shin injury. Kyler Murray praises his teammates after the Cardinals dominate the Cowboys 38-10 on Monday Night Football. With the surprising loss, the Texans fell to 2-2. Seattle Seahawks 23 at Houston Texans 20 on September 29th, 2013 - Full team and player stats and box score This video is unavailable. The Texans are having their way with the Seahawks so far. The Seahawks won in overtime 23-20 on Steven Hauschka's 45-yard field goal with 3:23 to go in OT. Too many elite players.ExpandJack ‏@W448hI want to see Russell on some boot legs or quick throws to get going.ExpandJack ‏@W448hPoints are points. Never count these guys out. (AP Photo/Patric Schneider)Follow - - and other stuff that you don't need to pay attention to:Tags and stuff:Skullflag44 If you have to run it, use the read option, Lynch, or Michael.ExpandJack ‏@W447hLots of Seahawks fans need to realize that not all 16 games will go perfectly, especially on the road. Our SB Nation writers are sounding off about the Seahawks' comeback win over the Texans in Week 4. Need to get in the redzone and start getting some TDs.ExpandJack ‏@W446hI said out loud they shouldn't try to power the ball with Lynch on 3rd and 1. The Seahawks and Texans will be without their starting left tackles in their matchup in Week 4. Oh well. Houston's top linebacker is out for the rest of the game as they hold on to a 7-point lead against Seattle. The Seahawks scored 20 unanswered points in an epic comeback, defeating the Houston Texans, 23-20, in overtime. They look like a better team, just need to get it going.ExpandJack ‏@W448hSeahawks can't get any breaks. Tweets are in order of new to old so start from the bottom. That's exactly what they did and it was a total failure.ExpandJack ‏@W447hSeahawks have not adjusted to their depleted offensive line. The Texans … Disappointing.ExpandJack ‏@W447hRussell Wilson has an arm, right? Heading into Week 4, both teams are out to prove their worth. Two Ezekiel Elliott fumbles and two Andy Dalton interceptions doom the Cowboys' offense in their first game without Dak Prescott. What a performance.ExpandJack ‏@W445hGutsy GoldenExpandJack ‏@W445hAny points win it.ExpandJack ‏@W445hDang, I knew it was heads. Offense is the big question mark for the Seahawks today, not the defense. Louis Riddick gives his key takeaways from the Cardinals' dominant win on the Cowboys' home turf. Seahawks vs. Texans 2013, NFL Week 4: Live coverage, score updates and more, Seahawks come back big, win in OT thriller, Brian Cushing out with possible concussion, HOU LT Duane Brown inactive against the Seahawks, Andre Johnson to start Sunday vs. Seahawks. This is a GIF of the Texans LB enjoying the good stuff. The Seahawks are flying high off two straight blowout wins and the Texans are hurting after a big loss to the Ravens. Do the Seahawks have receivers, too?#BevellSucksExpandJack ‏@W447hBevell runs Turbin AGAIN on 2nd and 3 for no yards.

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