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The team is hopeful that Hayward will be able to play at some point during this series. There is clearly a special bond there. So, while it’s unlikely Hayward will opt in and then get traded, it can’t be ruled out. Other than some rest periods when soreness flared up in left ankle/foot, Hayward stayed healthy. Who the draft experts think the Celtics will be picking at #14 and beyond. Rare does a player put up good all-around stats on great shooting percentages like Hayward did and opt in. Horford opted out during an offseason with a historical amount of cap space available around the NBA. There aren’t any other overly realistic scenarios. If he has another good year in 2021, and can stay relatively injury-free, Hayward will be looking a solid payday in a far more player-friendly market in the summer of 2021. Of all the options this offseason, this one seems the least likely for many reasons. It’s unlikely they want to willingly pick up and move everyone again, especially after just having a new baby arrive. Stay up to date on injuries and daily fantasy trends at FantasyData. Until then, Marcus Smart and Jaylen Brown will continue to have increased value. Copyright © 2020 NBA Media Ventures, LLC. Jameer Nelson: Does Lakers title put Rajon Rondo in the Hall of Fame. He will never gain the recognition of a Durant or James, but is one of the better small forwards in this league. Player statistics for current and past seasons. Francesca Hayward is an English famed star who is best known as a principal dancer in the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden in London. That makes it easier to envision Hayward opting out and reaching a long-term deal with Boston. Hayward's presence would be huge for a Boston offense that struggled with Miami's zone defense in Game 2. He made his debut against the Western Bulldogs in the twenty-three point loss against the Western Bulldogs at Etihad Stadium in round 2, 2017. There are only a few teams that could offer Hayward that much, and they aren’t likely suitors for his services. * denotes rookie listed players Add one of Boston’s smaller contracts to Hayward, and there isn’t a single player they can’t make the math work to acquire. The Boston Celtics have an area of weakness at center. Before the injury Hayward was putting up strong seasons, averaging around 19 points per game and chipping in with rebounds and assists as well. Boston would have to find the right partner and that partner would have to want Hayward long-term. Your web browser appears to be outdated. It’s that question that puts Hayward in an interesting spot. Includes historical and current season data. He was listed as doubtful, but it appears Hayward will remain sidelined for this one.

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