water snake enclosure

Zoo Med Repti Rock Water Dish Extra Small. This pool is beautifully crafted and will make a stunning addition to any large enclosure. ". A corn snake enclosure with a clear plastic or glass front ensures that you can get the most from owning a snake, and can observe your snake’s everyday activities without interfering unnecessarily. These tanks are available online or from most good pet stores, and often for rather less than an aquarium. An open topped enclosure for your small terrestrial tortoises. Easy access ramp helps prevent drowning. A dimly-lit spare bedroom away from a radiator, for example, is a perfect site for your corn snake’s cage, where they will be away from noise, vibrations and fluctuating temperatures. I've been keeping and breeding exotic pets for over 20 years. Ideal for Tortoises, the durable plastic makes it long lasting and easy to clean. A suitable corn snake enclosure should therefore address this situation, ensuring that there is no way that your pet can escape. Free delivery on orders over £39. Economic, durable and lightweight plastic water dishes made from high-impact polystyrene, these dishes are smoothly finished inside and out. The Terraced Dish is a natural looking food or water dish for terrariums with steps to help reptiles get in and out of the dish. Not just a practical water bowl but also an impressive stone/rock effect sculpture. These are arguably the most practical enclosure of all for very small snakes. There are, however, downsides. To me, these are a solid solution for smaller snakes. I will certainly use you again, you're the best reptile supplier online. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Lastly, if you opt to provide artificial lighting for your snake, or heat the cage from above, then Exo Terra also offer custom-designed cage hoods, complete with bulb fittings, into which your chosen lighting solution can be fitted. There is a stand for each size tank and terrarium we sell that is made to fit. One of the more popular corn snake enclosures is a suitably-sized glass aquarium. Due to their weight and shape, these bowls are difficult to tip over. You no longer have to sacrifice size and beauty with the ProRep Giant Pool. Habistat Repti-Rock Ammonites Fossil Bowl Small. In theory, any container which effectively meets the guidelines provided earlier can make a suitable corn snake enclosure. As I mentioned, I kept one (sometimes two) water snakes in a 30-gallon breeder aquarium. They willingly explore their cage, looking for suitable prey (and, some people might argue, opportunities for escape!). Many baby corn snakes are kept in clear plastic containers measuring little more than 18” long by 8-10” deep. Terrarium . A realistic stone pool made from high quality resin to provide a shallow pool for reptiles and amphibians. Worldwide shipping For one thing, the lockable front-opening doors make accessing your snake very simple. Corn snakes are one of the most popular pet snakes due to their docile nature, ease of care and low cost of purchase. The Exo Terra is of all-glass construction but offers a number of carefully-designed benefits. A range of wooden enclosures in various shapes and sizes to house a wide variety of reptiles, snakes and amphibians. In terms of which room to place your corn snake enclosure in, the kitchen and bathroom are therefore best avoided. Of these, arguably the Really Useful Box (or “RUB” for short) is the most popular. A realistic polyresin bamboo feeder dish by Repstyle. Natural pebble design to help integrate into any type of enclosure. Our reptile cages, snake cages and lizard cages are all manufactured in the USA, and our company is based in Wisconsin, USA. Alongside buying a suitable corn snake enclosure another critical aspect relating to corn snake enclosures is where to place the cage in your home.

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