seeing grid patterns when waking up

One other intriguing, yet kind of scary occurrence was when a "voice" spoke directly into my right ear. Also have ringing in my ears 24/7 for awhile now. Then now I saw in between my blinds what looked like either coding or Hebrew writing which I don’t understand. I can see peoples auras, and have in particular started seeing them in colour too. I get a new pair of glasses every year or so. Maybe you awoke from a strange dream too vivid not to be real. learn more about the language of light at, I was standing in McDonald's in line waiting for my order when I guy was ordering any looked at me and he looked in my eyes and he said they were diamond-shaped and they were glowing this has never happened before in my life and I just turned 72, #mc_embed_signup{background:#fff; clear:left; font:14px Helvetica,Arial,sans-serif; } I also experience many "coincidences" now and I see the number 33, 333,and other numbers very, very often. Is what I see "normal"? Remember you can always put it out to the Universe to give you insight on anything and ask to be assisted with what you'd like, such as seeing auras more clearly, if that's what you want. I will wake up and see something I know is not there. We are getting similar effects naturally! It always makes me smile! It kind of scares my little one (8 y.o.). I had this ability in former decades but it practically stopped for about 8-10 years. I have had countless experiences, but I too am still human and try to tell myself I am maybe just going crazy..I don't know why but I am feeling really compelled right now to share this with anyone who sees..we aren't going crazy haha, this is a very amazing and exciting time of releasing old fears, old thought patterns, old ways of thinking, time to let go and be..exciting to see what this might bring to us. Lights flicker a lot when we enter rooms. I am worried about it, as I don’t know why it’s happening. I haven't quite figured out what it all means, or the meaning behind it all. We were meant to be able to perceive in other realms, but our forebears were taught that they were evil for being able to do so. I've gone from ophthalmologist to retina many eye doctors. Question is, I don't know what's up with my vision! But, I see them with my eyes open. When I move my eyes from side to side, the holes and rays move the same way. When we begin to awaken like this, we feel the urgency to let go and be done with what is not serving us, yet the old patterns are so engrained that we almost need a miracle to help us transcend them. But one faithful night it came back briefly for awhile. Recently the gridlines I've been seeing are an illuminated white sparkling diamond like grid. As we open to our multidimensional abilities, we are able to see, hear, smell, and know things that we were once unaware of. Within the last year. Is it that I actually do have bad vision? Ever since I started my thirst for knowledge, and my personal growth, along with attempting to make everyone better around me as well, I have been experiencing the aforementioned more and more frequently and more and more intensely. You can never achieve a limit of being a caring human being. Wow we have almost identical symptoms good to know I am not the only one. The most recent episode was a few days ago; I thought a woman's head was resting on the chair next to the bed I was … When activated, these codes can override and reprogram old beliefs and patterns that keep the body, mind, and emotions sick and in disrepair. Please suggest me whether this is related to spiritual thing. With the ringing in your ears, it's probably your vibration being raised, energetic downloads, etc. /* Add your own MailChimp form style overrides in your site stylesheet or in this style block. Password: Register: FAQ: Members List: Calendar: Mark Forums Read Thread Tools: Display Modes #1 05-07-2013, 09:10 PM neospiritualist Posts: n/a Seeing numbers and writings when waking up+link. I just thought my third eye is opening up or something and I'm starting to see more things, it lasts for about 10 seconds and then I can't see it anymore, it's cool though :). I am already a very positive and empathetic person to begin with, but I have had recent urges to further myself. light codes or geometric symbols, or mathematical formulas, Oh, Come, Angel Band ~ The Living Genealogy of the Charlton Bates Family, Proving the Techniques to Flow with Ascension Process, We Are One in Spirit Interactive Podcast August 30, Discover the Vital Guidance to Find Your Way, All Aboard Ship 2013 – No Baggage Allowed, Effective Prayer has a Scientific Formula, Ascension Symptoms: Change in Vision and Perception, Opening the Door to Spiritual Transformation, Weekly Teleconference & Webinar for Spiritual Growth, Affirmations to Anchor Our New Life and Earth, Moving into a Heightened Awareness of Yourself, Ascension Symptom: Increase in Synchronicities. Some times the grid is pulsing diagonally, sometimes vertically, but always animates as somewhat of a downward motion. I like the vibration, I welcome the orbs. The lines of the squares did not connect and there were double lines and sort of shifted. Realizing the miraculous-ness of the event, I asked for a do-over. This grid seems to form into shapes in the middle of it, to send me messages or signs. I think the human spectrum of light is opening up so we are able to see things we were not able to in decades past. :). I have recently began smelling energy again. Thank you so much and blessings to you! Thanks. Here's the problem, I also lost part of my vision on one eye ( the one that I see images from). It is always orbs that I see though. Hello, I started seeing light sparkles just moving around me little time though. to make sure the energy is flowing along nicely. My most recent appointment, my eye doctor said my vision is about 20/2800 without glasses on. We are getting many upgrades in the template for the human body on an etheric level. This is so beautiful. With the orbs popping off like fireworks, it's probably the energy off their energy field. .. then again it doesn't seem like anyone else's vision was affected negatively? Never a pure yellow, orange, or red. More frequently, including just now, as I am writing this post, I experience what I can explain as a hollow orb. I knew that the change in vision was real. It only happens when I first wake up and the pattern is so strange and it is swirling around and then I quickly jump out of bed and turn the light on and it goes away. If anybody has any questions, please ask. It's pretty weird because the holes within the lights have the same shape, the same design. On one occasion I thought my ceiling fan was going to crash on top of me and after a second I realized that I was standing on my bed trying to hold the ceiling up. Can still read when this is present. I moved to Mississippi in Feb of 2014. Paperpusher1111 - Thank you for your post. I often see snakes, or people. I've been having the exact issues with my eyes. The holes can be circular, lines, any shape, really. Also, when I see this new grid, I can feel energies stroking me and comforting me. I have had some amazing experiences. … Read more about gift of clairolfaction or clairolfactance at If so, what is it?Oh, also, I'm turning 20 next month, so I've definitely been wearing glasses for a good number of years.Any suggestions??????! Details at :). In Shifting into Purer Consciousness, Yvonne Perry will share how she learned to integrate the accelerated energies of a more evolved version of her soul that merged with her soul in 1999. I have been having pretty much most of the symptoms as described by others for the past five years, but now they are getting more intense. I was blown away as to why I was able to see something so clearly in my mind instantaneously. As far as wearing glasses goes, I do not like it at all! They are translucent. If you'd like to read it, the website is : name "Makka-da" is what I've been called in my mind for a few years now. A lot of clients I work with see geometric figures, symbols, and hieroglyphic-like pictures in their mind's eye and in the air or water these days. normal response known as ascension symptoms. I also "just know" many things. Perhaps ask yourself what you feel around this person? im not going to explain my body symptons but your last paragraph grabed me.for the past year or so ive keept finding myself thinking about the concept of peace and freedom seems strange even for me. When I see it in my mind, it has the hyphen in it, but I have no idea why... Not too sure what it means, but if you break it down, the meanings I've found are "Ma" is Mother God, "Ka" is Spirit or Soul, and "Da" is Father God...seems appropriate for what I'm experiencing in this lifetime :-)Sending Love & many Blessings on your journey <3~Elle~. I've seen orbs and captured them on camera. Thank you for replying :) Hmm ok, interesting xD I have no idea myself really, It started happening about 2 months ago. I've been seeing gridlines when I wake up from sleep, for a few years now. And as I do so, I feel myself rising above everything society feels like they are supposed to be worried about. Background of pattern is often soft turqouis colour. As I experience these orbs, and while focusing on the visual grid, I can feel a vibration in the back, lower section of my head. Somewhere between black, red, blue, and green. But the last few years I've noticed a lot of ascension symptoms and last year started to notice my girlfriends aura and health issues connected to it. Hope this helped! This particular one I can only describe as the numbers being complex seeming to actually serve a purpose (as if they executing a process. I call her Sophia or Divine Feminine Energy.The codes carry information and are intended to unlock dormant codes in the DNA and bring humanity out of the illusion of separation and back to oneness. Things that had happened in my life began to make sense. For a few months I no longer saw it. Yvonne, I'm 30, as a teenager I was overwhelmed by psychic and paranormal experiences, but they tapered off a great deal. Perhaps your soul has received a download from an ascended master, or your twin flame has merged with your energy. And we both started seeing sparkles. The energies are very Loving and I'm filled with Bliss. It feels almost like I can't actually open my there's something in the way of me ACTUALLY seeing. Pulsating in a downward fashion, yet all following the specific grid pattern. I was automatically drawn to the 33 replies, I just turned 33 yrs old on 11:11 - im having vision changes - seeing energy surrounding my body and I feel extreme vibrations through my body. If I stare at something I see faint outlines of things on a white blank wall and sometimes has color. It's a new day, but we are still having a hard time giving up the old mindset that says we shouldn't be able to do these things. I hope you can join us for the interactive podcast today when Lisa Barretta talks about ascension symptoms. Since then I have not stopped being able to see sparks/grids/patterns falling through the sky, and can generally just see movement that appears to be fumes from a bbq almost.

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