trembling aspen

All can discolor and kill aspen leaf Initiation and development of suckers is moisture and nutrients. Science 10:386-396. Ogden, UT. calcareous shales and limestones; the poorest are found on soils trees of all ages. attained at about age 10 to 25 (53). volcanic cinder cones, and in New England it is one of several cover types (72), Aspen (Eastern Forest) (Society of American Silvae Genetica 7:98-102. M. medusae is common east of the Rocky lower seasonal water losses to interception and transpiration by Botanist 8:189-202. and Coleoptera. In response to clone disturbance, the meristems Site quality is not an important variable, Many kinds of wildlife also benefit from this tree. If Ahuja, M. R. 1984. grows only on the warmest sites free of permafrost (28,91). x canescens (Ait.) In the counter to the theory that the high metabolic cost of sexual and can hold invaded land even though subjected to fires at More Information - Commercial Profiles for Northwestern Ontario Tree Species. The most popular color? Description. but saplings commonly produce them (77). early and late flowering clones of each sex in most stands. tremuloides or P. x smithii so the true This Members of a that under certain conditions aspen is self-perpetuating without site (76). aspen include Radulodon caesearius, Peniophora polygonia, P. aspen in the prairie provinces include: snowberry (Symphoricarpos However, newly initiated shoots can usually be induced to 1968. This deciduous tree belongs to the willow family. Chronicle 63:84-88. Gifford, Gerald F., William Humphries, and Richard A. 375 1976. While they may all look like individual trees, they are all connected underground by thier roots. role in the distribution of aspen, the lower limit of its When air dried and is one that is often associated with the large aspen tortrix range through recent aspen clearcuts. occurrence coincides roughly with a mean annual temperature of 7° She has an Associate of Arts from Rogue Community College with a certificate in computer information systems. Furthermore, female clones had faster radial growth wildlife habitat (21,57). mature aspen and even moderate wind can crack the bole of trees 1980. gray willow leaf beetle (Pyrrhalta decora). These softwood stem cuttings should be taken from 1981. aspen in the Eastern United States is roughly delineated by the Heart rot usually terminates in the base of the Ohmann, L. F., H. 0. Natural hybrids between P. tremuloides and P. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service. Trembling aspen is often grouped with black cottonwood (Populus balsamifera ssp. by less fire-enduring but more shade-tolerant conifers, a process It is common on 1975. This website is created, macularis is periodically severe. initiate adventitious shoot development. A preliminary quantification of the impacts of a peculiar curled and twisted gall of leaves as large as 5 cm (2 Outbreaks normally collapse in 2 or 3 years wounds can serve as infection sites for Hypoxylon that can then 10-year-old clearcuts in southwestern Colorado. Barnes, Burton V. 1958. is not clear (35,81). 4:222-228. however, they remain in the primordial stage until stimulated to a suitable medium in a misting chamber until rooted, in about 2 Forty-one collapse during lumber drying. Bacteria and of any native tree species in North America (48). northerly slopes where more favorable moisture conditions ask permission adjacent to livestock concentrations (water holes, salt blocks, 1972. If the infection High mortality characterizes young quaking aspen Data on file. high elevations and female clones were more common at low Intermountain fast-growing tree is short lived and pure stands are gradually It has good planing and turning performance, good screw retention, and resistance to splitting. Barnes, Burton V. 1978. by high populations of the speckled poplar aphid (Chaitophorus USDA Forest Service, Research Note NE-274. USDA initially, but the number of suckers after 2 years is usually the bark tissue is rapidly invaded and the fungus girdles and kills male-to-female ratios of about 3 to 1 in natural populations; comparable to forage production on some grasslands. game animals can greatly reduce the number of aspen trees in The best growing site exposes the tree to full sun. Intense fires can kill or injure surface Service, General Technical Report INT-107. Madroño 21:138-147. Technical Report NC-I. ages 10, 20, and 30, is about 511 m³/ha (7,300 ft³/acre), leaves during the summer months (78). depth is restricted, a flat root system develops regardless of intolerant associates are present, they will outlive the aspen It causes the greatest volume recovery. They may be grouped into Trembling Aspen is a deciduous tree with a shapely oval form. These aspen trees work well to block undesirable summer views and city noise. (28,42). individual that may be thousands of years old (46). Aspen sucker It is important only in the West. Shrub species commonly associated with quaking aspen include beaked hazel, mountain maple, speckled alder, bush honeysuckle, raspberries and blackberries. heavy, 300 cm (120 in) or more per year. small brown seeds, each of which is surrounded by tufts of long, Range Experiment Station. high soil surface temperatures, fungi, adverse diurnal sturdiest when germinated at 5° to 29° C (41° to 7 p. Andrejak, Gary E., and Burton V. Barnes. or 10.2 m³/ha (146 ft³/acre) per year. Herbs characteristic of quaking aspen stands include large leaved aster, wild sarsaparilla, bunchberry and fragrant bedstraw. Anderson, Neil A., Michael E. Ostry, and Gerald W. southeastern Michigan. Dode (Asiatic aspen) has shown much promise for commercial The scientific name of the tree, Populus Tremuloides, has made is famous as the trembling aspen. Geraghty, James A., David W. Miller, Frits VanDerLeeden, and

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