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Our fight against sexual exploitation, abuse and harassment, Environment, Disasters and Climate Change. To move towards a coordinated national approach in addressing statelessness, a number of States developed National Action Plans to End Statelessness. Participants agreed to strengthen access to civil registration services in war-affected areas in the Sahel region, including by building the capacity of relevant actors and using information technologies to enhance access. In 2018, the Government of the Republic of North Macedonia made a welcome public commitment to addressing civil registration challenges that contribute to the risk of statelessness in the country; but the updated Index data shows little concrete change, indicating a need for urgent reform. The European Network on Statelessness (ENS) is a civil society alliance of over 140 non-governmental organisations, academics and individual experts in 40 countries, committed to addressing statelessness in Europe. The Office of Asylum and Refuge (OAR) is the competent body for reviewing and processing asylum and stateless status applications in Spain. En 2018, 420 nouvelles demandes ont été déposées, soit une hausse de 23% par rapport à 2017, poursuivant ainsi la hausse constante depuis 2012, (+158% sur cette période). In Europe, statelessness occurs both among recent migrants and people who have lived in the same place for generations. It also publishes an annual report entitled “Asilo en cifras” with information about asylum seekers, refugees and applicants and beneficiaries of the stateless status. . On 10 September, the Council of Ministers of Niger adopted the National Action Plan to Eradicate Statelessness. This joint briefing by Consonant, Liverpool Law Clinic and the European Network on Statelessness recommends three urgent reforms for the UK to commit at the event to undertaking by the end of 2020 to improve its approach to statelessness. We believe that everyone has the right to a nationality and that those who lack nationality altogether – stateless persons – are entitled to full protection of their human rights. Also in line with Action 2, UNHCR and the Ministry of Justice of Côte d’Ivoire continued to support activities to provide nationality certificates to stateless foundlings. On 10 and 11 September, UNHCR and the Government of Mali convened the Regional Dialogue on Protection and Solutions in relation to Forced Displacement in the Sahel, in Bamako, Mali. 2019 is the mid-point of the #IBelong Campaign and provides an important opportunity to acknowledge the progress made to date, and to re-double commitments and efforts to work towards the complete eradication of statelessness by the year 2024. Download campaign update:, Send me new materials as they are added to the resource database. In September, multi-stakeholder meetings took place in Madagascar and Zambia to develop National Action Plans. A number of Israelis have suggested that the Jewish and Palestinian sides of the conflict share a common experience of Exile and of having been refugees. With respect to Action 7, UNHCR provided support to several governments in issuing birth certificates to populations at risk of statelessness.   |  Français For more information explaining how we use your data please read our Privacy Policy. In line with both Action 6 and Action 7, Ensure birth registration for the prevention of statelessness, on 3 July, UNHCR and the Ministry of Justice of Mali signed a renewed partnership agreement that will provide for the naturalization of 1,200 refugees of Mauritanian origin who have opted for naturalization and the issuance of birth certificates for 300 indigenous people in the Kayes region. Serbia saw some positive legislative developments in 2018, but the update also highlights some continuing concerns with implementation in practice. L’Office français de protection des réfugiés et des apatrides (OFPRA) a publié son rapport annuel 2018 qui inclut des données sur les statistiques officielles sur la procédure de détermination du statut d’apatride. The mobile court hearings identified 533 refugee children, 717 internally displaced children and 280 returnees without documents or with damaged documents. The meeting served to encourage a coordinated regional approach and dialogue on best practices in addressing statelessness. Encouraged by the UNHCR-led #IBelong campaign that was launched in 2014 to end statelessness, the Government and partners had identified 13,700 people without nationality in the country. In 2018, 420 new claims were lodged (up by 23% compared to 2017), continuing the trend of a consistent increase since 2012 (up by 158% during this period). ‘. The meeting resulted in an agreement to expand areas of collaboration with respect to research on statelessness, and to organize an annual National Moot Court Competition as well as a Conference on statelessness, which will first be held in November this year. On 30 August, UNHCR convened a preparatory meeting for Southern Africa in Pretoria, South Africa. On 9 September, UNHCR held roundtable discussions with the faculties of law from the Great Zimbabwe University, Midlands State University, University of Zimbabwe and Zimbabwe Ezekiel Guti University in an effort to strengthen partnership with academia. This shift in legal thinking can be attributed to a series of trainings of magistrates that were conducted in May and in July this year to sensitize judges on the application of the UN statelessness conventions including with respect to the provision on foundlings. ... (2019), 7. . In a ceremony this morning in the capital, Bishkek, 50 previously stateless people, including 15 children, were issued with birth certificates and passports, making them citizens. Finally, on Action 10, Improve quantitative and qualitative data on stateless populations, in Niger, UNHCR, ICAHD-INTERNATIONAL and Secours des Oubliés (SDO) identified 2,014 persons at risk of statelessness in Niger through a census that was conducted between June and August. The Government of Chad issued 24,000 birth certificates to children of refugees and refugee-hosting communities at risk of statelessness. 41% of claims were lodged by people from Africa, 35% from Europe, and 24% from Asia. Three years since it was published by the Dutch Government in 2016, a legislative proposal for a statelessness determination procedure in the Netherlands is long overdue for discussion in Parliament. During the campaigns a total of 1,350 birth certificates were issued. Also In line with Action 8, the Department of the Registrar General of Zimbabwe, with operational support from UNHCR, launched a mobile registration exercise for the issuance and replacement of nationality and civil status documentation to the populations affected by the Tropical Cyclone Idai in the Chimanimani and Chipinge Districts in Manicaland Province. Preparatory meetings ahead of the High-Level Segment on Statelessness were organized in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) and in Southern Africa. A total of 2,337 birth certificates were issued to people in Tillaberi, Niamey, Dosso, Maradi, Tahoua, Zinder and Diffa regions. #IBelong Campaign to End Statelessness by 2024. They are part of a group of 50 to receive passports at a ceremony in the capital Bishkek. The Statelessness Index is a comparative tool that assesses European countries’ law, policy and practice on the protection of stateless people and the prevention and reduction of statelessness against international norms and good practice. Finally, in Sudan, birth registration campaigns were held in five States among refugees, IDPs and host communities, focusing on both new-born and late birth registration. It also created an opportunity for States to consider country-level achievements and pledges to be showcased at the High-Level Segment. 2018 saw some improvement in Malta, but significant concerns about law, policy and practice on the protection of stateless people and prevention of statelessness remain. The Index update links to a new UNHCR mapping study on statelessness in Switzerland, and now contains analysis of Swiss provisions for the withdrawal of nationality, as well as updated population data, but there has been little concrete change in 2018 and important gaps in law, policy and practice remain. In Burkina Faso, 27,960 birth certificates were issued in the central-eastern and central-southern regions to persons at risk of statelessness.

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