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High Gradient Workshop 2020. High-Energy High-Luminosity e+e- Collider using Energy-Recovery Linacs 20m. Selecting this option will search all publications across the Scitation platform, Selecting this option will search all publications for the Publisher/Society in context, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America. Snowmass 2021 process. Quigg calls Snowmass 2001 “a collective exercise at self education.” Its deliberations are to provide an essential input to the upcoming report of the HEPAP subpanel on long-range planning for US high-energy physics. Help Snowmass conveners to prepare the CPM (early Nov.) Contributed Papers (part of Snowmass Proceedings) April 1, 2020 – July 31, 2021. Snowmass 2013 8/1/19 P. Cushman and Y -K Kim DPF 2019 6 Particle Physics is Global!! Written by katrinlink on 4th May 2020.Posted in . There was talk, for example, of putting the TESLA. American Center for Physics, One Physics Ellipse, College Park, Maryland 20740-3842, US, Quigg calls Snowmass 2001 “a collective exercise at self education.” Its deliberations are to provide an essential input to the upcoming report of the HEPAP subpanel on long-range planning for US, The organizers did not intend that Snowmass 2001 should end with a formal consensus. Website © 2020 AIP Publishing LLC. One must measure, with precision, its decay branching ratios, self-coupling strength, and other detailed properties that will discriminate between a “minimal” standard-model neutral Higgs and various elaborations suggested by, The Snowmass working groups looking into the, There was also much discussion at Snowmass about what accelerators should be built after the e, One would first build a high-intensity “proton driver” that bombards a target to generate. Please register as soon as you can at. 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Quigg calls Snowmass 2001 “a col-lective exercise at self education.” Its deliberations are to provide an essen-tial input to the upcoming report of the HEPAP subpanel on long-range planning for US high-energy physics. High Energy Physics (HEP) explores what the world is made of and how it works at the smallest and largest scales, seeking new discoveries from the tiniest particles to the outer reaches of space. Snowmass AF6. DESY 20-122, KEK Preprint 2020-8, IFIC/20-34, LCTP-20-14 SLAC-PUB-17543 July, 2020 ILC Study Questions for Snowmass 2021 LCC Physics Working Group Keisuke Fujii1, Christophe Grojean2;3, Michael E. Peskin4 (Conveners); Tim Barklow4, Yuanning Gao5, Shinya Kanemura6, Jenny List2, Mihoko Nojiri1;7, Maxim Perelstein8, Roman Poschl 9, Jurgen Reuter 2, Frank Simon10, Tomohiko Tanabe1, High-energy High-luminosity e+e-collider using Energy Recovery Linacs 2 See V.Litvinenkopresentation at this meeting ee ERL Physics Letters B 8 804 (2020) 135394 •Electron-positron collider that could deliver high energy and high luminosity using Energy Recover Linacs •Leverages knowledge and expertise developed in the context of eRHIC BNL discussion in preparation for Snowmass, focusing on Energy Frontier. cal physics and accelerator and detec-tor technology, was meant to move toward such a consensus. Snowmass takes place from Oct. 5-8. Energy Frontier - specific for AF6, outreach started, Joint meetings 6/24 & 7/1/20 and more detailed discussions planned for week of July 8th, 2020. Monday, August 31, 2020 from 15:00 to 18:00 (Asia/Shanghai) at IHEP Go to day. powered by Disqus. But, as the meeting progressed, it became increasingly obvious that something of an informal consensus was emerging: Building a high-luminosity linear electron-positron, “The physics such a machine would discover is indispensable, and present-day accelerator technology is up to the task.” That, with variations, was the bottom line heard again and again in the plenary talks of the working groups that had grappled with a great range of, This emerging consensus does not, however, extend to two central questions: How and where should this 500-GeV linear, Aside from the relative strengths and limitations of the two schemes, there is the delicate political question of where the international community proposes to site the machine. This LoI summarizes the current understandings of the SIS physics and a series of proposals for the path to forward. Monday, August 31, 2020. But Quigg, in his closing remarks a few days later, suggested that the community put these seemingly harsh questions to good use. Please forward this message to members of your frontier group. Article copyright remains as specified within the article. 6/29/2020. In the U.S., the Snowmass 2021 process will take place over the next year. Registration for the Snowmass Community Planning Meeting (virtual) is now open. This quest inspires young minds, trains an expert workforce, and drives innovation that improves the nation’s health, wealth, and security. Receive weekly updates with the most interesting articles. comments ... 2020-03-31 - BNL Snowmass Discussion - Draft 2.pptx. To sign up for alerts, please log in first. Contributions from theoretical colleagues are also welcomed. Snowmass takes place from Oct. 5-8. Speaker: Vladimir Litvinenko (BNL and Stony Brook University) Belle II colleagues are encouraged to join the Snowmass topical groups. AF6 Liaisons and PoCs. If you need an account, please register here. This option allows users to search by Publication, Volume and Page. HEPAP is the High Energy Physics Advisory Panel to NSF and the Department of Energy. Now on home page. A 500-GeV electron-positron linear collider, most particle physicists believe, should be the next big accelerator. Registration for the Snowmass Community Planning Meeting (virtual) is now open. “I find the spirit of your words unfriendly to science,” responded CERN Director General Luciano Maiani after Holland’s talk. Drive accelerator needs from physics frontiers, grounded in accelerator designs. The worldwide particle physics community can together address the full breadth of the field's most urgent scientific questions with – each major player hosting a unique world-class facility at home – partnering in high-priority facilities hosted elsewhere CEPC Physics and Detector Snowmass Letters of Intent. DOE Office of High Energy Physics; DOE Fermi Site Office; Fermi Research Alliance (FRA) Universities Research Association (URA) ... August 25, 2020. Participation of all international Belle II colleagues and especially junior colleagues is strongly encouraged in this high energy physics community process. Instead of taking umbrage, he urged, That, in essence, is the case for building the 500-GeV e, But simply finding the Higgs is not nearly enough.

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