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As of right now, the community has yet to 100% determine the drop location of The Scourge. When this gun initially shoots, you won’t see its trajectory. Legendary Each of these blades can do some serious damage and it's probably the closest thing players have to The Sandhawk from Borderlands 2 (the best SMG in that game). Then, on the next planet I almost immediately got a Masher as a side-quest reward. Cutsman Firesale Long Musket ++ But the question remains, what are the best bosses to farm … Crazy Earl's Veteran Rewards machine in Sanctuary has one Quest Rewards as the Item of the day. So basically, a gun shooting guns. competing at the highest level since closed beta. It has a +38% weapon damage and 2.2x weapon zoom. Faisor Also, The Lyuda is dropped by Tremendous Rex in The Cistern Of Slaughter. The Hex is the best grenade in Borderlands 3. Linoge Hellfire (BL3) SMG. They adapt to your level.After the quest is completed the item is removed from your inventory.If you want to keep the item you can't finish the quest. Concisely speaking you can do it at: “Servant’s Lift” Zone, Jakob’s Estate, Eden-6. It has +66% weapon damage along with -26% weapon accuracy and 1.5x weapon zoom. It has 4.2x Weapon Zoom. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. When in Mayhem Mode, things will get hectic and you’ll be hit from all angles. Trigger the save station located near the Cistern of Slaughter to make the farm easier. Bitch also has a 2.2x Weapon Zoom. a very high damage output overall, especially against large targets, such as Heart Breaker (BL3) Shotgun. Parts with number < 1: more rare ... Unforgiven, Companion, Wagon Wheel, Amazing Grace, The Flood), but so far only the Maggie was a Masher: I don’t think that the other listed weapons can be Mashers. The following is an on-going list of Legendary Guns found in Borderlands 3 alongside their stats. Dump on Dumptruck Walkthrough (Side Mission) in … The Lyuda makes a return from Borderlands 2 and is an automatic reward from Zer0 for doing his Target Of Opportunity kills. Moze is especially OP with The Scourge due to her Same for the Road skill, which gives her unlimited ammo for five seconds after exiting Iron Bear. It also has a 4.0x weapon zoom. The Dictator It got its name for a civil war battle cry and the weapon’s red text is a famous quote from General Stonewall. You can find it if you pass the wooden bridge along the New U-Station, there is a large Wooden Building with the rift. The rest of the stats should remain the same. While the Unforgiven has higher base damage, the Maggie’s fire rate and magazine size allow it to have a higher DPS and just being overall more efficient. It has a -20% critical hit damage and +100 splash damage radius with an 8.4x weapon zoom. The weapon has a -25% critical hit damage and a -22% weapon damage. The Maggie, as well as Lyuda, can now also be farmed from a particular boss in Borderlands 3. This is much more steady weapon but it’s fire rate is slow but it’s damage will show enemies their place. Every item on this list can be obtained via world drop but they also have dedicated loot pools. Since the game’s launch, many items have been nerfed or patched. It has 25% more Weapon Shield Capacity (3,569), 15% more Reload Speed, 8x Weapon Zoom. It has a 15% increased Weapon Fire Rate and it very effective when you are fighting with shielded enemies and the Taser that comes with it can deal X damage for the duration of 7 seconds. If you can get a Recurring Hex variant, it’s even more powerful. The gun has a -20% weapon damage and a -29% weapon accuracy. [Maggie (Borderlands 3) Variants] Crew Challenge Rewards are mailed to you when you reach a certain % of that challenge. Its per second fire rate is very impressive as far as corrosive bullets are concerned. April 3, 2020 September 28, 2020 Michael James 0. Lead Sprinkler This article is a stub. player in both Wild and Standard with multiple high-rank finishes. The pistol has a +146 splash damage radius and consumes 2 ammo per shot. "Monty" refers to Montgomery Jakobs, the founder of the Jakobs corporation; his wife was named Maggie, as mentioned in at least one Echo log found on the Family Jewel. Maggie is a legendary pistol in Borderlands 3 manufactured by Jakobs. Legendary Weapons in BL3 are random drops you’ll find in the game. Maggie As of the June 25 2020 patch, the Maggie deals noticably more damage. When using it as a shotgun you can fire flaming shards and as a sniper, it can fire rounds that can ricochet and leave a fiery trail behind them. The shotgun has a +390 splash radius damage with 2.0x weapon zoom and consumes 2 ammo per shot. It has a 33% weapon fire rate and a 1.3x and 1x Weapon zoom. Save the game by toggling your Badass Rank on/off. The weapon has a +10% critical hit damage and +15% weapon fire rate. The shotgun fires energy balls that attract to enemies and deals shock damage with +20% weapon charge speed and consumption of 5 ammo per shot. Location to Farm Loot Tinks Trevonator The SMG has a +44% weapon shield capacity and +40% melee damage. The Transformer Ironically, the Cutsman is known as one of the best guns in the game considering Maliwan was originally labeled the worst manufacturer in the game. But out of these guns, Borderlands 3 Legendary Weapons are among the best. It also has a +15% weapon fire rate with +20% melee damage. The pistol swaps between a three-shot burst and semi-auto and has a +21% critical hit damage. At least I haven’t seen a proof for this so far. Name * Ten Gallon Weapon damage is amplified by front-facing shields. [BL3] Title. The Maggie has a fixed magazine size of 9. Destructo Spinner Bitch Warlord In these modes, the loot tink will drop more loot as it will be directly proportional to the level the player is at. The weapon also has +35% reload speed and consumes 2 ammo per shot. This gun can drop from the Katagawa Ball, the final boss of the Skywell-27 area. Storm Tip:Store the items in Claptrap's Secret Stash.This way you can get the quest reward items multiple times since they are saved on a different SaveFile. The Maggie is dropped by Tremendous Rex, the final boss in The Cistern Of Slaughter. Polybius Follow This guide to know How to Farm Loot Tink ( Hoarder Tink) post-patch. Destructo Spinner is a remarkable weapon that has 37 damage per second and can switch between shock and fire element. Hazardous Sellout In addition to that, the damage is generally very high, meaning you can melt down an enemy’s shield and then the Shock damage can still finish them off. They might come back. We know that they have been nerfed after the recent patch. The bonus is that you’re completely immune to Shock damage. The shotgun has critical hit damage of +15% with +27% weapon damage and +63% weapon accuracy. It’s also an easy farm as you just need to kill the Sky Bullies in The Anvil, one of Zer0’s Targets Of Opportunity. The assault rifle has a 1.5x Weapon Zoom. Monty's wife don't take no guff. bosses, where the lower accuracy is not an issue. Sickle That will conclude this guide on farming the Dastardly Maggie in BL3. However, . How to Get Dastardly Maggie The Dastardly Maggie is a world drop that can appear pretty much anywhere. The pistol has a +346 splash radius damage. He's an avid gamer who buys a new game, only to end up replaying Borderlands 2 for the 35th time. The bonus is that once it has been depleted, you are immune from damage for five seconds. The Maggie is the best Jakobs revolver in the game. Even in Mayhem 4, this tactic can destroy almost half of Graveward’s health after one attempt. Hellshock uses cookies to improve your experience. The SMG has a +15% weapon fire rate and its shots generate a radiation cloud on hit. The shotgun has a chance to not consume ammo on each round and has an increased fire rate. Yes, but the extra trigger pull is free. The red text translates to If you go for a day trip, take a week’s supply of bread. Maggie can help a player in doing massive damage to any mini or main bosses. The weapon has a +40% critical hit damage and +21% weapon fire rate. How to get the legendary Maggie Jakobs pistol in bl3? Some of them may require a ton of grinding but are totally worth the hassle. How to get the legendary Maggie Jakobs pistol in bl3? She is a consistent legend The rifle has a high rate of fire, but overheating it depletes shield and health instead of affecting the gun. It has 10% increased Critical Hit Damage, 27% increased Weapon Fire Rate with 1.5x Weapon Zoom. March 26, 2020 September 28, 2020 Michael James 0. There’s an equal chance it’ll spawn from a boss drop, chest, or slot machine. It has the fire rate of an assault rifle with the damage of a sniper. It has a +89% weapon damage, +15% critical hit damage and -130% weapon accuracy. Echo The Maggie (BL3) has Jakobs - Pistol Parts. – Fires 6 projectiles at the cost of 1 ammo, with decreased accuracy and damage per projectile. World Drops are items that drop from any suitable Loot Source in addition to their other sources. It has a +21% weapon fire rate and +40% melee damage. Since the game’s launch, many items have been nerfed or patched. Read this Borderlands 3 guide to learn more about how to get the Legendary / Unique Infinity! The gun has an unlimited magazine space so it continues shooting. They tend to spawn around almost all the loot containers that you stumble upon. The Cryo and Fire damage output shred enemies’ health bars. Here are a few tips on how to farm it. Unforgiven Dastardly Amazing Grace This gun is an upgraded version of Baby Maker. With a -44% weapon accuracy, it also has a 6.8x weapon zoom. Recursion The Transformer has a relatively decent shield capacity. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. | Tips, Tricks and Tactics, Raft | How To Unlock All Achievements Fast, Second Extinction | Weapons, Characters, and Classes Guide, How to Skip Intros in Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition, Phasmophobia | Bleasdale Farmhouse Locations Map, RuneScape | Best Gears, Items and Utilities Guide. The Maggie always spawns with the "Dastardly" prefix. Quest Items are items that are only used during a quest. You can fire fiery rounds with this weapon once it’s charged up. Deals a constant radiation damage per second to nearby enemies, When the shield is full, shots drain 30% shield for +20% Weapon Damage, When shield is damaged, 20% on hit to drop a Power Charge that increases weapon damage by 10%, Coverts 100% of Shock Damage into shields, 40% chance of absorbing bullets and adding them to your ammo count. Now briefly speaking, go to Jakob’s Estate in Eden 6 and get to the Servant’s Lift area. The Night Hawkin is great for an elemental Amara build as well as a Cryo Zane. In Borderlands 3 Quest Reward Items are rewarded after or during a quest. Once this thing detonates, it shoots a ton of beams that continually damage the enemy with elemental splash damage. Amara Elemental Fist Over Matter Build Guide, Amara Spiritual Driver Movement Speed Build Guide, Amara Spiritual Driver Boss Killer Build Guide, Fl4k Gamma Burst Radiation Pet Build Guide, Week 1 Analysis of the Heist League from The Chaos Report, Best Starter Builds for Path of Exile: Delirium, February 13th Patch: New Event, Level Cap Increase and a lot More, Level Cap Increase, New Seasonal Event and Lot More Coming in February Patch, January 30th Hotfixes: Loot Chest Event, Permanent Maliwan Solo and Rare Buff, January 23rd Hotfixes: Proving Grounds Loot Buff, Fl4k Buff and More. If somebody knows where the Maggie drops, I would also like to know. It will greatly out-perform most revolvers at the same level on damage output at the cost of accuracy. The Bearcat fires six projectiles, three projectiles in each round burst. – Fires 6 projectiles per shot, with decreased accuracy and damage per projectile. The bullets of this sniper ricochet off objects, splitting to deal multiple damages to nearby enemies. The Homestead Part 2 Walkthrough (Side Mission) in Borderlands 3 . I have The Companion and a Dastardly Maggie, and my build is based more on Ice with Zane. (the best SMG in that game). Brainstormer Everyone hates dealing with an enemy that has a shield. TVHM and Mayhem Mode A sniper whose critical hit ricochets bullets at nearby enemies, and it also fires explosive rounds. Just like The Transformer, you should wait until you’re at the max level before finishing them. So which is better?

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