what has johnathan thurston done for the community

“With the support of our corporate partners and invitations such as this from local councils, we are able to get into some of these communities and deliver programs which make a tangible difference to the lives of local kids and, as a result, the whole community benefits. He gives it away to a young fan after each game. Jonathan Thurston Kicks For Charity This morning I was fortunate enough to hang out and kick some goals with the current world's best rugby league player Johnathan Thurston. The JT Academy gives not only people like me hope of obtaining qualifications, but also those from different cultural backgrounds. What we didn’t realise at that meeting was that Lendlease would soon become our Major Employment Partner – and more so treat us and look after us like family. Rural landholders and staff from Quilpie Shire Council will also benefit from a motivational session from Thurston to boost morale. But at the very least he is equal to Andrew. It is possible, no matter where we may come from, money is not always the answer, and I do believe that the Academy speared by one of the greatest NRL players of recent history, will boost both schooling and working attendance rates across not only Queensland but Australia. “Rural property owners and local business operators have been particularly hard hit by the impacts of the prolonged drought conditions,” Cr Mackenzie said. The JTSucceed workshop helped to build confidence, courage, self-belief, well-being and good mental health, with cyber bullying a focus for this workshop. It doesn’t just affect myself – I’m pretty thick-skinned so I can handle the abuse or the negativity that comes with that – but the effect that it has on my family, that’s when it really opened my eyes up to see, you know, it doesn’t just affect me it affects my family as well.”. At our very first meeting with Lendlease, we knew immediately that we were two like-minded organisations and shared values of respect, integrity, collaboration and trust. A confident, brash footballer; loud and self-centred. I look forward to seeing the Academy soar to new heights and grow strength to strength in the years to come. Life has hardened him. Unfortunately, I cannot afford the financial situation to take out a loan to do so, so that’s where volunteering comes into play. Johnathan Thurston opened up old wounds in his autobiography that he thought he would never speak about, none more hurtful than the tragic death of his uncle Richard Saunders in 2008. Greatest ever. "I haven't spoken about the death of my uncle since it happened and that was a very emotional time for me, reliving those memories," Thurston said. “The impact of that on the kids could be quite devastating. “The more we can encourage and support our young people to find a strong sense of self-belief, confidence, courage and purpose, the better prepared they will be to lead future generations. A bloke who reacts to what he sees and a player who wants their forwards to go forward so he can spot an opportunity and react and go. He has also worked with the indigenous communities of North Queensland and the Australian Red Cross Blood Service. Students will undertake the academy’s JTSucceed and JTBelieve programs, both designed to encourage students to stay at school, value an education and believe they can be successful in a career of their choosing with the right support. “The JT Academy was developed to inspire, support and to set our nation’s youth up to succeed across all areas of their life: employment, education and wellbeing. “I don’t want to compare them. NBN Co’s Head of Regional and Remote Gavin Williams said they were very happy they could assist and work with the academy to facilitate the installation of the satellites to ensure the kids can stay connected during this period.

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