who sang creep'' on the voice

by Lake Schatz. Check it out below (and hat tip to Stereogum for pointing it out). There are a ton of very not good TV music competition covers of the 1993 Pablo Honey track. The cute factor is already automatically built into the show’s appeal, but when its contestants are also actually super talented, the recipe for success (or at least viral status) is undeniable. Jeff Bridges on How His New Line of Eco-Friendly Guitars Abide by the Environment, Stevie Nicks: There Would Have Been No Fleetwood Mac "If I Had Not Had That Abortion", The Flaming Lips Actually Performed Their First Bubble Concert, Post Malone Forgets How to Lip-Sync During Billboard Music Awards: Watch, Dexter Limited Series Revival Coming to Showtime, The Title to Sacha Baron Cohen's Borat Sequel Is Absolutely Glorious, David Crosby Gets Backlash Over Dismissive Eddie Van Halen Tweet, Mick Fleetwood Joins TikTok Just to Recreate Viral "Dreams" Video: Watch, Rick Moranis Hospitalized Following Unprovoked Attack in Manhattan, TikTok's Fleetwood Mac Skateboarder Gets a Truck Full of Cranberry Juice from Ocean Spray, Get This Mask if Being Home Alone Makes You Want to Scream, You Ain't Got No Business Going Outside Without This Mask, Remembering Eddie Van Halen’s 10 Greatest Riffs, This Pixar Movie Is Skipping Theaters and Going to Disney+. Music competition shows like The Voice and American Idol are pretty hit or miss when it comes to finding talent. Two girls absolutely crushed Radiohead’s “Creep” on Germany’s The Voice Kids Mimi and Josefin's rendition will likely leave you with goosebumps . I’m sad to report that over in Germany, the same kind of unpredictability rings true — I distinctly remember many a weeknight spent in a Frankfurt hotel cringing while watching the country’s version of The Voice. This is definitely not one of them. (Read: Every Radiohead Song From Worst to Best). The No. As they say in Germany: Das ist sehr gut! Perhaps Thom Yorke will soon spotlight these gals instead of Paddington the Bear? That’s the case for Mimi and Josefin, two young girls who earlier this year stunned viewers in Germany and beyond with their cover of Radiohead classic “Creep”. Dramatic, powerful, and just downright oozing raw talent, their rendition will leave you fairly speechless — and this is coming from someone who has (regrettably) watched and written about The Voice for years. However, Germany’s saving grace when it comes to these sorts of TV programs might be The Voice Kids, which we here in the US aren’t fortunate enough to have. You either get future pop phenoms (Kelly Clarkson) and Queen-quality vocal powerhouses (Adam Lambert) or… uhh, William Hung. 1 Source For Breaking Music, Film, and TV Headlines, The Voice Kids (Germany) cover Radiohead's "Creep", Ozzy Osbourne’s look-alike granddaughters sing and rock out to “Crazy Train”: Watch, HBO sets premiere date for Deadwood movie, reveals first trailer: Watch, More than 80 firearms and three skulls found in Cannibal Corpse guitarist's home, 50 Cent Endorses Donald Trump Even Though "Trump Doesn't Like Black People". Should SNL Replace Jim Carrey as Joe Biden?

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