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Live TV may vary by subscription and location. HD. He is a very talented actor, especially when playing a damaged charactor, like Roman. The main character talks less than Clint Eastwood, actually there is very little dialogue in the whole movie. The story of Roman Coleman, a violent convict, who is given the chance to participate in a rehabilitation therapy program involving the training of wild mustangs. There he must gentle an especially unbreakable mustang named Marcus. love this movie, Reviewed in the United States on June 19, 2019. A therapist working in tandem with a correctional facility's Pet Partnership Program entrusts a small white rabbit to a female prisoner . Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? This film was my reference and my companion during the making of THE MUSTANG. There is nothing like going out into your back yard and hearing the hoof beats of these beautiful creatures, running thru the desert, past your property, and out into the "Great Wide Open" (courtesy of the fabulous late Tom Petty's lyrics/music). Cookie Warning There’s something about the movie that I find so haunting. Everything on behalf of the big ranchers in Nevada, have been thrown by our BLM into killing off this wonderful mystique of the American West. One of my favorite films in the whole world is PARIS, TEXAS, from Wim Wenders. The movie showed very little working with the horses and bonding with the main character. As a member of a community, bordering Mustang herds roaming the BLM lands, and a local Rancher, with a heart of gold, who allows them to drink from his Cattle Well, without molestation, every season I see our little Mustang herd, thrive, with more babies this year, given the heavy rain, than ever. Horses and real prison trainers deserve better treatment by keeping it real. Looking for something to watch? The Mustang captures that sense of aloneness and desperation miraculously to the point where it makes you look back and see the now more realistically. Soulful horse movie has moments of shocking violence. This is an excellent movie, Schoenaerts is superb: quiet, strong, intense and captivating. While I think this movie has flaws, it is extremely uplifting to see a movie about the wild mustang. And with the encouragement of his fellow convict-cowboys (along with the program head, played by Bruce Dern), Roman slowly develops an interest in working with this horse. Despite the apparent tranquility in Maryland, Vincent perceives an external threat. Mounted between its fender was a 2.3-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine tuned to … The Mustang. His journey with Marcus inspires a heartfelt connection and challenges him to be a better person. While at every turn, she has been harassed by the BLM and threatened, she has persevered to stop the senseless and cowardly murders of the Mustangs by big ranches to ensure that their beef cattle are not competing for the Grassland for Feed. It’s weird to have a European actor trying to sound American in a movie where he’s in a prison with other inmates. How did the rest of the cast come together? Eventually, I had to finish the script — and that was the hardest part! What sort of movies influenced you in the making of THE MUSTANG? Quiet but thoughtful. That was my life for years. Ellis, Exalted Cyclops of the Ku Klux Klan, in 1971 Durham, North Carolina over the issue of school integration. I was traveling back and forth — doing a lab, and then going back to do more research at prisons. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on July 20, 2020, I was looking forward to watching a true story but I was disapointed it was very slow and it did not have much of a story line, plus I was waitin nearly over a yr to get the dad as it was not in England in,y in America , Reviewed in the United Kingdom on October 4, 2020. A week later, my producer called to tell me Focus was very interested. He sees a kindred spirit. The acting is tight and impactful. the horse trainer must be out of this world to get a tame horse to do this. I loved this film........but then I would! In Victorian England, the independent and headstrong Bathsheba Everdene attracts three very different suitors: Gabriel Oak, a sheep farmer; Frank Troy, a reckless Sergeant; and William Boldwood, a prosperous and mature bachelor. When five orphan girls are seen innocently playing with boys on a beach, their scandalized conservative guardians confine them while forced marriages are arranged. Stay current with additional news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming from American Heroes Channel, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Destination America, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, DIY Network, FYI, LMN, and Science. It is important that as a Nation that overlooks and cares less about the most important things in Nature sustaining us all, that its consciousness be raised regarding the plight of an American Legend, the Wild Mustang.

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