the rime of the ancient mariner line by line explanation

A. There was no sign of life. The poet describes the scene at the wedding. Q4. k.setAttribute("data-push", "1"); the albatross would sit on the sail or the mast everyday. In what ways does the albatross’s arrival seem to affect the ships voyage? been exaggerated. The storm continued to blow and it quickly carried away the  ship towards the South Pole. 'It perched for vespers nine' means………, i. the ship stopped sailing at nine o'clock every day. But then as the other sailor’s cry out in dismay, the Mariner, for reasons unexplained, shoots and kills the albatross with his crossbow. The Mariner, in turn, saves his own saviors, and rows them to land, where he begs the Hermit to grant him absolution for his sins. They said that the bird was a It was a bright and sunny day and finally, at Sunset it again seemed to disappear into the sea. A. They had a smooth journey for a short period of time after which a storm drove their ship southwards towards snow and mist. The Mariner simply replied, “I shot the Albatross with my crossbow.”. The Hermit remarked on how strange the ship looked with its misshapen … The Mariner’s story begins with the ship leaving harbor and sailing southward. The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew, Use of alliteration and internal rhyme to create Every day it responded to the Mariner’s call to take food or to play with him and other sailors on the boat. Like part one, the second part also has a number of literary devices. What is indicated by the line 'The bloody sun, at noon, /Right up above When the Mariner sees what he believes is a ship approaching, he must bite his arm and drink his own blood so that he is able to alert the crew, who all grin out of joy. The poem begins with a description of the Mariner, and immediately attention is drawn to his eyes, and his power to hold the Wedding Guest and force the young man to hear his tale. answer. The Ancient Mariner was cheered by the Hermit's singing. In each of the cases explain what they mean. The Rime of the Ancient Mariner Summary of CBSE Class 10 English poem followed by detailed explanation of the poem along with meanings of difficult words and literary devices used in the poem. followed them. wedding as he was a family member of the bridegroom. He called him a mad man with a grey beard and ordered him to take his hand off him. the albatross would appear at a fixed time everyday. The albatross would sit on either the mast or the sail of the ship in all the weathers – be there mist or cloud, the bird remained with the ship. they were surrounded by icebergs and there seemed to be no sign of The rescuers were able to pull the Ancient Mariner from the water, but thought he was dead. The wind picked up, and the Ancient Mariner spotted his native country's shore. As long as the Albatross flew alongside the ship and the sailors treated it kindly, a good wind carried them and a mist followed. does this tell us about their character? Here are some of the archaic words used in the poem; can you match them He ends with the explicit lesson that prayer is the greatest joy in life, and the best prayers come from love and reverence of all of God’s creation. the ancient mariner wanted to know whether something was troubling the, A. ii. The ice 'cracked and growled, The Ancient Mariner tells his tale, largely interrupted save for the sounds from the wedding reception and the Wedding Guest's fearsome interjections. Then bright angels appeared standing over every corpse and waved silently to the shore, serving as beacons to guide the ship home. the rime of the ancient mariner line by line explanation pdf. removed the holy cross which is worn by the followers of Jesus Christ as he everything was grey in colour and they felt very cold, A. iii. Their mouths were so dry that they were unable to speak. A. as ‘he’, Simile – The Sun has been compared to the halo surrounding Their souls zoomed out of their bodies, each taunting the Ancient Mariner with a sound like that of his crossbow.

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