what are archosaurs

Diapsids are one of two classes of reptile, the other being anapsids, meaning "without arches." Systematicists have a nice big list of features which allow you to identify (in theory at least) any given clade or even any species. Laterally flattened serrated teeth. It has even been speculated that if a bolide had not seen out the dinosaurs, then they would have eventually evolved into a human-grade intelligent species, a "dinosauroid." The type and only species is Archosaurus rossicus, known from several fragmentary specimens which cumulatively represent parts of the skull and cervical vertebrae. Archosaur, (subclass Archosauria), any of various reptiles, including all crocodiles and birds and all descendants of their most recent common ancestor. Het is een van de oudst bekende archosauriërs.Hij leefde in het laat Perm in Rusland. 1. (MAK 991003 & 030730, updated MAK101007 and 120311), checked ATW050908. Archosaurs are a large group of reptiles, including all crocodiles, birds, dinosaurs, and pterosaurs (flying reptiles). Archosauriformes Enter the Archosaurs . The only truly ectothermic archosaurians that persisted beyond the Triassic and still survive today are the Crocodylia. I always thought they were also archosaurs. Lots of things have odd names like that (Proceratosaurus is not a ceratosaur and Eopteranodon is not a pteranodontid) though Archosaurus is close to the origins of the archosaurs. Of course really obsessive systematicists will immediately get annoyed at the use of ‘reptile’ being a paraphyletic group but this is etymology, not systematics and anyway, it is still a useful, practical term. • enhanced strengthening of the skull for torsional feeding and alllowed for the taking of larger prey. allow for larger jaw muscles: muscle buldging during contraction. Hello, there is actually an ‘Archosaurus’, but oddly it is not currently considered an archosaur. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. I have a son named Archer. That may sound unnecessarily circular, but it is important. Hij leefde in het laat Perm in Rusland. Archosauria, the archosaur clade, is a crown group that includes the most recent common ancestor of living birds and crocodilians. Their descendants (such as the dinosaurs) dominated the realm of the terrestrial vertebrates for a majority of the Mesozoic Era. In fact, the supremacy of the archosaurian thecodonts over the certainly partially endothermic proto-mammalian therapsids during the Triassic can be seen as the result of the superiority the reptilian metabolism has in hot dry conditions, such as characterized much of Pangea during the Triassic. This is pretty easy to spot since for even a layman the orbit and naris (or eye socket and nostril) are easily identifiable, and then you just have to look for a big fat hole in the skull between them. ), By the late Triassic then, the thecodontian archosaurs had reached their maximum diversity. 3. It also goes a fair way to explaining the name of this blog as although I really don’t do much (well, nothing so far) apart from dinosaurs and pterosaurs ‘archosaurs’ has a rather nicer ring to it (and more people probably know the name) than ‘dinosauromorphs’ (dinosaurs plus a few basal animals that are close relatives), or ‘ornithodirans’ (the term for dinosauromorphs and pterosaurs) and of course long time readers will know I didn’t actually name this blog anyway. All material by ATW is public domain and may be freely used in any way (also any material jointly written by ATW and MAK). They eventually gave rise to crocodiles, dinosaurs, and two quite different breeds of flying reptiles (pterosaurs and, through dinosaurs, the birds). The next obvious point is therefore how can you tell what is and what is not an archosaur? One thing to note immediately is that there are of course lots of things that are *not* archosaurs that superficially look similar, or at least were big important animals running around at the same time that you might think were archosaurs. Other graphics are copyright their respective owners, Life reconstruction of the large rauisuchian, Paraorder (= paraphyletic Order) Thecodontia, Creative Commons Attribution License Version 3.0. Some archosaurs, such as birds and coelurosaurian dinosaurs also developed large brains, indicating a higher level of intelligence. Clades are inclusive so birds are of course dinosaurs, dinosaurs are ornithodirans, and ornithodirans are archosaurs and archosaurs are archosauromorphs. Hopefully that should give you a good head-start on the archosaurs, though I freely admit I don’t write much about anything other than theropods and pterosaurs on here. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Quick question: I am supposed to create a research poster on a monophyletic group and was going to go for pterosaurs. what advantage does a sagittally segmented paravertebral shield offer? This great group of animals includes dinosaurs, birds, crocodiles, pterosaurs (flying reptiles) and many other groups of creatures. The "classic" definition of archosaur utilized prior to the widespread use of cladistics is now roughly equivalent to the clade Archosauriformes. We have synonymised this rank-free cladistic term with the cladistic-linnaean rank based Paraorder (= paraphyletic Order) Thecodontia, which updates Olshevsky (1991)'s "Superorder Thecodontia", The early ("thecodontian") Archosaurs were for the most part were armoured scaly animals, probably ectothermic, which flourished during the warm dry desert conditions of the Triassic.

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