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What are the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Tower stand up paddleboard? The Tower stand up paddle boards are known for being high-quality, affordable, and diverse. Getting the right board is critical but so is finding the proper tools to use it with. The Tower Adventurer Stand Up Paddle Board is known for having an optimal length that is suited for both beginners and experienced paddleboarders. The board is built out of tough drop stitch and military-grade PVC material which gives it outstanding durability and stiffness. Our review of boards by Tower will give you a few things to consider. The board is made of military-grade PVC material, which ensures that it remains on the surface of the water and is sturdy and reliable. The carrying handles also make it easier to carry the board once inflated. Accessories to include With a board and paddle, many assume that they have a complete set. When you buy any paddle board from Tower, rest assured that you have made the right choice, and the board will last you for years. This review will go through every paddleboard in detail and mention their features and characteristics. With some improvements made to those areas, the 12’6″ iRace would be a much better value overall. The PVC is military grade, which means you get an extremely durable product that will serve you well in all bodies of water. Paddle boarding is one of the workout activities that are great for your fitness and fun as well. The tower is one of the best manufacturers of stand up paddleboards. Tower’s inflatable paddle boards have a reputation for durability. Described as the best looking inflatable paddle board in the market, Tower iRace paddle board 12’6’’ is the best SUP for beginners and paddleboard enthusiasts out there. They can be easily stored and even carried around. Because of the size and stability of the board, you can also easily organize a family weekend and ride along with your wife or kid. 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In this Tower iRace review, we’ll cover this board’s features and specs, construction, warranty, included accessories, and where to buy it. The design of the board is ideal for all types of water conditions. After a less than stellar pitch (watch the video, you’ll understand), tech mogul Mark Cuban invested $150K for 30% of the company and the rest was history. Provide the highest quality SUP boards and packages on the market. It’s made with military-grade material and, as Tower describes it, is: “nearly indestructible”. This review will go through every paddleboard in detail and mention their features and characteristics. The 9’10” Inflatable Tower Stand Up Paddle Board is made for experienced stand up paddle boarders that are in search of different board designs. #sup #pa, Sticks out a bit great day to board. If you are new to paddling, buying the right board may seem daunting at first. The SUP is a perfect choice for people with all kinds of skill levels. Tower Adventurer SUP Review 9’10” Tower’s inflatable paddle boards have a reputation for durability. on the market). Other details: 4 inch nose rocker, no tail rocker, in addition to a standard longboard fin box. Expect to get as good performances with Tower SUPs and inflatables as you would from fiberglass boards. The design of the board also plays an integral role in increasing the speed and performance of the board in the water. The biggest aspect that distinguishes Tower Paddle Boards from the competition is the cost of their products. This guide has put together four top-rated stand-up paddleboards from tower that will enhance your stand up paddleboarding experience even more. The board is suitable enough to be used by both adults as well as children. Want to be notified when our article is published? Complete Package: it comes with a high-pressure pump and 3-pc adjustable paddle. Das Tower war eines der ersten 15 cm dicken SUP Boards. Diese Steifheit und Stabilität ist insbesondere für Anfänger spannend. Tower provides a myriad of products that you can look at for your paddling activities. Another thing everyone usually appreciates is that Tower uses a standard fin box so you can switch to a shallow water fin depending on where you like to paddle board. If you are looking for a stand-up paddleboard but are not sure about how to buy one, here is a buying guide for you. The Tower Xplorer SUP is an “On the go” SUP racing or touring board that’s also lightning fast. The boards are commendable and if taken care of properly, can last you for a very long time. This can be Tower’s marketing pitch is they’re a direct to customer SUP retailer, which means they are 30% – 50% cheaper than the competition. 8.5 Total Score. No matter if you like touring or racing, are a beginner or an expert, Tower has a wide range of stand up paddle boards that are suited for different types of needs and people with varying levels of skill. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. Thus one gets a great SUP at a very affordable price. Surf deck attachments are increasing in popularity as more people discover the sport. The board is made of high-quality PVC material so that it can support the rider correctly. It has a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs, making it great for bringing gear, food or your kids. For added peace of mind, all Tower paddle boards include a 2-year warranty which covers manufacturer defects. Experts and beginners will enjoy the board alike. . So whether you’re a beginner or a pro, with this paddleboard you’ll be doing just fine. In other words, one can get relief from their daily stress thanks to this activity. The two main characteristics of the Tower paddleboard are the price tag and quality. Because the material is hard to damage, you won’t have to deal with issues of scratches and cracks. The width of the boards also varies, just like the length of any board. The biggest aspect that distinguishes Tower Paddle Boards from the competition is the cost of their products. When done, I'm able to roll it up and easily transport it, unlike my other which required … Although it cuts through chop easily, is not designed for those larger than 1-2 feet. But generally, the length of the board is directly proportional to stability. It represents a giant leap forward for these types of boards because it’s 6” thick instead of the standard 4”, making it float higher. Buy for best price. A board that needs special cleaning products may end up costing more than the advertised price. We have also included a buying guide to help you purchase a paddle board and answered the most frequently asked questions at the end. This is one board that can be used for a variety of different purposes. With Tower Paddle Boards, you get products that improve the standard of your paddle boarding without astronomical costs. It’s nice to have options when it comes to colors, and we’d like to see more colors offered by Tower in the future. Overall, it’s sturdy, fast and very well built and a great compromise between price and quality. SUP boards worldwide. If you want a lightweight board, then opt for boards that have smaller dimensions. When fully inflated, the Tower iRace paddle board, measuring 12’6″ x 30″, can hold up to 400 lbs on water and is very hard and rigid. They are certainly one of the cheapest high-end SUP brands on the market, but 30% – 50% might be a bit of an overstatement. 14′ Touring iSUP, 8″ thick, very stable. Military-grade PVC material and drop-stitch construction, The large single bottom fin helps improve overall speed, Never worry again about dings and board cracks, Tower Paddle Board comes with a 3-PC Fiberglass Paddle, It quickly inflates or deflates for easy storage, Package comes with a high-pressure pump and 3-pc adjustable paddle, Weight Capacity- Up to 800 pounds. Enter your email address and name below to be the first to know. It tracks very well in the water and handles little waves with ease (lake waves from wind) and is designed to cut through flat water at great speed. On a bay, lake or river this paddle board tracks straight and is very stable. It is also designed as a fast, flat-water touring iSUP for you to enjoy on any given day or an off weekend reconnecting with yourself or others. By David De HaanLast updated: June 6, 2020.

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