what happened to flap in the evening star

The movie stays grounded by dealing with everyday issues as well as getting older and the trials of a non-traditional family. For anyone that has seen the other film and subsequently enjoyed it, I am sure that the sequel doesn't even begin to live up to their expectations. Shares. The relationship between her and Bill Paxton's character was hilarious. It's almost like a story in a story. and apparently a faux python one in Fuschia...but I could be wrong about that. Also Marion Ross is cast in the role as Rosie Dunlop, Aurora's maid or housekeeper. There is quite a bit of subtle (as well as not-so-subtle) humor to be found in this movie, and since it is slightly more up-to-date, newer generations might even appreciate it more (GASP!) I loved the way Aurora mended her relationships with her grandchildren. As a movie standing by itself, The Evening Star is a decent film with strong performances by MacLaine and Richardson. Can anyone kindly provide more information of the bag, e.g. With her three grandchildren fully grown, they all have their own personal problems to face alongside Aurora. Much of the acting is quite good - MacLaine is, as usual, eminently watchable, Juliette Lewis does another of her typically strong turns, and never has Marion Ross been given a better opportunity to demonstrate her surprising range. I thought she did an excellent job. It is not an exact duplication from that release, being mixed slightly differently. Marion Ross had to create that character all on her own and did a fabulous job. Part of the issue was the original Terms of Endearment was made back in 1983. In fact, as a viewer, I loved finding out what happened to the existing characters. Well in ES, it's just a mishmash of several plots over the course of at most several months (!!!). I was expected the same from the sequel with the role of Aurora Greenway played by Academy Award Winner Shirley Maclaine again. Legacy. Aurora is back again and Boy! not jumbo) with gold hardware. It was funny and tragic at the same time. I believe mine is in a medium size (def. When Terms of Endearment ended, I believe it was supposed to be around 1973, not 1983/Present day like someone else stated. Evening Star was released in December 1975 by Island Records. Venus is also called the morning star when it is visible in the early morning:. As a fan of both the books and the first movie, I was happy to see how well this movie brought them all together. Remember, in Terms of Endearment, Rosie had only a few lines. Sequel lacks the smartly realistic writing of the original, and is full of hokey lines such as "I remember hugs... mom was big on hugs," in a failed attempt to channel some of the rich characterization of the original. That's definitely not an easy task! One grandson is in prison and her granddaughter is as stubborn as her daughter Emma played by Debra Winger was. I didn't see the first movie until after this one, but I was able to follow it without any problems. Anyone who would think that is "hokey" probably thinks that the Jerry Springer show is a touching, good family kind of program. I truly enjoyed this movie. It is definetly worth the money to watch it at least once. AllMusic described Evening Star as "a less harsh, more varied affair, closer to Eno's then-developing idea of ambient music than what had come before in (No Pussyfooting)". If you are really into Terms of Endearment! A total classic in its own right! I have to say that I used to have a crush on Bill Paxton, but his character in this movie was scary! The white I saw had brushed gold hardware. Well, the beauty of TOE was that it covered the lives of Emma and Aurora since she was in the crib through her adolescence and adulthood until her untimely death. And, like in "Terms of Endearment", sadly, Nicholson is just a supporting actor. (Some of the situations seemed contrived) But.... Evening Star is a pointless return to the tragi-comic life of Aurora Greenway, heroine of the vastly-superior "Terms of Endearment." He is describing his mother basically, and the character of Emma was a very warm, loving person who cared for her kids more than anyone else in the world. The original audience of the first film are much older by then and younger girls don't give a damn because they weren't around when the original was released. The Evening Star (1996): Dir: Robert Harling / Cast: Shirley MacLaine, Juliette Lewis, Bill Paxton, Miranda Richardson, Jack Nicholson: Enlightening sequel to Terms of Endearment expressing the dusk of life. Shirley MacLaine handled herself pretty well in this, maybe even more so than "Terms," but Miranda Richardson and Juliette Lewis seem out of place and they overact sometimes. Well, I didn't. 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