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The skins can be changed at the Edit Deck menu, where a "Change Skin" option is shown. I had one of my friends reach out to me and ask me for a copy of r/G Rath and an explanation to the deck, how it worked, the in's and out's. Below is a full transcript of Rathalos' story. It not only gives friendly units Flight, but it also grants them attack boost. Thank you for reading, I hope I was insightful. I believe in Teppen and the community, I believe that the game will continue to strive. On October 15, 2020, TEPPEN's first the Halloween Event took place, the TEPPEN SPECIAL PACK 3 was made available that day which marked the first time the Night's Butterfly skin became available. Spending that 1 extra mana for Felyne is also nice for Hero Art points. Ryu shouldn't be able to kill your units fast enough. It will still be very good, but the meta will respond and reckless charge will not be a 3-of. Please watch out for more content from me. I've tweaked my rath deck and seem to be having a little bit more success. This update also removed the New Year Selection Pack, meaning that the four original skins became unobtainable. How to use the Search Function in the Deck Editor? That lost happened because my opponent was able to push pressure early on, and the Reckless Charges just ended me before I could counter. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. Victor is essentially a worse Angry Charge, you spend 4 mana for a 1/5 unit and +2 damage, as opposed to 3 mana for +2 damage and Art Charge 2. User account menu • Rathalos Blazing Agility Wall Deck Tech & Games. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Rathalos is a Unit Card in TEPPEN. Why Felyne 4 drop over the Felyne 3 drop, the reason we play the 4 drop is because our meta is Wesker saturated. As someone who mained Yawn Li all of last format I can already tell you it was the worst MU pre Jill. Both red heroes in Teppen are very strong, but Rathalos has a really unique hero art called Wrath Awoken. 3 reckless charge is a must for this deck since it gets online really fast. From TEPPEN SPECIAL PACK 3 packs: Azura Rathalos Double Cyclone Black Hair Ready for Battle Night's Butterfly From The Force Seekers packs: Evil Ryu Gameplay Edit. Then we can play Reckless Charge and end the game with 4:30 minutes left on the clock. Rise to the top in the Ultimate Card Battle featuring legendary Capcom … Press J to jump to the feed. Log in sign up. Rathalos is a Unit Card in TEPPEN. The following skins can be acquired from these card packs: The skins can be changed at the Edit Deck menu, where a "Change Skin" option is shown. ! This pack allowed players to obtain five skins, one of which was Evil Ryu. Its like they purposely made Guile and Carlos for Rath. The announced "Evil Ryu" skin would also change the Hero Art animation, though the effects of each art would remain the same. So the opponent will take a swift 16 + 16 = 32 damage, just from one play. Chun Li, favored, green can't deal with flying. Have a nice day. Choose either above to see what others have said. Much has been said about needing a solution for Iris but she also enables two color decks. D&D Beyond A normal game should look like this: play mana accelerators to jump start your Hero Art points, as well as help pay for our Combo units and pump spells. Rathalos r/G was already a strong deck in the meta, it's weakness was that it died to bricking and wasn't always fast enough for the win. The Teppen logo is a trademark, and Teppen artwork are copyright, of Capcom Co., Ltd. Same exact list I made the second the app updated. If it's a heavy halt build, then our units might not even deal damage and that really stops the one shot plan, especially when they can finish with darkest illusion. Archer's Tale - Adventures of Rogue Archer, Ninja’s Creed: 3D Sniper Shooting Assassin Game, Cell to Singularity - Evolution Never Ends, EnigmBox - Surprising logic puzzles in this box, Battle System - Learning the flow of a match. It will allow us to push our cards through setting up and our opponent will sit with a full board. Rathalos is one of the Heroes in TEPPEN. When it works it feels insane but it's a lot easier to remember those times. Even when you do draw your outs Wrathalos can often live just long enough to establish one more Wrath Awoken unit and just overwhelm you - your Seals are a limited resource but a HA is not. Running 4 MP cat to dodge Gathering Effluvium! The key to all of this, is Guile, Carlos, and Chun all have Combo, which double any damage they deal. In short 3 mana is just too expensive for its effect. Rathalos. I took a minute to think about it, so here it is. I want to note that 2 of those fights were against bots (Ryu and Dante) I've seen those decks and they suck so much. Fandom Apps Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. These skins also change the Hero's BGM, voice lines and the voice played when the player enters the game. So from now on I will be doing my usernames as iowatheboat. Standard for Yawn Li to run 2-3x seal effects and Evasive Action. This website is not affiliated with GungHo Online Entertainment, Inc., Capcom Co., Ltd. or any of their subsidiaries.

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